Badho Bahu 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Lucky picking Badho in his arms and taking her inside. Pinki stands upset in a corner. Meanwhile, Raghubir ji calls doctor.

Lucky puts Komal on the bed and stretches a little. Pinki asks Lucky if he is fine. Lucky says what will happen to me. I am not that komal (soft). He goes outside. Pinki asks Payal about Komal. Payal says she couldn’t control happiness. You wont understand. Go outside and give sherbet to Lucky. Payal and her MIL argue over the cloth that Payal covered around Badho’s waist. Jamuna ji makes Payal removes the extra clothing around Badho. Badho wakes up. Everyone takes her outside for the engagement.

Raghubir ji sends Vardaan with doc inside to check Badho. Before doc checks Badho, Payal asks him what happened to Badho. Don’t say something which

will send us in some shock. Doc tells her to let him check first. He checks Badho. She is just weak. I will give her glucose. She will be fine. Payal requests him to give Badho sugar free glucose.

Outside, Raghubir ji tells Viren not worry. Komal is very strong. She will be fine. Doc tells them the same thing. She will recover if she will rest. Everyone is relieved.

Nurse injects glucose in Badho’s hand. She gains conscious. Jamuna ji goes out. Badho gains conscious and finds Vardaan sitting there all tensed. Why are you crying? I am bit going to die this soon. He tells her to be quiet. We can do this later too. Don’t fall under any pressure. Are you really happy? It is about your future. He helps her sit up. Jamuna ji gives water to Badho.

Viren suggests letting Komal rest for today. we will do engagement in a day or two. Raghubir ji agrees but Payal denies. Komal said she wants engagement to happen today itself. You can ask her. Plus the auspicious day is today. Everyone agrees. Sarita Bua sends Payal to bring Komal.

Komal tells Vardaan she is marrying Viren on her own. Looking at me, do you feel I can come under anyone’s pressure? Did you forget what happened to Bhabhi? He smiles. Payal is happy to see her conscious. Everyone is waiting outside.

Marjorie comes to Lucky. I am happy as everything is sorted now. She notices him upset. You are like a kid. Can I now see why you seem upset? I know it is because I dint accept any of your gifts. You can tell me directly. I understand everything but you don’t. You are stupid. Have some guts. Tell me directly that you want to be friends with me. It would have worked out by now if you would have told me. She extends her hand towards him which he happily accepts. Rana and his friend look on from far. Lucky says I wont leave this hand for life now. I mean we will live by this friendship for life. She nods.

Family members bring Komal. Marjorie gets ready to click some pictures. Lucky hugs his friend and Rana excitedly. Nurse says Komal cannot walk around too much. Payal holds the glucose bottle. There isn’t much to worry. Komal and Viren sit down. Lucky excitedly gives them rings. Viren and Komal exchange rings. Marjorie clicks everyone’s photos. Lucky says congratulations too loudly. Everyone looks at him so he goes quiet. Raghubir ji gets a call. Payal informs someone and calls them over to their house.

Payal asks Pundit ji to find a good date for the wedding. Pundit ji says it is in these 2 days only or. Payal does not let him complete. We will handle everything, right? Her MIL denies. Pundit ji says another mahurat is after 20 days. Sarita Bua wants this marriage to happen asap. I want Komal to come to our home asap. We don’t want anything. We only want the bride. We understand you want a grand wedding but you also know our condition now. We cannot do much after losing the case. She turns to Badho. I know you too must have dreamt a lot like any other girl. forgive me please. We are not in this condition right now. Raghubir ji intervenes. I will marry Komal from my house. Payal smiles to herself. Ahlawat ji nods. Raghubir ji requests Jamuna ji not to say anything. I wont leave anything. I will arrange it better than she has dreamt of. She is like my daughter. It is my responsibility to marry her off nicely. Please don’t snatch my right. Jamuna ji tries to say something but Payal speaks first. Ma ji wanted to thank you only. You have always thought well for our family so it will be right only. Guide us what you want us to do. Jamuna ji wants vidaai to happen from her home. Raghubir ji agrees. Marriage will happen in my home and vidaai will happen form here. He announces the same for everyone. We will plan mehendi and ladies sangeet on day 1 and then wedding will happen. Everyone looks happy.

Ladies from neighbourhood come to Komal’s home. Payal happily hugs Vimla Mausi (the one who spoke badly about Badho earlier) and takes them inside.

Nurse gives injection to Badho. Vardaan offers to drop her till door. Pinki’s friend tells Pinki this can be the right chance for her to get entry into Ahlawat House. Don’t lose this chance. Pinki gets an idea. She sits down next to Komal. I am really happy for you. We used to talk so much about your wedding and that day is going to come. Will you miss me when you will be dressed as a bride? Komal says you will be with me. Who will help me get ready? You will do my makeup so you have to come. Pinki agrees. They share a hug. Komal thanks her. You really are a dear friend. Pinki excuses herself. I have to pack also. Komal smiles to herself.

Ladies sing and dance to celebrate the occasion. Vimla Mausi asks Payal why all this is going on. Payal announces the good news before everyone. Payal forcibly pulls Vimla Mausi for a dance. Komal comes out and sees everyone dancing. Jamuna ji sits down because of her pain. Everyone stops but she tells them to continue. Komal stands next to her mother all emotional.

Precap: Raghubir ji tells his wife he promised that Komal will be married from their house. Kamla ji gets upset with this fact. Badho thinks to skip meal so she can lose some weight. Everyone likes slim girl. I thought to try it for Viren ji. Payal hugs her overwhelmed by her thought.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Badho happiness is her mother happiness. When she see her mother happy with her wedding, she look happy. Every daughter in the world have similiar think.

    In this episode, Lucky have not felling to Badho. I really want to know when it could happen.

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