Badho Bahu 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: A road is going to be named after Komal!

Badho Bahu 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal makes Payal face her. What are you doing here? You are not allowed to come here. Payal tells her not to talk to her like that. Don’t you remember that your Ma ji called me personally and asked me to come over? Komal says everyone was invited in the celebrations but it doesn’t mean you can come here anytime. Payal firmly tells her not to act bossy on her. I came here for my son. He got a role as Jatta Junior. No one else will decide what I will do. Komal says Pragya is here and so am I. Come, I will find a car for you. Payal has to reluctantly go with Komal.

Kamla ji calls out to everyone. Kailash ji and Malti ji come in the living room. Sita-Gita complain to them about Badho. She ruined our daughters’ lives. Komal is taken aback. What did I do? They ask her who will marry

their daughters now. They will remain single for life. Komal is unable to understand anything. They speak of Lucky deciding to put a name plate with Komal’s home outside Ahlawat House. They relate everything. Don’t know what Badho Bahu has told her husband and FIL that they have become too modern. Such things can be accepted her but not in our homes. Kamla ji tells Raghubir ji he has spoilt his son. The future of so many daughters is in risk today. It is all because of her. Komal says forgive me Tai ji but I don’t agree with you. It would be better not to point fingers at Babu ji or Lucky ji. She turns towards the ladies. Think what kind of thinking would those people have, who think it is wrong for their own daughters to ask for their own rights from them. You should be thankful that your daughters dint marry in such house. The ladies ask her if she will pay the expenses of the girls if they never get married. Payal thinks everyone is after Komal. She is all quiet. I must stay here as Chotto Bua was right.

The ladies question Malti ji as to why she is quiet. We only want the name plate of Badho’s name to be removed. Other girls will follow her. Kamla ji tells Malti ji she is sure she would agree to it. Malti ji thinks how she was against this idea earlier and how Badho saved her. No Bhabhi! I don’t agree with you today. Instead, I support my beloved DIL! Think whether our duties will be happy in a house where their thoughts aren’t respected. It would be better to stay unmarried instead. Raghubir ji nods in agreement with her. Malti ji adds that husband has the biggest right over his wife. Lucky has put that name plate. It would be wrong for me to have a say in their matter! The ladies curse / taunt Komal for teaching her husband bad things. Komal tells warns them not to utter anything against her husband. Malti ji looks at her proudly. Komal prays that the girls get a husband like Lucky. He should be good and have a modern outlook. They will be so much happy like me then. I wont tolerate anyone disrespecting my husband! She heads outside.

Komal recalls Lucky deciding to put her name plate instead of his. Komal looks at her name plate emotionally. Forgive me Lucky ji. I wont let anyone point fingers at your name because of my name. She takes it off and goes back inside. She shows it to the ladies. Raghubir ji asks the ladies if they are happy now. Listen to one thing. The right of no one’s girl can be taken away by removing a name plate bearing her name. Malti ji too says the same. I request you to please leave now. Gita-Sita ji leave. Kamla ji thinks I have removed her name. See how I will remove her identity! Everyone heads to their room.

Komal cries holding the name plate. Sad song plays in the background. She is missing Lucky. She reads his note again. Their happy sad moments together flash before her eyes.

Next morning, Payal tells Lattu she cannot accompany him today. You must keep an eye on Badho Bahu. Find out what all happens with her. Lattu asks her if she wants him to spy. She nods. He asks her why she is making him do this. She thinks she has to check on Badho to make sure she isn’t thrown out of her house any day. I cannot let her come back in this house. I am not her enemy anyways. She tells him to do whatever she is saying. Pragya asks Lattu to come. Lattu shares that his mother isn’t going with them today. Who will take them there? Vardaan asks them what happened. Pragya asks him if he will drop them to Sirsa. He agrees. I will also meet Didi. It’s been days. They leave together.

Komal gives tea to everyone. She asks about Malti ji’s health. Raghubir ji replies that she is recovering faster because of her care. Komal smiles and goes inside. Ex-Sarpanch ji (Choudhary ji) comes with Anubhav Singh ji (Government employee). He shares that villagers proposed to keep the name of the road after Komal. She filled all those potholes herself. We discussed it at length and have decided to go ahead with the idea. Everyone is pleased except Komal. Choudhary ji adds that the inauguration ceremony will happen in evening. You all are invited. Kailash ji accepts the invitation. Let us know if you need any help. Anubhav Singh ji nods. We must seek permission from new Sarpanch also. They all shoot puzzled looks at one another. Kamla ji asks Choudhary ji if he dint tell Mr. Singh that her husband is the new Sarpanch of Sirsa. Choudhary ji says everyone knows it but don’t know why Mr. Singh is unaware. Mr. Singh apologizes to Kailash ji. Kailash ji says it is alright. You are not even from this village. How would you recognize us? Mr. Singh requests him to come with him to office. We need your signatures on some papers. Kailash ji asks his brother to come along too. All the men leave together.

Kamla ji asks Komal if she is happy now. Komal is confused. Kamla ji tells her not to act innocent. You maligned your FIL’s name in elections. Now that my husband has become Sarpanch, you sometimes do this and sometimes do that. You want to malign my husband’s name too so no one gives him any importance. She tries to explain to Kamla ji but she is not at all interested in any of her explanations. I know how you are. Komal thinks she did not know this could result in this. I must do something.

Kamla ji is speaking to herself. The name wont be removed if put once. Name plates wont also go away. People will only about her (Komal). I wont let it happen. What should I do? She thinks of something and calls Sangram Singh. She is told he is off to Chandigarh. Sangram Singh’s son picks it up. He asks her to say whatever she wants to. Babu ji told me I must do whatever you say. She tells him to replace Komal’s name with Kailash Singh Ahlawat’s name in the road inauguration ceremony. He agrees. She vows to show Komal her place.

Precap: Kamla ji asks Sangram Singh’s son if he did what he was told to. He denies. There was very much security. She unveils the stone and is taken aback to see Kailash ji’s name.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    I found it astounding how these village women changes their mind like the wind and how they are so easily influenced! Kamla ji speaks ill of Badho, Sita and Gita/Mothers instantly point the finger and blame Komal. People can be so fickle! How about they look at their own values, morals and principles rather than look for someone to blame.
    I sure hope Payal and Lattu helps expose Kamla. She uses her power of will and manipulation to get her husband name for the sake of status and identity. One thing for sure, Kamla continue this behaviour and the more noise she makes defaming Ragu and Komal; the more famous she will be remembered for fraud, cheat and a sure despicable rotten person. Not only that, she will have disgraced Kailash and his name will be in disrepute for her shameful acts!

  2. Hi Summer, I agree with you. But you see, even when Kamlaji’s and Pinkie’s crimes are exposed, nothing will happen! Excuses will be made for them and the first person to forgive them will be Komal. They might end the show with repentant villains but the sad truth that, Kamla, pinkie and Teji’s characters have been shown to be inherently wicked and bad, so there is no way they can change for good. But that is the way of the serials! Commit a lot of evil and in one episode be sorry and ask for forgiveness – then all is well.
    Now to the villagers, how idiotic can a people be? They have no sense of right or wrong. Maybe they deserve kamla as thei sanpanch! A shortcut to the ancient days and cultures.
    I wish PayPal was a good lady at heart, she would have been the best anacdote to the venomous pair- pinkie and Kamla. Unfortunately she is full of greed and selfishness. Malti ji, I hope her acceptance of Komal is long lasting!

    1. Summer

      Hi Edel,
      Yes, totally on the same page as you. I don’t think Payal is bad, she just makes bad judgments due to her sensibility overruled by greed! Like you say, she would make perfect antidote against Kamla and Pinki. Should Kamla and Pinki be exposed, they will soon be forgiven by Komal and Ragu as they both have big hearts. Kamla and Pinki will fake repent whilst all the time seeking revenge for their humiliation. Again, rather than accepting it is a cause of their own doing, they will refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions and the consequence of their bad choices, but instead will ‘blame’ Ragu and Komal for their downfall. When you have characters like Kamla and Pinki in a family, unfortunately there is no escape (unless you break ties) therefore there will never be peace and harmony in the household.
      I too hope that Malti acceptance of Komal will be abiding; should she maintain her faith in Komal it will be very difficult for Kamla and Pinki to stir up trouble.

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