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Badho Bahu 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji warns Komal not to eat anything till the time Tula Daan happens. Komal reasons that it is tomorrow evening. I will have to eat something before that. MAlti ji says your weight will be checked before entire village. Be concerned about our respect and my son if not about yourself but staying hungry for a day wont help much. You should do everything on your own today. Bring dry clothes one by one from upstairs. Maybe it will affect you then. Komal agrees. You are thinking well for me anyways. Malti ji says I am thinking well for both you and myself. She leaves. Malti ji leaves. Komal wonders how much more nicely should she clean the kitchen now.

Pragya comes sneakily till Teji’s room. He opens the door just then. what are you doing here? There was so much fuss when I brought you home

in my arms. Your brothers and family wont leave me. She fumbles. He notices the envelope on the floor. What’s this? She shares that she overheard his convo by mistake. You don’t have money. I wanted to help you in the time of crisis. Take this. She leaves before Teji can say anything. Pragya almost collides with Komal. Komal asks her where she is off to at this hour. Pragya says will you question me at this hour also. I am thirsty. Let me go. Teji calls out for Pragya who gets tensed. Komal asks him if he had any work with Pragya. What’s in the envelope? Pragya tells her to mind her work. Teji also makes an excuse. I want water. Pragya ji was going so I asked her to get me some too. Komal offers to do it but Pragya tells her to go to her room. Don’t worry. I will bring water for Teji ji.

Komal enters in her room too tired. I will tell Bhabhi that I worked and dint eat anything. She will be in for a shock. Lucky ji’s stuff is spread on the sofa. Shall I sleep on the bed? She sits on the bed. Lucky turns in his sleep and keeps his hand on her hand. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays. She looks at him lovingly while he sleeps. She gets up but Lucky is holding the other end of her dupatta. She sits down on her knees and smiles. She very carefully frees her dupatta from his hand without waking him. She gets emotional.

Next morning, Komal comes to kitchen. She takes milk but Bharpayi stops her. Chachi ji has told me not to let you eat or drink anything. I will be thrown out otherwise. Komal requests her to let her have some milk. I dint eat or drink anything. Let me have a little. Bharpayi disagrees. Lucky comes just then. Bharpayi leaves. Lucky asks Komal if she has never seen milk before. She asks him if he wants some. He says do you intend to kill me. anyone who drinks it will die because of the way you were staring at. You should drink it as it wont hurt you in anyway. It wont come to anyone’s help now. Don’t know why Babu ji tied you with me. The more I try to go away from you, the closer you come.

Pinki gives tea to Kamla ji and Malti ji. Kamla ji praises her DIL. She works so hard and is so beautiful. Your DIL is of no good. Komal comes just then. Kamla ji tells Komal and Pinki to get the grains out. Malti ji stops them. We will have to clean the place before keeping it here. We are going to do an auspicious thing after all. Kamla ji likes her idea. Clean the place well. Malti ji tells her not to worry. I have explained everything to Badho. She will do it all by herself. Komal nods. Malti ji asks Pinki to bring tea to her room. Kamla ji is surprised at Malti ji’s behaviour but agrees. Komal cleans the place herself.

Teji is getting ready when Bharpayi brings breakfast for him. He thanks her for her sweetness and calls her my love. She says I dint understand it but it sounded really nice. He touches her hands while taking the tray from her. She gets shy. Thank you to you too. Sorry as I spoke rudely to you yesterday. He tells her not to say sorry. It is embarrassing me. I should thank you. You spoke truth before everyone and saved me. She replies that she only spoke truth. He says one needs courage to say truth. Shall I also say one? She nods shyly. He touches her ear and earring. You look really beautiful this way. She says breakfast is getting cold. Let me know if you want something else. He nods. He notices Pragya coming as soon as Bharpayi leaves. He hides the tray of breakfast under the bed. Pragya brings breakfast for him. he says I had a very strong feeling you would come. He translates it for her in English. He does the same with her while taking tray from her. Pragya is shy by his touch. Teji keeps it on the table. I cannot keep the envelope you gave to me yesterday. She says they are my savings. I don’t need to take anyone’s permission to spend them. I want you to keep them. he politely refuses to accept them but she insists. He holds her hand while giving it back to her. He notices Pinki coming towards the room and gets alert. He sits down on the envelope. Pinki is surprised to see Pragya in Teji’s room. She says I came to give breakfast. I will leave. Teji gets talking to Pinki. She asks him to help her. Finish breakfast and come soon. Ma ji has called you. He agrees. Teji smiles seeing the bundle of notes.

Komal finishes cleaning entire home. Teji joins the ladies. Kamla ji asks him if he ate well. He nods. She says you will forget everything when I will feed you typical food. He says I am already tempted. Kamla ji tells Teji to wait a little. Bring the sacks of grains from the storeroom till here. Malti ji says what you are saying. He is our guest. Will we make our guest do all hard work? Badho is here. She will do it. Komal nods silently. Malti ji instructs her to do the work. Pinki smiles.

Precap: Komal takes out her clothes and jewellery to wear in the ceremony. Malti ji tells her not to wear heavy clothes. You will weigh more and we will be insulted more this way. This is an easy way to save ourselves from insult! Kamla ji overhears it. Now I understand Malti’s plan. She gives Komal heavy clothes and jewellery to wear.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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