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Badho Bahu 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Teji holds Pragya’s hands. Thank God you are safe. I was so scared. What if something had happened? it was my mistake. She forcibly makes her hit him. She stops him. It was entirely my mistake. Why are you blaming yourself? He is relieved. I feel like telling everyone it happened because of me. She gives him her swear to be quiet. It will call another problem. I want some peace after all that has happened. He acts to give in. She goes. Teji smirks. This plan was successful as Pragya wont discuss it with anyone. It’s all my magic.

Lucky challenges Jitesh. I will dance with the dancer if you manage to bring a dancer in the house. Deepak adds that he will save them from Babu ji too. Komal asks them who they are planning to save. Jitesh and Deepak divert the topic. Deepak hints something at Komal.

She misunderstands and agrees to be a part as well. Lucky says we are still in the planning phase. She replies that she was kidding. He reasons that he can never understand when she is kidding and when she is serious. She makes a straight face. Jitesh says we will make separate arrangements for you. We will play SRK’s movie. She readily agrees. Pragya comes there to thank Komal for saving her. I cannot repay you ever. Lucky Bhai too saved Rana Bhai. I will listen to everything you will say from now onwards. Komal calls it her duty. It will be better if you forget it now. Lucky seconds her. Forget the past thinking it to be a bad dream. Make preps for the celebrations. He brings smile on his sister’s face and hugs her. Komal smiles seeing them thus.

Pinki is nursing Rana’s wounds. He winces in pain. She complains how he dint listen to her. You wanted to fight! I swear not to say anything to you anymore as it is of no use. He agrees to do whatever she will ask him to. I had only one thing in mind during the fight – if I will be able to see you again or not. I can do anything for you. Just say it. She asks him to promise her that he will never say no to her. You will do whatever I will say. He agrees. She tells him not to risk his life ever again. He accepts this condition too. She hugs him. I feel like patting my back today. I finally made him agree to what I wanted!

Jamuna ji cannot find Payal anywhere. She notices a sack full of watermelons kept outside. Who will eat so many watermelons? Shankar joins her. Jamuna ji gets to know Payal has gone to her mother’s home. House will be peaceful. She agrees. He is going to bring some papers from their home in Bakriawal. I found the stuff that was stolen from our home. They were asking for money but I dint pay them. Everything is back in the house. Jamuna ji is relieved to have the burden off her heart. Shankar leaves.

Malti ji offers aarti to everyone. Lucky and Komal seek her blessings. Malti ji appreciates Komal and thanks her for saving the kids. They are safe because of you today. Thank you. Komal tells her not to embarrass her or make her feel like a stranger by thanking her. Raghubir ji too praises her and Lucky for what they did. I am feeling proud because of both of you. He hugs his son. Lucky says I cannot express how happy I am. Komal suggests him to put it all in the celebrations. Lucky nods. Kamla ji and Pinki look on. Raghubir ji tells Komal to inform Jamuna ji about the party. Tell her there is separate arrangement for women. Komal nods. Lucky thinks of Jitesh and Deepak’s plan to bring a dancer.

Kamla ji shows Pinki how happy Raghubir and his family are whereas she is utterly angry. Our family should have been there. We are still number 2! I will take revenge at any cost for sure Malti! Pinki looks unhappy with the idea.

Malti ji tells her husband she kept a mannat for the kids during the fight. I have to go to temple early morning for puja. Raghubir ji allows her to go (not too happy though). Komal tells her to be a part of the celebrations too. Malti ji replies that her celebration lies in the fact that the kids are happy. You guys enjoy. Komal nods. Raghubir ji and Malti ji head to their room. Lucky smiles at Komal before going which makes Komal really happy. She thanks Lord. Lucky ji seems happy around me.

Shankar finds a guy sleeping in his Bakriawal Home. The guy asks Shankar what his problem is. Come tomorrow. Shankar advises him to sleep in his home. How did you come here? The guy calls it his house. He threatens Shankar calling it his house repeatedly. Shankar asks him to leave but the guy refuses to go. He calls out to his men. Take care of the guest. Shankar calls it wrong. He leaves as they all close in. The first guy informs Pradhan. Pradhan tells his son to wait for the blast to happen. Ahlawat family will remember it for decades!

Deepak asks Jitesh from where he will bring a dancer. Jitesh tells him not to eat his head. I am already worried. Baba ji will do something. A car stops in front of them. She asks for an address. It is the way to water park. She is a dance performer at his event. Jitesh laughs saying maybe Pradhan is celebrating his defeat. They get an idea. The girl asks them about the address. Jitesh offers to guide her.

Komal tells her mother how Malti Ma ji blessed her sweetly. Jamuna ji is pleased. Komal says I feel everything is fine now. Both Malti Ma ji and Lucky ji are happy with me. It’s because you are near me. Jamuna ji says I only pray that you stay happy always. Komal says it will be like this till you are with me. Don’t go anywhere. They share a hug. Shankar comes just then and informs them how some people are living in their Bakriawal House. Komal and Jamuna ji are taken aback.

Precap: Jitesh and Deepak bring the dancer home. They hide her seeing Komal coming there. The girl dances before Ahlawat Family at Kajrare. At the same time, Raghubir ji goes to Bakriawal House holding a lantern in his hand. He notices some shadows. He finds men surrounding him as he turns around. They hit at his hand because of which the lantern falls down.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. There is a sharp twist in the storyline.Pradhan will once again try to do harm to ahlawat family.Yeah that’s the need of the hour.Story is getting Crispy,yummy and tasty . I love it

  2. So nice to see Pragya heart softening towards Komal. So nice to see that now she is willing to give the kindness and respect that Komal deserves. 🙂 The developing warmth that Lucky Ji is having for Komal is very sweet and nice. Please don’t let anything bad happen to Raghubir ji. This serial is getting better. Nice to see Malti, Lucky, Pragya warming towards Komal. Still waiting for the time to come for the family to learn of Teji scroundrel cheating behaviour. How niaeve of Pragya to believe him..hopefully she learns the truth one day.

  3. Satya

    kamla will soon find herself isolated in her one upmanship against lucky.

  4. Satya

    Pinkie may soon isolate her mother in law. This Saas and bahu Jodi is nehle pe dehla

    1. Hi Satya,

      Interesting …that could be a possibility. As Pinki has now made Rana promise to listen to her, she may not want to rock the boat in her marriage. Getting revenge to be number one, could mean risking Rana’s life and Pinki may not be happy with that thought after what she witnessed in the pit.

      1. Satya

        ??Kamla axing her own feet

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