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Lucky holds Vardaan angrily and begins to beat him. Komal holds his hand. no one will touch my brother now. I know him more than I know myself. He wont do this even in his dreams. I can swear on Lord Bholenath. My brother is innocent. Malti ji scolds her. Aren’t you ashamed to lie? The girls of my house don’t blame anyone unnecessarily. It is good that your family’s truth came out. The truth of this family’s upbringing is out before us now. Thank God truth came out before my son’s marriage. His life would have been ruined. Society too wouldn’t have spared him. He got saved luckily. Payal intervenes. Vardaan cannot do this but you can punish us if you want to. Don’t talk again and again about breaking alliance. Think about it calmly please. Jamuna ji too requests Malti ji but Malti

ji refuses to hear anything. I will call my husband now to inform him what you did.

A guy asks Vardaan if he couldn’t do his one work. Couldn’t you click photo of broken mirror? Anyways I will ask my guy to do it. Komal asks him what work he gave to Vardaan. The guy explains that he asked Vardaan to click pic of broken dressing table and give to my guy. Vardaan agrees. I dint see Pragya ji when I went in that room. I took out my phone to click photo when she suddenly came out. she was shocked and rushed downstairs before I could explain. I have no wrong feeling or thought in my heart. Komal walks up to Lucky. Now I have only one request to you. Listen to what someone has to say before blaming him or beating him. it is easy to blame someone but you wont understand what he or she goes through. Payal tells Badho to be quiet. She turns to Malti ji. the matter is clear now. Let’s put an end to this and move ahead. The sooner we forget this, the better. Am I right? Kamla ji agrees. She asks Malti to end this matter here itself. You don’t think before doing anything. You are too eager to break the alliance. This misunderstanding happened because of my daughter. She makes Pragya apologise to Vardaan who too folds his hands before her. Kamla ji says it is sorted now. Let us resume the ritual. Everyone goes back to their respective places.

Kamla ji sits song happily. Malti ji is sitting all quiet and so is Lucky. Pinki and Komal sit down. Kamla ji stops Vimla ji from applying Pithi to girls. Guys will put it. Malti ji speaks against it but Kamla ji calls it modern wedding. This ritual will happen in a modern way now. She asks both sons to pick up the plates of Pithi. Apply it to your respective brides.

Lucky looks at Marjorie. Ganesh ji please make me put this on my true love. he heads towards where Komal is standing (Marjorie is standing right behind her). His eyes are fixated on Marjorie but his hands are kind of tilted. Everyone tells him to hold it tightly. Lucky tells them now to worry when Lucky is here. He picks up a heavy load of turmeric which falls on the carpet. He slips over it and stumbles on Komal. Pithi / Haldi falls over them. Lucky looks at her in shock. Payal teases them. This seems to be a match made in heaven. This colour wont come off for next 7 births now. They both stand up.. Pinki is highly upset. Lucky turns to go. Komal asks him where he is off to. He replies that he is going home. Kamla ji asks him to stay back for Rana and Pinki to do the ritual. She instructs her son to apply Pithi on Pinki. Pinki sits down reluctantly. Rana applies haldi to Pinki.

Jamuna ji is combing Komal’s hair. Payal joins them. I feel God has played all games in Komal’s marriage. Now I feel everything will happen smoothly. Jamuna ji seconds her. I pray that this wedding happens without any obstacle.

Lucky is packing his bag when Kamla ji comes. Are your running away? He denies. She advises him to think about his father’s promise before taking any wrong step. It wont let him face anyone. He will die that ways. Lucky says he will have a long life. I will not do anything because of which his head will bow down. Don’t take tension. I am here only. She goes out after appreciating it. Outside, she thinks how Lucky will be penalised and blamed if he does anything wrong. Everyone will praise my son Rana.

Pinki kisses Lucky’s photo repeatedly (in a newspaper article) after making sure no one is around. She calls Marjorie next. There isn’t much time in wedding. Has Lucky made any plan? Marjorie is clueless. I was going to ask him only. Pinki tells her to find out and inform her. I will help you so it is important for me to know. Marjorie agrees. Pinki’s mother calls out for Pinki. Elders have come from village. Seek their blessings. Pinki goes out leaving the newspaper article behind.

Lucky makes his friend stand guard at the door. Alert me when someone is here. He agrees. Lucky takes out rope which worries his friend. What are you going to do? Don’t do something like this. Lucky makes a loop. This will save me from that fattie. Call entire family in temple when I ask you to. Inform pundit to make preps for the wedding. His friend agrees and goes out. Lucky is positive thinking about his plan. Marjorie enters. He asks her to come with him. She is tensed. He asks her to trust him. Do as I say now please. She nods. They both go out.

Komal comes to Pinki’s room. Who will do my makeup? She notices jewellery kept openly on the table.

Lucky brings Marjorie to temple. He brings her to a room there and gives her bridal lehenga. Wear this. don’t step out till I ask you to. You will look beautiful in this. She returns it to him. I cannot marry you without your parents’ permission. He asks her if she has gone mad. I am thinking about gaining their permission since morning. Don’t worry now. Just get ready. I have to make lots of preps. He excuses himself. Marjorie looks at the lehenga.

Marjorie calls Pinki. Lucky brought me to Shiv ji’s temple to marry me. I am so happy. he asked me to wait here for him. I am doing that only. Pinki tells her to wait there only. I will just come. Komal calls out for PInki. She goes to her room. Komal asks her to do her makeup. Pinki thinks to cook up a story. I cannot tell her the truth. I kept a mannat of Shiv ji about my wedding. I have to go to temple to offer Prasad. Komal nods. You must thank him for he gave you such a great groom. I will also come with you. Pinki tells her not to bother. Your marriage is also today. I will be back soon. Get the makeup stuff out by then.

Lucky ties the rope in temple. His friend is tensed to know Lucky wants to commit suicide. This is a sin and illegal. Leave this!

Payal asks Komal about Pinki. Komal shares what Pinki had told her. Payal reprimands her for trusting Pinki just like that. I don’t trust her for some reason. I am sure she lied to you and cooked up some excuses. She might have gone to meet her ex lover or something. Her sister used to do the same thing. Komal does not believe her. She isn’t like her sister. Vimla ji calls out for Pinki. Komal goes to her. Payal notices the newspaper there. She checks the page and is shocked seeing lipstick marks on Lucky’s photo. So this is what is going on? What to do now? Should I tell Badho? No I cant! I will have to do something.

Vimla ji is astonished to know about the mannat from Badho. When did she keep a mannat? Payal hears them. Did Pinki ran away to marry someone stealthily? She asks Vimla if she should bring Pinki. Vimla ji agrees. She hides the paper from Badho.

Lucky’s friend is panicked. Are you really going to commit suicide or are you making me april fool? Pinki hears them from far. Lucky says why I will commit suicide in this age. I have to marry Marjorie and go with her on honeymoon. I am doing this to melt my parents’ heart. I want them to agree for my wedding with Marjorie. His friend says I understand but what if your father wont. Lucky is sure his mother will make him agree. Lucky’s friend asks him what conditions he will put forward. Lucky says first will be to cancel my wedding with Badho. Second will be to accept the girl I will bring before them in ghungat (veil). It is enough if Babu ji agrees to these two. His friend is positive he will succeed. Where is Marjorie Bhabhi? Lucky shares that she is getting ready inside. Call Ma now. Pinki thinks to switch places with Marjorie before anyone comes. No one will be able to understand anything in ghungat. Who will do anything after the marriage happens anyways?

Lucky’s friend worries for Badho. What will happen to her? Lucky advises him to marry Badho. His friend changes the topic and dials Lucky’s mother. I am not able to connect. Lucky tells him to keep trying till he is able to connect.

Marjorie smiles shyly looking at the mirror. Pinki enters stealthily in the room. She is holding a stick in her hand. Marjorie is oblivious of her presence. She gets hit on her head by Pinki. Marjorie gets unconscious. Pinki says I can sacrifice thousands of Marjorie for my Lucky. This was just one foreigner. Just wait and watch how I become yours now!

Komal asks his Bhabhi where she is taking her to. I have to get ready for my marriage. Pinki must be coming. Payal says you cannot go before Pinki is here. Don’t you have to get ready like her? Komal agrees. Payal hopes they reach the temple before anything goes wrong.

Kamla ji is checking the preps. She finds Pragya standing upset in a corner. What happened? Why are you upset? It is your brother’s wedding. Pragya retorts that there was no harm to stop this wedding yesterday. That fattie does not deserve to marry Lucky Bhai. I am so angry since this marriage got fixed. Her mother tells her to wait till that fattie comes in their house. We will take revenge nicely. Landline rings. Malti ji drops the phone in shock. She tells everyone that Lucky is going to commit suicide in Shiv Mandir. She is panicked.

Payal brings Komal to temple. Komal cannot see Pinki anywhere. Is she inside? Payal advises her to check inside. Stop her if you find her. I will check in the backside. Komal goes.

Payal comes in a room. She notices a girl there dressed in bridal clothes. She closes the door from behind carefully without making any noise. She notices Marjorie lying unconscious on the bed. Payal turns and screams in shock seeing Payal. Payal slaps her. Now I know your truth! I dint know you can fall so low. You were planning to marry Lucky. What did you do to Marjorie? Tell me what you are up to? Shall I call police? If it wasn’t for Komal and 3 families then police would have been here already! Pinki ends up telling her the truth in fear. Payal asks her if she was planning to sit with Lucky in the mandap. Pinki nods.

Lucky’s friend informs Lucky he did his work. Lucky gets happy. Go and guide them. Call Marjorie too. His friend runs off. Lucky happily thinks of his and Marjorie’s wedding.

Payal tells Pinki how her truth would ahve come out after the wedding. Lucky has gone made in Marjorie but he too would throw you out. You cannot make them accept you happily. Stay in your limits. You can never win Lucky’s heart. Rana is a good man for you. Pinki disagrees with her and cries. Payal says love, right partner is all fily stuff. In real life, love the one who loves you. Lukcy will never love you even if you marry him. You will run after him but he wont say anything nice to you. How will you spend your life then? Rana loves you truly. He will love you for what you are all your life. Love such man. He will dance on your tunes. You are capable to change him the way you want to. I know what you want in life. You will never lack money and respect or love in that family. You can turn Rana around too. You know it very well how to make it happen. Lucky is a wild horse. You will never get him. I am telling you. You should choose the right option. Your happiness is in your hands now. Your one decision can either change your life for good or ruin everything for you.

Lucky stands atop the stool happily. Marjorie and I will come together soon. Drama will start now and that fattie will be out of my life. He is shocked to see Komal there. She is equally stunned to see him standing on the stool with the rope around his neck. The stool breaks. Lucky struggles with the rope. Komal shouts Lucky ji!

Precap: Komal runs upstairs to save Lucky while he hangs struggling with the rope. Entire Ahlawat family watches Lucky thus.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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