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Lucky looks at Komal. Charlie Chaplin dint work. What should I do to bring a smile on her face? I will act as someone who she sees daily. He goes inside.

Raghubir ji questions his wife on her anger. I have never seen you angry like this before. What did I do wrong that you got this upset? She apologizes to him for the way she spoke to him today. But I wont apologise for what I said. I listened to whatever you said and have followed it. You were ready to throw me out for Badho. You got her married to my son and I was quiet but I couldn’t keep quiet today or our house would have broken apart. I beg you to maintain a distance from Badho or I wont be able to take it anymore. He is shocked by her words.

Lucky comes before Komal and acts like Kamla ji. Do you have a problem with smiling or do

you get charged for that? You will smile only when you will have teeth. Anyways, see how the garland is made. He gets hurt. She replies in the same words. Making garland is an art. Let me do my work. He realises it isn’t an easy task to make her smile. Such small things wont cheer her up. She is sad to lose her biggest support. I will have to talk to her so I can bring a smile on her face.

Rana comes to his room tired after all the shopping. Pinki gets excited hearing the word shopping. He says I get exhausted doing all this. She senses it is something else. He says I cannot fix things whenever I try to. Ma is also upset with me. I don’t know how to make her smile. This wedding has gotten me so busy. I don’t like it here. She advises him to focus only on himself. Ma ji and I will be thrilled to see you becoming number 1. He gets thinking.

Lucky comes to his father’s room. You seem tensed. Raghubir ji says relations are falling apart. First it was my brother and Bhabhi and now your mother has left my side. They are my strengths. I am weak without them. Lucky denies. You have always taught us to be strong in the times of trouble. You haven’t done anything wrong with anyone so nothing wrong will happen to you. Raghubir ji says I never thought I will see a day like this. Lucky says I will be with you always. Badho is also with you. I know she told you not to support her so there is peace in the house but I know she needs you most or she wont be able to stay in this house. Raghubir ji pats at his face. You have come to understand her pain. You have matured. Lucky denies. I cannot see you like this so I shared what’s in my heart. Raghubir ji thinks he may or may not accept but I can see the concern on your face. I know you will support her and love her one day. Lucky asks his father if he will support Komal. Raghubir ji shakes his head shocking Lucky. I cannot support her. As Malti’s husband, my first duty is towards her and not Komal. I will first do my duty towards her. A woman leaves her home and comes to a stranger’s house with trust. It is the duty of a husband to maintain / retain his trust and not let it break. Malti’s trust is about to break. As her husband, I wont let it break at any cost. I wont support Komal if Malti doesn’t want me to. I feel proud of you today. Just like I did the duty of a husband, you too have done your duty as a husband by supporting Komal in the time of troubles. I want you to support her at every step of life. Komal sees / hears them from outside and smiles through her tears.

Lucky comes out of the room and is puzzled seeing her thus. Are you crying or smiling? She says both. You took my stand before Babu ji and told him not to leave my side. That in itself is enough. That lessened my pain a little which is why I reacted like this.

Pragya comes out wearing suit. Payal taunts her for not covering her head before her BIL. Pragya advises her to cover her entire face instead after all her wrongdoings. Payal is about to retort but Jamuna ji tells her to let Pragya adjust to her new life. She next advises Pragya to get accustomed to the new rituals and new family. You are like a daughter to me. I have never told Komal to cover her head then how can I tell that to you. Payal gets upset.

Komal thanks Lucky. I realise now the act that you did. He is surprised. Why dint you tell me when you recognized me? She says my mood was off so I couldn’t say anything. He asks her how she recognized him. She shares that her Babu ji used to take her to fair when she was small. We used to see his pictures there. You acted well. He says it wasn’t as I couldn’t bring a smile on your face. She replies that the entire thing just brought a smile on my face. Who was that other one though? He calls her mad. You dint realise it? It was Kamla Tai ji. She ends up smiling. He calls her mad. You recognized Charlie Chaplin but you couldn’t recognize Tai ji. She says you acted real badly there. He asks her if that was so. She nods. I can act better than you.

Jamuna ji asks Pragya to join them. Pragya says there is no table chair here. Where should I sit? Payal asks her if they should bring chair table for the new princess. This is what we have. Jamuna ji tells Pragya they cannot give her luxuries like she had in her home but I assure you you wont have any problem in this house. Pragya nods and sits next to Vardaan. Jamuna ji tells her to take as much as she wants to. Lattu’s eyes widen as she fills her plate with almost everything. Chachi eats so much. Shankar pats at his hand. Jamuna ji reminds him that Pragya dint eat anything since yesterday. She must be hungry. Don’t look at her plate like this. Pragya asks for spoon but then goes quiet. Payal thinks Pragya is shameless and stubborn. If I don’t control her now then she wont let me live in peace.

Komal mimics Kamla ji. Lucky cannot stop himself from smiling but his smile disappears as he notices Kamla ji coming downstairs. He tells her to be quiet but she continues acting. He keeps his hand over her mouth to shush her. Kamla ji sneezes. Lucky frees Komal and tells her that Tai was right behind her. You forget everything in your acting. She asks him if she acted well than him. he says I saved you and this is what you say to me. She says you are jealous of me. She is about to say the same when he tells her to sleep in the room. You don’t have to sleep outside. She smiles.

Precap: Chotto Bua calls the same guy. You can come to my room tonight as Badho will sleep in her room tonight. Komal hears it from outside. She waits right outside the room to catch the guy red handed. At night, the guy gifts Chotto Bua an earring. He is about to leave from there carefully when Komal holds him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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