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Badho Bahu 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji tells Malti ji her Bhabhi is coming over to stay with them for a few days. Malti ji realises she is coming home for the first time after Lucky and Rana’s wedding. She will meet the DIL’s too. Kamla ji nods. Jagwanti Bhabhi speaks to everyone about everything. Malti ji requests her to manager her. Kamla ji agrees to take care of it. She wont spare anyone if she finds out about your DIL. There is a knock on the door. Jagwanti ji and Titli ji enter. One of them asks about their DIL’s. Kamla ji shares that Pinki has been cooking since morning for her Mami’s. Other Bhabhi asks about Komal. Malti ji shares that she went to her home for Shanti-puja. The ladies act to be surprised. They go inside to have some snacks.

Jamuna ji comes to Ahlawat House with her family. Malti ji invites Jamuna

ji inside. Jamuna ji first asks Kamla ji if she is still upset about what happened the other day. We also came over to stay. Kamla ji remarks that she has no problem. It is good that you came here. You wont have to pay anyone any money for rent or food. You can pay us that rent. You must work here in order to stay. She asks Payal and Jamuna ji to clean the house. They are taken aback. Komal asks her what she is saying. I do all that. Kamla ji taunts Malti ji for her revolutionary DIL is talking. She breaks into a smile. Look at their faces! I was kidding. Kareena gets unhappy. Kamla ji calls them their guests. Stay for as long as you want. Kareena had thought Mami ji will show these rag pickers their place but in vain. Malti ji asks Jamuna ji not to take Kamla ji seriously. She keeps joking. Jamuna ji agrees. You wont stop us from helping you though. Payal acts to have a headache. Komal agrees to help her mother. Raghubir ji joins them just then. He takes Malti ji aside. They had to come here owing to a situation. I insisted upon them to come. You know Kamla ji is still upset with Jamuna ji over what happened but you have to manage everything. Jamuna Bhabhi offered to help but you don’t have to let her work. I am going out for a while. Take care of everyone. Jamuna Bhabhi is Komal’s mother and the wife of my friend too. Kareena records everything.

Kamla ji has given Kareena and Pragya’s room to her Bhabhi’s. Jamuna ji offers to sleep in the courtyard with her family but Komal offers them her room. Even Lucky ji isn’t here. Malti ji remembers her husband’s words. She suggests Jamuna ji’s family to sleep in her room. Kareena will sleep with Komal. I will sleep here.

Malti ji helps her Bhabhi’s. You should rest as you have come to relax. Water of well is cold. You can catch fever. I will wash the utensils and bring tea for both of you. We will sit and gossip then. They agree.

Malti ji thinks she sent Bharpayi on the wrong time. Now I have to wash all utensils. She sits down near the well to clean them. Komal comes there and asks her not to do so. I will wash them. Malti ji denies. Komal denies. She speaks in Lucky’s way. When Badho is here, no fear! Leave it. I will do it. Malti ji says you understood what Lucky ji says but you don’t hear what I say daily. I will clean them on my own. Komal gives in. Don’t wash the ones I have kept. Let me know when you are done. I will clean them. Kareena had made this video too. Lucky Bhai dint reply to my previous video but he will surely react now seeing his mother cleaning utensils.

Malti ji is sneezing. Kareena checks her temperature. She has fever too. She makes Malti ji lie down and goes to get blanket for her. She covers Malti ji well. Malti ji is worried about the other chores which still need to be done. Kareena swears to use this against Komal. It is going to cost you a lot!

Pinki is cooking alone and complaining to herself. Badho brings a Baraat and Pinki works! Payal comes there. She asks her what she is cooking. Before Pinki can say anything, Payal lists down a long list of items she is yearning to eat since a long time! Komal and jamuna ji notice Malti ji resting with a cloth over her head. Komal is about to touch the cloth when Kareena advises her not to wake her up. She has fever so I asked her to sleep here only. Komal offers to massage her legs but Kareena assures her she will take care of Mami ji. You should handle kitchen. Komal nods.

Kamla ji, Komal and Jamuna ji join Pinki and Payal. Jamuna jis vouches to cook food for everyone. Kamla ji says you took the joke too seriously. You are our guest today. Have it today. You only will have to make it next. Jamuna ji asks Pinki about the menu. Pinki shares that Payal has a wish list. She narrates everything. Payal says I was joking. Everyone looks pointedly at Payal. Komal adds that it is tastier when Bhabhi makes all this herself. Jamuna ji seconds her. She asks Payal to start cooking. Pinki happily gives the food items to her. Jamuna ji too helps her. Kareena looks at them from outside and is in thoughts.

Malti ji wakes up and calls out to Kareena. She is arranging food items in a tray. Malti ji asks her to get her medicines from her room. I don’t wish to go there. Kareena says I never say no to you. But Payal Bhabhi is in that room. She does not like me at all. It will only aggravate the matter which will make Mama ji unhappy. They even refused to eat anything without you. I was thinking to take dry fruits for them. Malti ji agrees to take the tray with her. Kareena mentally apologizes to Malti ji. I know I am doing wrong but it is important.

Komal is concerned about malti ji. her mother suggests her to sleep next to her so she can look after her. Malti ji comes there but passes out feeling dizzy. Kareena sends the video to Lucky. He will understand what Mami ji has to go through because of Badho.

Precap: Pragya comes to Teji’s room at night. It is instead Vardaan. She sits down next to him and keeps talking. I love you very much and want to know what you feel about me. Teji comes to Komal’s room while both Komal and Kareena are sleeping. Kareena screams seeing him there. Komal wakes up and asks her what happened. Kareena lies that it was a cat. Komal shoves the cricket bat under bed in order to kick the cat out. Kareena assures her it is gone now. Teji walks in the corridor holding his hand in pain. On the other hand, Pragya keeps talking to vardaan unaware of the truth. Vardaan simply covers his head. Pragya walks out of the room irked and collides with Teji. She looks at him in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sick of Kareena’s malicious scheming! How long is this track going to last? Please let it end soon and rid Kareena. Let all the Alahawat family learn of her true colours and send her packing.

  2. bhavaniasapu

    The creative team forgot about the self respect of badho long back….. As usual…. Dragging the show….. One after another negative characters are packed in Ahlawat house…. Lucky himself has no room….

    1. Hi Bhavani,
      How are you? 🙂 Just when i thought Lucky Ji was starting to warm towards Badho, they bring Kareena in to ruin the flow of the storyline.

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