Badho Bahu 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky calls Kareena. He tells her to look after his mother. I will come asap. She agrees.

Jamuna ji makes Malti ji lie down while Komal massages her feet with mustard oil. Rana is wearing his watch when Pinki hugs him from behind. He begins to stammer. How come you are feeling so romantic today? Is there something special? She denies. I am really happy though. He asks for the reason. She shares that she is happy with the way he spoke to Babu ji regarding the sports camp made her ecstatic. He replies that even he is thrilled. I feel a burden is off my heart. I did it all for you. She suggests him to keep making decisions for himself. That’s how you will grow in life and it will boost your confidence and your game. He agrees. She makes him hold her from behind. Start talking. Leave the rest

on me. I will make sure you become no.1. She assures him she will always be with him. Just focus on the game. I will support you. He nods happily. She hugs him making him happier.

Raghubir ji asks Jamuna Bhabhi why she is sleeping in the courtyard. I will just come. She stops him. Don’t take too much trouble. Since morning everyone was offering their room but Malti Bhabhi quietened everyone by offering her room. She fell ill which is why we are here. He gets concerned about Malti ji. She assures him Bhabhi is fine now. Komal is with her only. Raghubir ji is happy to hear it. I don’t feel happy to see you here. She assures him it is fine. He asks about Vardaan. Jamuna ji tells him he will sleep in Teji’s room. He tells her to let him know if she needs anything. I will check on Malti.

Komal wonders why Ma ji washed utensils. She dint let me do it. See what happened to her now. She gets Lucky ji’s call. Komal picks it up which angers her. He wants to speak to his mother but finds out she is sleeping. He hurriedly wants to disconnect when Komal tells him she will look after Ma ji tonight. I will sleep here only. He warns her to get out of the room. I don’t want you around Ma. Just leave! She looks at the phone sadly.

Pragya comes to Teji’s room at night. It isn’t Teji but Vardaan. She sits down next to him and keeps talking. This cannot continue now as Badho Bhabhi thought I was speaking to her brother. What would have happened if everyone would have found out the truth?

Teji comes to Komal’s room. Both Komal and Kareena are sleeping. He leans closer to wake her up. She turns in her sleep and he stares at her.

Pragya says I only wanted to know if you love me or not. Say something please. I know you are acting. You left me alone here and went to Vardaan’s home too. My marriage got almost fixed. It will get final one day if you keep sitting quietly like this.

Kareena opens her eyes and screams seeing Teji there. Komal wakes up hearing the noise and asks her what happened. Kareena lies that it was a cat. It isn’t here anymore but Komal is sure local cats don’t leave so easily. Komal shoves the cricket bat under bed in order to kick the cat out. Kareena stops her somehow from looking under the bed still Komal keeps hitting the bat in order to push the cat out. Kareena lies to her that it is gone now. Teji manages to escape from there. Komal dint see it leaving but Kareena keeps lying to her. Komal shares how she was scared of a cat entering in her home in childhood. Kareena says this was a nice one who dint bother us at all!

Pragya says whatever you are doing is wrong. I do so much for you as I feel you love me back equally. Say something now please. Vardaan simply covers his head. Pragya gives up. I will tell Ma to get me married somewhere else. She has been waiting since so long to do so. She walks out of the room irked and collides with Teji. She looks at him in shock. He asks her why she is staring at him. Will you eat me? She tells him she thought he was inside. I was talking to you. He gets confused. Vardaan is sleeping in my room. She says I told him everything. He scolds her for not taking care of anything. He winces in pain. She gets concerned but he dismisses it. Let’s check if Vardaan has heard anything or not. They come in the room. Vardaan is still covering his head and face. Teji removes the duvet from his face and whispers in his ear. Vardaan does not react which makes them believe that he dint hear anything. Pragya heaves a sigh of relief. Teji tells her to leave but not before asking for a kiss. She walks out feeling shy. He feels relieved that Vardaan is sleeping or it would have been a problem. He too lies down to sleep. Vardaan finally opens his eyes and looks thoughtfully around.

Next morning, Kamla ji asks Pinki to get tea for everyone. Kamla ji asks Jamuna ji if she slept well. Jamuna ji nods. Payal points out that the mosquitoes here are big. Kamla ji asks her why she dint bring a mosquito net from her home then. Ajay and Jitesh bring mangoes. Jitesh complains that they are heavy when Kamla ji ask them if they aren’t practising well! Komal checks Malti ji’s temperature. It is better now. Kamla ji asks Malti ji how she is now. Pragya comes there. Kamla ji asks her to help them in making papad and pickles. Vardaan calls out to pragya. She remembers what she did last night and gets tensed. Vardaan tells her he wants to talk to her.

Precap: Ladies ask Badho about Lucky. She shares that he is in Delhi. Ladies point out that they have been married for only a year and Lucky is already travelling. It never happened with our sons. Kamla ji praises Rana. He is always by her side. They are Ram and Sita. Rana comes there with Pinki’s clothes. These are the ones I have to give, right? Pinki nods. Payal compliments the couple in a sarcastic manner. Rana is a wrestler yet he is carrying Pinki’s clothes around. Rana angrily throws the clothes away. Payal Bhabhi is right! Don’t ask me to do such chores ever again! Kamla ji and Pinki get upset.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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