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Badho Bahu 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chotto Bua tells Pinki she cannot do anything right. Badho had set everything nicely just now. Komal joins them asking if she can help them. Chotto Bua teases her sweetly. You should rest now. Komal gets shy. Chotto Bua tells her to come to the point. You can stop acting like this. Komal shares that Lucky has told her to sleep in their room only. Chotto Bua says no one can get upset with you for long. Go then. Komal takes water for Lucky and heads to her room. Pinki thinks to updater her MIL on this. She takes a leave from Chotto Bua lying that Rana had some work with her. Chotto thinks the girls of the house are completely in love with their husbands. I wonder when he will come!

Payal cribs as she is not at all interested in preparing Vardaan’s and Pragya’s room for their special night. She

brings plastic flowers to decorate the room. Payal says should I go and pluck them on my own for Pragya. I got them on rent. Shankar says I agree you cleaned them but how will you get the fragrance of real flowers using them. Payal sprays perfume in the room. Shankar calls her cunning. She tells him to let them enjoy such a cheap night. We had a grand one. Shankar hides a smile.

Kamla ji is impressed with the update. She tells Pinki to keep informing her on everything from now on. Pinki agrees to share every minute detail with her. Kamla ji is happy to have finally created a rift in the family. If this gap fills up then I will kill you. Pinki panics. I wont let it happen. Kamla ji says I will make use of this situation now. I will make my family and you Number 1. I will rule over this house then!

Chotto Bua is talking to the same guy. He tells her he cannot stay without her. She says I know it already as you have been saying this since long. He says all this time seems like a minute with you. Time flies quickly with you. She asks him to come to meet her tonight as Badho will sleep in her room. Come on time. I will wait for you. She senses as if someone is there and hurriedly ends the call. Komal has heard everything.

Pragya and Vardaan come to their room. Pragya notices the plastic flowers and coughs. Vardaan tells her not to think about it. You know how Bhabhi is. It will be better if you rest. Pragya thinks this bed is smaller than the bed of her house. I will have to share it with Vardaan? It cannot be! She drops water intentionally on one side of the bed. Vardaan tells her he was anyways going to sleep on the floor. You can sleep on the other side. He places a mat on the floor when there is a knock on the door. It is Lattu. He expresses a wish to sleep with Pragya. Vardaan tells him to come in the morning as she is tired. Pragya thinks to let Lattu sleep with her. Men cannot be trusted. They can change any second. She allows Lattu to sleep there and gets busy talking to him.

Komal thinks to catch Chotto Bua’s lover. How can I go out of the room? She smiles seeing Lucky smiling in sleep. His smile is so beautiful. Hope he always smiles and sleeps this peacefully. I wont leave that guy at any cost. I have to catch him anyhow tonight! She notices Lucky feeling hot as the fan stops working. She uses cushion to fan him. I have to catch Bua’s lover anyhow. She opens the windows so there is proper ventilation in the room. Lucky ji wont have any problem now. I will catch that guy now.

Vardaan is fast asleep. Lattu keeps shifting in his sleep because of which Pragya is unable to sleep. Vardaan notices it but does not do anything. Lattu keeps moving in his sleep. She covers both of them with duvet and tries sleeping but Lattu snatches it. Vardaan turns his face to the other side seeing this. Pragya checks on him to make sure he is sleeping and lies down on the mat next to him. She seems uncomfortable without a pillow.

Chotto Bua’s lover gives her her earring. It fell down. He makes her wear it as she sweetly tells him to. Komal waits right outside Bua’s room to catch the guy red handed. On the other hand, Lucky is unable to sleep because of the mosquitoes. He wakes up and notices the fan off. He is puzzled not seeing Komal in the room. Has she invited the mosquitoes for a party? When will she learn? Where is she?

Pinki finds Komal in the corridor. What are you doing here? Komal lies that she just wanted to make sure if Bua is comfortable or not. She is out guest after all. What are you doing here? Pinki replies that she only came to get water for Rana ji. He drinks water in every half an hour as it is really hot. Komal nods. Go ahead. Pinki leaves.

Bua’s lover is about to leave from Ahlawat House carefully when Komal catches him in the corridor. How dare you misguide my Chotto Bua? He replies that he isn’t misguiding anyone. I love her honestly. This gives me strength. Komal tells him not to talk rubbish or she will call everyone here. He tells her to go ahead. I am not afraid of anyone. Lucky calls out just then. Who’s there? Komal panics hearing his voice.

Precap: Bua’s lover tells Chotto that Badho has seen him leaving the house. Pinki also observes them and tells her MIL. Kamla ji decides to use this info for her benefit. Ajay and Jitesh bring Lucky in his room. Komal asks him what happened to him. They share that he got hurt during practise. She tends to his wound.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    Kamla ji and Pinki’s behaviour are so predictable! They’re obessession to be number one has blind sighted them; that they are willing for the status and power at the price of splitting up the family.

    Well, when they finally realise that there will be no family around to congratulate them, they will have the power and status of being number one, but no family member around to throw her weight around, because by then, everyone will have been driven away. Instead,Kamla ji and PInki be left alone and their ego to keep them in company.

    When you find characters of the same put together, they will soon turn on one another. People like Pinki and Kamla ji know no sense of loyalty and love, other than themselves.

  2. Pooja

    Hi guys.. there is no signal here so I am unable to update the show. I will update as soon as possible.
    Sorry for the delay 🙁

    1. Summer

      Hi Pooja,

      Hope you are well. Thank you for taking the time to keep us posted. 🙂

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