Badho Bahu 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jatta lures Payal with money!

Badho Bahu 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji is talking to Sita on phone. Why do you keep reminding me that a groom’s family is coming to your home today? I remember it and will surely be there. She ends the call and turns only to notice Bharpayi standing there. What’s up with you? Bharpayi reads the article for Kamla ji. It speaks of the bond between a MIL and DIL (Komal and Malti ji) which will set an example for everyone. They burnt the Ravan together and it indeed was a special Ravan. Bharpayi reads another article. Komal is applauded for the way she has covered the potholes in Sirsa. Government is thinking to name the road after Komal. Kamla ji looks angry / upset.

Raghubir ji watches the boys practise. He thinks of the way Rana and Lucky used to fight. He tells Jitesh and the other guy to stop and guides them correctly.

Komal looks on. She comes inside Akhada and notices her FIL missing his son. A good disciple needs a good Guru and vice versa. They complete each other after all. He nods. I am indeed missing Lucky. She tells him not to worry. Lucky ji will be back soon. She recalls the letter that Lucky had left before leaving – since I lost the Championship, I feel like my name and identity is becoming bleak. I am heading to Mata Vaishno Devi’s Temple to find some answers. Flashback ends. She hopes he finds his answers soon and comes home. Everyone is waiting anxiously for you.

Malti ji gives tea to her husband and pats at Komal’s hand affectionately.

Rana comes in. Kamla ji glares at him. You did what you wanted to! You insulted me! She gives him the newspaper. Rana asks her what happened. She says you wont understand anything. You refused to burn Ravan. You were mad to do so. I am sure Pinki would have instigated you against it. She loses her mind when she actually shouldn’t! If you both will continue this way then I will lose everything. Listen to one thing clearly. Don’t use your brains. Do as I say. Rana says nothing happened. You get mad over nothing. Such news doesn’t affect me. I am Iron Man. Why will I be focusing on all this? you sometimes just mess with my head for no reason. He heads inside leaving the paper in her hand. Kamla ji hears the sound of some ladies outside.

Kamla ji and Bharpayi step out in the Akhada. A few ladies have come from the neighbour village and greet Malti ji and Komal. They were really keen to meet them. Malti ji is surprised. How do you know us? The ladies share that not just them but almost everyone knows about them. Everyone is talking about you today. They want to know which MIL-DIL duo burnt the Ravan. Kamla ji grits her teeth. Raghubir ji tells the boys to finish their wrestling practise. He gives them each a Dand for body building purposes. They gape at him.

The ladies excitedly click selfie with Komal and Malti ji after seeking their permission. We want to tell everyone that we have met the duo whom everyone is praising. They leave. Malti ji tells Komal they only burnt an ordinary Ravan. I dint know we will become so famous after doing so; or that people will come to meet us from faraway places; and click selfies with us. Komal smiles. It is all because of you. Malti ji is pleased. Raghubir ji is happy to see them bonding well. Kamla ji thinks Komal is making strong bonds here. I will make it back to normal before Lucky returns.

Komal and Teji (Jatta) come to Jamuna ji’s home. Kapoor calls Payal lucky. Teji share that his new song is coming out soon. I need a Jatta Junior. I saw a kid in Ramleela and I have found that he lives here. He roams around like a Lattu (top). Payal gets excited. He acts like Lattu so we named him Lattu. Lattu gets excited seeing Jatta in his home. He agrees to be Jatta Junior but Pragya tells him against it.

Kamla ji comes to Gita-Sita’s home. She is introduced to prospective groom’s family. The father of the groom has a question for the girl’s family. Why did you put name plate of your daughters’ name outside your house? The girls reply that a girl has as much right over everything as much a boy has. He put a name plate in his wife’s name outside his home. we also decided to follow him which is why our name plate is outside. We have learnt it from Badho Bhabhi. The mother of the groom mumbles that girls are already asking for their share in their father’s home. What will they do when they will come to our house as DIL’s? They will make our life difficult. Kamla ji decides to use this against Komal to malign her name. It will not let anyone name a road after her. The matter will be shut.

Jatta gives 10k to Kapoor. I kept it aside for Jatta Junior but these people are not willing to let Lattu take part. Let’s go. Payal questions Pragya as to who she is to make decision on her son’s behalf. He is my son and will do as he pleases. She asks Lattu if he want to take part in the video. He nods. Payal confirms the advance amount from Jatta. What will be Lattu doing? Will he be exerted too much? They convince her. Jatta asks them to come to Ahlawat House as the shooting will happen there only. Payal shares that she cannot go there. It will be fine if Pragya ji will come along. Pragya is in a fix. She agrees for Lattu’s sake.

The groom’s family refuses to let their sons marry such girls. We are better off without such girls. They walk out in a huff. Kamla ji adds fuel to fire. I would have questioned Komal if I was in your place. She ruined the lives of your daughters just to make her life good! Sita-Gita ji agree to question Komal right away.

Komal pours juice in many glasses. Raghubir ji asks her about it. She shares that Jatta Singh’s guests are coming for audition. Do you need anything? Raghubir ji denies. Lucky called. He said he will come in a few days. Komal hopes he returns before Karvachauth. It is my first Karvachauth. He notices her expressions and assures her her husband will be back soon. Komal wants to give Malti ji her medicines but Raghubir ji offers to do it.

Teji is dancing with Lattu and a girl. Pragya and Payal look on. Kapoor cannot take his eyes off Pragya. He points at the girl standing next to Teji. She is the heroine of our video but it would have been different if you were a part of it. She repeats she isn’t interested. Don’t say this to me again. Komal comes there and hugs Lattu. Payal turns her face to the other side. Komal also stares pointedly in her direction. Pragya enjoys seeing them thus.

Precap: A few ladies come to Ahlawat House and complain against Komal and Lucky. Komal tells warns them not to utter anything against her husband. The ladies suggest them to take down the name plate with Komal’s name. Komal looks at her name plate emotionally.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Unncessarily draging and i am getting feeling that may be komal fight next election soon… And when will truth come out.. this show is different but too slow in run and too much behind and first in draging and spoiling..

  2. I think the dragging is because Prince is off sick, they cannot move the track on until he comes back. My problem is, why doesn’t anyone recognise Teji??? His voice, smile and eyes are the same surely Pragya who is so in love with him would have recognised him or at the least think he look like Teji but nothing from her. Only Bharpayi thought she knew him.

  3. Summer

    HI Shraddha and Mala, hope you both are well 🙂

    I was thinking the same! Jatta Singh/Teji shades are not dark enough to disguise him. As i mentioned in previous post, he only wears a turban and glasses, how can they not recognise his voice or mannerisms?
    I think it is despicable that Kamla is not happy that she cheated and got her status but have to go further and smear Komal’s name.
    It is so nice to see Komal and Malti ji bonding…i truly hope their relationship will blossom now and Komal will be Malti’s strength and vice-versa. They truly have to be united and be there for one another to avoid Kamla ji’s and Pinki’s poison to seep in and do any destruction of peace and harmony.


      Hi summer..
      I m f9 and what about you?

      In serials I have always noticed some things common-
      1. One person in show has one name, none other person have same name – i mean to say if komal is name of badho; than in whole show none other girl will have same name.
      2. Leads are always so nice and stupid
      3. If you wear specs and change hairstyle (girl) and wear turban (boy)- you have complete personality change; none can recognise them by their voice or actions.
      4. Male lead and female lead marriage happen due to either hate or revenge and eventually some 3rd party either gf or bf come and go and lead realise their love

      1. Summer

        Hi Shraddha,

        I’m good thanks 🙂 You summed it up perfectly. When i got to point 3 i laughed out loud! So true! Just a change of specs and turban and no one is able to identify his character.

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