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Lucky and Komal come home. Komal thinks of Ganga’s words. I couldn’t understand such a small thing. I am mad. She hits at her head. He tells her to do it a little forcefully. It will make things better for me probably. Will you get down now? She says I have to apologise to you. He scolds her for taking blessing today when he told her he does not want to be with her for the next 30 years. What do you want now? She says I wanted to pray for your success in career. He repeats what he had said during Anniversary celebration. I am only bearing you for Babu ji’s sake. You want to be with someone who you like. I would have said no to you even if you were the last woman on earth. The more you will go away from me the better! Go now. She goes inside sadly.

Pinki sees Komal sad when she enters.

It seems Lucky had taunted / scolded her enough. Whatever it is, she shouldn’t stop crying. Game will be fun then.

Lovely calls Raghubir ji. he gets upset hearing her voice. You know how much insult me and my family had to bear because of your one wrong step? You dint do the right thing. Why did you call? She says I know what you must have gone through because of me. I am ashamed of it too. I know my family would have insulted you for that. I am responsible for it. I cannot do anything but apologise. He asks her if she accepts she did the wrong thing. Running away from problems is a thing of cowardice. She says I know my action was wrong but my intentions were good. I got a good life because of Komal Bhabhi. Tell her I am happy today because of her only. You are a very nice man. I wish I too had a father like you. She cries and disconnects the call. Raghubir ji notices Lucky practising. He goes to Lucky’s room. Komal wipes her tears before turning towards him. He asks her why she was crying. She lies to him but he understands it. You are my daughter. You can lie or cook excuses but your eyes and voice tell me everything. Tell me now. She sits down sadly and starts to cry again. He tells her to cry her heart out. You are the DIL of Ahlawat family. learn to hold your tears or people will take it as your weakness. She says I have failed always to win Lucky ji’s heart. I am losing hope now. He takes her with him to the window. Open it. She complies. They see Lucky from there. He says the way you opened this window, Lucky dint find out. He is right before your eyes. Similarly, I want you to open the closed window of Lucky’s heart in a way he does not realise. He will see you then and you will be able to make a place for yourself that ways. He grew up physically but he is still a kid. He gets upset on small things but has a good heart. I am sure the day he realises your worth he will leave everything and come running to you. She says he does not want me in his life. He takes 4 steps backwards when I take a step toward him. he advises her not to listen to Lucky. He is upset with you so he taunts you. You are his wife, right? It is your duty to make him your friend. Marriage is not just love but friendship, respect. This relation is formed from heart. Who can have a better heart than you? I knew that Lucky wont accept you so soon in his life but it does not mean that you stop trying. Marriage is a relation of many births. It does not break just like that. You are his wife. You are the one who can take him to heights he cannot imagine. You are not just my daughter but my faith. This faith will take time but surely reach its height. He leaves. Komal says you might be upset with me. I know you are stubborn and so am I. Till when will you stay angry? I will love you truly.

Komal wakes up. She cannot see Lucky in the room and goes outside. Lucky is sleeping in the garden only.

Vardaan is studying. Payal and Vardaan look at each other but he looks away. She thinks my problems wont come to an end. First it was Badho and now him! He is staring at me as if! I will show you who I am today! You fed me burnt khichdi. I will show you your place today.

Komal rushes to Lucky’s side. She looks at Bajrang Bali’s idol. Was I born the wrong way that everything goes wrong? It wasn’t his mistake yet he slept all night here in cold? She notices picks up the bowl of turmeric kept nearby and applies it on his wounds. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays in the background. A tear falls on his hand. He moves a little. Komal looks at the idol. Why did you wake him now? If he sees me then he wont spare me. She hides just in time before Lucky wakes up. He looks at the turmeric on his hands but does not see anyone nearby. He goes inside. Komal thinks Babu ji is right. Life is like this wrestling match. Problems surround you from every corner. My situation is same. Don’t leave my side Bajrang Bali.

Payal is cooking. Vardaan calls out for his mother, asking her to give him his lunch. Jamuna ji asks Payal to give lunch box to Vardaan. Payal says I have a sharp tongue but I am unlike him. It is ready. He drops the box. Roti’s and onions fall down. Vardaan picks it up. Jamuna ji says this is what I was thinking. You couldn’t take it. Payal, Jamuna ji and Vardaan argue. Payal says I went to save your daughter’s home. Her family complains every day for something or other. I had to help her to save her family. Payal tells her Vardaan to go outside, earn and fend for himself. He gives the box to her. I will buy from outside. Jamuna ji asks Payal if she is happy now. My son went out without eating anything. Payal complains that she couldn’t say anything to her son. She asks Jamuna ji to get water from the well. Jamuna ji takes the buckets and goes as Payal insists again and again.

Rana and his friends are practising. Malti ji comes just then. Kamla ji asks Malti where did she go early morning. Malti ji replies that she went to nearby temple. Kamla ji asks her why she dint tell her. Pinki asks Malti ji if she made any mistake. The ladies are surprised. why do you say so? Pinki says I too would have gone along with you if you had told me too. I thought to ask her if she is upset with me. Malti ji understands what Pinki is trying to do. She is too smart. God save me from her!

Lucky is sleeping. Komal looks at him. Song plays in background.

Precap: Kamla ji tells new DIL their age old tradition. We take our home made butter every 6 months. Let’s do this again. Girls share that Lucky loves it very much, so much so that he cannot wait for Bhog too. Bhai got me a suit last time. Komal gets an idea. Maybe God wants to help me this way!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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