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Badho Bahu 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji tells Teji to bring the sacks of grains from the storeroom till here. Malti ji says what you are saying. He is our guest. Will we make our guest do all hard work? Badho is here. She will do it. Komal nods silently. Malti ji instructs her to do the work. Pinki smiles. Bharpayi gives Malti ji the clothes she had asked for. Malti ji asks Kamla ji to choose what she wants to wear tomorrow. Bharpayi and Teji smile seeing each other. Malti ji asks her to leave. Kamla ji scolds her to send her from there. Teji chooses one dress for Kamla ji. You will look really beautiful. She appreciates his choice. I would have chosen the same clothes even if you had not said. He says right people have right choice. This colour will suit you. Kamla ji smiles shyly. Malti ji asks Lucky what she should wear in the

evening. He tells her to wear whatever she wants to. I don’t know much about clothes. You can choose. Teji suggests her one dress. It seems as if it was made for you. You will look really beautiful in it. Lucky gets angry. Are you ladies tailor to intervene in woman’s things? He notices Komal bringing sacks herself. Teji calls it confusion. I was just saying. Lucky scolds him. Kamla ji tells him not to scold Teji. He is doing work. You haven’t done any work till date. What wrong he did? Lucky tells Teji to focus on what he has come to learn. Teji agrees to start from tomorrow. I was tired so I thought to take it easy today. Lucky tells him to relax as much today as he wants to. I want to see you practising from tomorrow. Teji thinks to take him on his side from some other tactic. He isn’t an easy one. Kamla ji tells everyone to do their work.

Komal takes out her clothes and jewellery to wear in the ceremony. Malti ji scolds her. You don’t have to even touch all this. She chooses a dress for her. These are really light. Don’t even think of wearing heavy clothes and almost no jewellery. Do you understand? You will weigh more and we will be insulted more this way. This is an easy way to save ourselves from insult! Komal nods. Kamla ji overhears them. Now I understand Malti’s plan. You wont succeed till I am here. See what I do now.

Raghubir ji paces in the hall. Kamla ji asks him if he is tensed about something. He denies. I was waiting for Sarpanch ji. She praises him on his idea of Tula Daan. I was thinking to invite Komal’s family in this too. It’s been a long time since she met her family. She will meet them this way. He likes her idea. I will call them before I get busy with something else. She smirks.

Jamuna ji receives Raghubir ji’s call. He invites entire family for the Tula Daan function. She agrees to come.

Sarpanch ji comes to Ahlawat House with his some kids. Sarpanch ji shares that kids are really happy today as you are doing Tula Daan. Raghubir ji tells them to relax, enjoy and eat their heart out. Komal joins them. Raghubir ji sends kids with them inside so they eat well. The boy says Lucky Bhaiya is so strong. She nods. You too can become strong like him. You will have to eat nicely though. She gives the kids chocolates. Kamla ji says everyone enjoys your company in no time. She sends the kids outside to play with other kids. She acts all concerned towards Komal. You are doing everything on your own. I thought you wouldn’t have gotten time to select clothes for ceremony. I thought to help you. Komal shows her the clothes her MIL had chosen for her. Kamla ji tells her not to make a joke of them today before entire village. We dint even give such clothes to our servants. Why will you wear them? Komal says Malti Ma ji told me to wear them. Kamla ji tells her to take her name before Malti in that case. You will wear what I will choose for you. Kamla ji chooses a pair of heavy clothes and jewellery for Komal. They will suit you really well. If anyone scares you or tells you to wear something else then don’t be afraid. You have to wear these only. Komal nods. Kamla ji leaves.

Kids come back to Komal’s room. Chocolate was really tasty. We shared it with everyone. The girl asks her to share stories about Lucky Bhaiya. Komal says I have a lot to do now as I have to lose weight for Tula Daan. They request her not to lose weight or they will get fewer amounts of grains. She tells them something in mute. They leave. Komal thinks I know Ma ji will get upset with me for wearing heavy clothes and jewellery. I will bear her anger for kids’ sake.

Kamla ji makes lassi. Kids ask for food. They ask for yummiest delicacies. Malti ji gives them food. They find it less. It wont be sufficient for us. Malti ji smiles. you have a small stomach. How much will you eat? They nod sadly. Kamla ji pours more quantity of food in the plates. They get sweets and lassi also. They happily head back to Lucky’s room. Raghubir ji asks the ladies to get ready. I have called Jamuna Bhabhi too. Malti ji says we will get ready in no time. Kamla ji says I will take time to get ready and leaves. Raghubir ji teases his wife. Since when did you start getting ready in seconds? She smiles shyly. They go to get ready.

Komal looks at the food kept before her. Komal asks the kids if they want to see magic. The little girl tells her to eat as she is hungry. Komal feeds them food one by one. Little boy feeds her too. Komal relishes food and finishes everything.

Precap: Komal comes down. Malti ji is shocked to see her wearing different clothes. She taunts Komal. I told you so much not to wear heavy clothes. Will you enjoy seeing us getting insulted? Lucky sits in the weighing scale. Kamla ji tells Komal to keep her hand on it too. Komal is hesitant.

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