Badho Bahu 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal and his mother have an emotional moment.

Lucky wants to give some gift to Marjorie which should be classy like her. His friend gets confused. Lucky tells his friend not to think too much. Your knee will be in pain otherwise. His friend reminds him that Marjorie will leave soon. Lucky nods. I want to propose her in a way which she will never forget. What to do though? His friend tells him to give roses and card to her but Lucky denies. It isn’t my style. Bells will ring when Lucky will propose. Let me think of that.

At Badho’s place, everyone is having dinner. Jamuna ji looks at Payal in shock as she cooked too much tonight. Payal says I am too happy which is why I made this. Dieting starts from tomorrow. she does not let Badho work. You are a guest of 2 days. No one makes

guest work. Everyone gets emotional, especially Lattu. Badho hugs him. Payal tells Lattu his Bua is only going to the next town. Her MIL is in tears too. Payal tries to make light of the situation. She tells Badho to wipe tears as she is a bride. Komal complies. Badho keeps food back. Her mother asks her why she put it back. Aren’t you hungry? Komal says I thought to lose some weight. Payal drops the serving spoon in shock. Komal adds that everyone likes slim girl. I thought to try it for Viren ji. Payal hugs her overwhelmed by her thought.

Marjorie shows photos to Pragya. This is so cute. Pragya compliments her neckpiece. Marjorie shares that it is of her Daddy. Dada ji gifted it to him. He gave it to me when I was small. It is of silver but with a gold polish. This is the most treasured thing of my life. I like such things only which aren’t too costly but which touch heart. Lucky hears it from outside and gets an idea.

Ahlawat ji comes to his room only to find his wife still upset. She asks him if he enjoyed roaming around. He asks her if he made any mistake. Talk it out. Take out your anger. Kamla ji says I am not Radio to talk alone. I anyways have to tell you only. No one else is here to hear me. He tells her to come to the point. She is unhappy with the fact that Raghubir ji took entire responsibility on his head. We have to bear the costs and everything. You dint say a word there. Ahlawat ji reasons that he would have instead spoken before her if it would have helped. She leaves. He smiles sweetly.

Komal thinks of Pundit ji’s challenging words and of his father. She also remembers the recent fat guy who had come to see her and Viren’s thoughts.

Lucky smiles to himself as he thinks about Marjorie. Rana is also lost in Pinki’s thoughts. He holds his ears as soon as he sees Hanuman ji’s photo. Pinki too is looking at her tattoo in mirror.

Viren comes to Raghubir ji’s house with Vikram, Savitri Chachi’s son. Viren asks Raghubir ji if everything is fine. Why did you call me here at this hour? Sarpanch ji says this time we want you to stand for election for the post of Sarpanch. Viren is hesitant to take such a big responsibility but Raghubir ji shows trust in him. Viren says I wont be able to do it. Sarpanch ji leaves him with no choice. Viren agrees. He hugs Raghubir ji. Why did I get such a big responsibility? Flashback shows Viren sorting an important issue rationally. Raghubir ji praises him for the same. Sarpanch ji wants you to manage this responsibility well. We know how much concerned you are about our town. There is one problem. There is someone in our town who has joined hands with wrong people. We have to find him. Sarpanch ji gives a file to Raghubir ji to safeguard. Keep it safely. We would need it so we don’t lose the land where the school is (where Viren helped). Raghubir ji assures him about it. Plus we now have Viren on our side.

Komal is packing bags. Her mom is sitting in a corner holding her legs. Komal understands that she is in pain. She sits down to massage her mother’s feet. Jamuna ji asks Komal if she has no complains. Komal asks her why she will have a problem in massaging her feet. Her mother says Viren has been married once. He has two kids, is elder to you and had a wife earlier. You still don’t have a problem with it? I know every girl dreams to spend

Precap: Someone suggests not to send Komal outside for makeup (probably Pinki, dint see face sorry). Later, Marjorie is putting mehendi in Komal’s hand. Komal sneezes because of which V looks like L. Komal and everyone get worried seeing it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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