Badho Bahu 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jamuna ji seeks promise from Komal that she wont share this with Lucky. Komal agrees for her sake but thinks something needs to be done.

Kamla ji takes Pragya in the kitchen to learn something. Bharpayi is cooking all by herself. Kamla ji asks her about Komal. She wont help now as she thinks this house to be someone else’s right! Bharpayi asks about Rana. Pragya tells her he is better now. He will come in the celebrations. Jitesh offers to take care of him in the evening. Kamla ji tells him to be careful. Deepak tells them that they have arranged a special screening of SRK’s movie for ladies. The ladies find something suspicious. Deepak almost blurts about the dancer but Jitesh stops him. He covers up speaking of the food arrangements. You do so much for everyone. It is our duty to take care

of you. Deepak says you wont come out till the film is over. We have to do our duty. Kamla ji falls in his words.

Komal tells Raghubir ji everything. I dint tell Lucky ji anything as he might get upset and take a wrong decision. Only you can stay calm and handle it. Raghubir ji appreciates her thought. I will go and check. She tells him to be careful. He tells her not to worry. I will be fine. Tell this to your family too. She nods. Come back on time for the celebrations. He says what I will do there at this age. I will try to be back soon.

Pragya watches Teji getting ready excitedly. What are you up to? He praises her too. Teji wants to leave no stone unturned to please everyone. Vardaan knocks at the door wanting to talk to both of them. I want to take it off my heart. He apologizes to Teji for hitting him too hard on the play day. Teji nods in a way to ignore him. Vardaan tells Pragya he has warned her many times Teji is not a nice man. You said you will think about it but you dint do anything. You continued with your secret love story behind my back! She acts innocent. He warns her for the last time that Teji is not the right man. Stay away from him as much as possible. She tells him to stop lecturing her. I respected you as you are a Master but you are no one to interfere in my life! Stick to your business now. Teji too tells him to get lost. He hides behind Pragya when Vardaan glares at him. Vardaan leaves.

The ladies are impressed with the preps. Payal too is pleased. Kamla ji teases her. You cannot stop smiling. Payal covers up. Kamla ji lies to everyone about Malti ji. She wasn’t feeling well. Pragya fixes the recorder. Kamla ji asks Komal about drinks. We too will drink tonight. Payal’s mother seconds her whereas Jamuna ji is taken aback. Kamla ji teases her saying she was only speaking of sherbet. Komal goes to bring sherbet. Pragya and Bharpayi start the movie.

Lucky offers alcohol to Rana as neither Bhabhi nor Tai ji is around. Rana declines. Lucky makes Shankar drink it down. Kailash ji comes there. Deepak and Jitesh were speaking about something special. What is it? Jitesh checks the corridor. He signals Deepak to bring in the dancer noticing Komal coming from kitchen. She asks him about the sound (of anklets) but does not see anyone there. Jitesh says this is what I was saying. Don’t leave the room now. Tell me if you need anything. She agrees and heads to the movie room.

Deepak and Jitesh lie to the dancer about Badho when the girl (Bijli) gets upset for being escorted like this. Everyone looks up in surprise as Bijli walks in with her face covered with her dupatta. Kailash ji gets upset and scolds the boys. Bijli tells him not to be upset. I am here to perform on Indian song. Kailash ji apologizes on behalf of Jitesh and Ajay. Lucky takes the blame. Bijli calls Kailash ji handsome. You resemble Prem Chopra. Kailash ji falls for it. Teji says she is poor foreigner girl. It will be an insult to talent if we send her back just like that. Let her perform. Lucky seconds him. Kailash ji allows Bijli to perform.

Raghubir ji is at Bakriawal House. He notices some shadows there and hears some sounds. He asks if anyone is there but gets no response. He looks around himself with the help of a lantern.

Bijli dances on Kajrare. Jitesh and Deepak dance with her.

Raghubir ji notices men surrounding him. They hit at his hand because of which the lantern falls down.

Komal looks at the clock. Everyone is celebrating. Babu ji is still not home. Please send him back soon so everything is fine.

Precap: Komal cannot stop herself from smiling as Lucky dances with her. All the family members also join them. Raghubir ji calls out to Lucky. Everyone is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Love this show *.!.* Twists after twists ,and story gets better .Pradhaan is an antagonist who always try to bring pain to ahlawat. Let’s see what evil tactics he applies. Love *..*

  2. Satya

    nachaniya sequence funny. Waiting to see what happens to raghuvir.

  3. It’s very unfortunate and practical fact that good girls fall prey to the bad guys ,and pragya and teji is the perfect example of that.

  4. Rana absolutely right. Only experience teaches people to realise all that shines isn’t gold.

  5. Hi Rana and Satya,

    I couldn’t agree more. But then again, innocent girls tend to fall for the smooth talk and the handsome looks, whilst a good guy will be too shy or even stutter when trying to chat to a girl.
    I hope that Komal does not get the blame for Ragu injuries.
    Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the family to learn of Teji ji deceiving manner.

  6. Summer Promos indicate trouble between ok all and lucky. I think she might get blamed for raghuvir injuries as she didn’t inform anyone.

    1. Hi Satya,

      Thanks for the info. 🙂 Just when i thought Lucky was starting to warm towards to Komal. I hope Malti ji doesn’t give Komal a hard time either, otherwise she will be back to square one. Somehow i can’t help but think Kamala ji will be pleased. She may even use this opportunity to seek revenage for the sake of wanting to be number one.

  7. Correction
    ….trouble between komal and lucky….

  8. Poor komal one slip up and all her good deeds get overlooked.

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