Badho Bahu 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Teji gives Bhago’s tip to Police

Badho Bahu 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinki is hesitant to go to temple but Malti ji says Lucky called to say that he has called Pragya early. Jatta is also on his way to temple. You can go with them. Pinki nods. Bhago thinks seems like God is hearing all her prayers today! Kamla ji asks Pinki to hurry up. Pray for my long life. Pinki nods and leaves. Malti ji also goes to make other preps.

Vardaan is disturbed by whatever happened recently. Komal comes to his room. He wipes his tears. She says we stay distracted when too many things are running in our mind. He asks her about the watch which Lucky gave to him when he became CA. She tells him it must be around. Get ready. We have to go to temple for puja. He isn’t keen to go but she says I know everything is going haywire in your life. I am finding it more difficult than you. I

cannot see you like this but I am helpless. Remember one thing though. Whenever we feel like we are losing everything, leave it all in God’s hands with faith. God will not disappoint us. Everything will be fine. Don’t think too much. She goes. Vardaan composes himself.

Jatta and Prgaya are going when Pinki stops the car. Jatta thinks if the second girl is Pinki then she has no idea what she is getting into! Pinki shares that she too has to reach temple asap. Jatta tries to make excuse which puzzles Pinki as to why he is saying no. She firmly tells him she isn’t asking him but telling him. She sits in the car. Ma ji wont spare me if she will still see me here. Jatta murmurs that they wont leave her. She asks him about it but he dismisses it. Pragya is tensed as they drive away. Bhago calls Kapoor. Your work is complete. Two girls must be reaching soon. Keep my payment ready.

Kapoor is waiting outside the temple in disguise. He assures Bhago she will get her prize once he gets those girls. His goons bring one girl in sack. Kapoor is worried that they might be caught. The goons are too confident that they do it daily. Kapoor tells them to be careful. Keep the girls at the safe place and take over the shops. The goons keep the sacks in their safe location.

Pragya wonders how Jatta will return to his real form before Pinki. Pinki feels proud that she will help Jatta this way. He will get time to change and come back as Teji. Teji thinks they both don’t know what they are getting into. Pinki taunts Teji for driving too slow but he says it isn’t rocket. I will abide by the speed. He looks at Pragya and remembers Kapoor’s demand. He stops the car. He gets down on the pretext of checking the problem and instead calls Police. He informs Police about the supplier who is abducting girls. One girl is also involved in this. I will send you the pics. They are in the temple on highway. He sends them the pics. He prays that Pinki and Pragya are saved.

Bhago has got sacks of jewellery. Bablu asks her if she stole everything from the village. She tells him she was tired of stealing small things. I had to make a big steal. They begin to keep sacks in the truck one by one but find it difficult to keep one. Komal helps her. She tells Bhago that she is doing a great job. God will bless you. Make sure nothing goes wrong as this is the hard earned money of poor. Bhago assures her she will take everything very carefully. Bablu is pleased to meet Badho.

Vardaan offers to accompany his sister. Komal requests Bhago to drop them to the temple. We wont find any other vehicle which can take us there. Bhago declines as the truck has expensive things. Don’t stop me now. Komal assures her no one would be able to figure out what is inside because of the sacks. It wont take much time. Komal and Vardaan sit in the truck. Bhago is miffed.

Inspector looks at the photos. He asks the constable to show him the photos they took from CCTV footage. He matches it with the photo on his phone and deduces it is Bhago. I never thought she will be involved in human trafficking too!

Titli reaches temple and finds Lucky there. I should tell him everything. She walks up to him but he is irked to see her. Stop following me. I don’t like your face. She tells him to do puja with a cool mind. I was saying something for your benefit only. He tells her not to worry about him. There are a lot many people in my life who care for me. I don’t want to add any name in that list. He begins to go but she holds his hand. He shrugs her hand because of which she bangs her head on the shop and falls unconscious.

Precap: Pinki and Pragya reach temple but the goons put their kerchief on their nose making them unconscious. Bhago tells Komal it is very important for one DIL to be present in puja. Komal asks her about it. Kamla ji asks Lucky who that guy it. Tell us the name. Raghubir ji notices Teji coming there and utters his name. Everyone looks at Teji.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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