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Badho Bahu 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badho extends her hand for Viren. Right then his phone rings. Ring falls down from his hands and lands near Lucky’s feet. Everyone looks on. Lucky picks the ring and gives it to Payal. Viren turns to go inside to attend the call. Payal requests him to be free today atleast. Viren accepts she is right but this call is important. Sarita Bua says it happens because of his work. Jamuna Ji goes to bring sweets for Lucky.

Marjorie calls Lucky caring. You put medical kit for emergency right? Lucky nods. She calls him sweet. I am impressed. I don’t need it though. I will go to doc in case anything happens. Lucky returns the box to his friend. She is bitter than Neem.

Viren speaks with the lawyer and is shocked to hear the news. He notices everyone’s happy faces outside.


is about to give water to Badho when Payal drinks it. Vardaan makes faces.

Pinki and her friend are entering when they meet Lucky, Rana and their friend. She asks them where they are going to. We just came. Lucky replies that they were only going for a walk. Payal taunts Pinki for coming here for no reason. Pinki says I came to give Prasad of havan, especially for Badho. Payal tells her to give it to her. You will have to give others Prasad too. Pinki tells her that she has to give it to Badho only. Rest I will manage. Payal leaves. Pinki’s friend exaggerates about Pinki before Lucky and Rana. She is the beauty queen. Pinki gives Prasad to Lucky. He tries his best to avoid touching her hand which makes Pinki sad. She gives Prasad to Rana and their friend sadly too. Payal sends Lucky, Rana and their friend inside. Pinki keeps looking at Lucky. Payal advises her to stay away from their home as of now. Stay in a corner or go to your home. no one knows your motives better than me. Pinki assures her she wont do anything. Rana keeps looking at Pinki while she is busy looking at Lucky who keeps eyeing Marjorie sweetly.

Viren is all tensed. Sarita Bua asks him about the call. Viren shares that they lost everything. She asks him what they will do now. Viren goes out. Badho’s mother tells him to sit. It isn’t right to delay such an auspicious occasion. He folds hands before everyone. Forgive me but I cannot do this engagement. Badho and everyone are taken aback. Raghubir ji asks him what he is saying. You only wanted this alliance. What happened now? Viren apologizes for the sudden change in his decision. Payal apologizes to him for any mistake that happened possibly. Don’t worry about Badho’s weight. I will make her lose half of it by wedding date. Raghubir ji asks Viren as to why he changed his decision. Viren shares that lawyer called regarding an old land dispute. We thought we will win but we actually lost everything. My own uncle stealthily got everything in his name. I got almost nothing. How can I ruin Komal’s life by marrying her in this cast? Every girl dreams of getting every luxury in her new home. My condition is not that anymore. He apologizes to Komal’s mother. I am breaking alliance before it even joined. Marjorie asks Lucky what Viren is trying to say. Why are they breaking this relation? Lucky says I have no idea. This is why I believe people should be friends before marriage so such shocks can be avoided. This is why I ask you to be friends with me. She looks at him in confusion.

Viren begins to walk out of the house followed by Sarita Bua when Raghubir ji asks them to stop. I am elder to you in age so I have more experience than you. This family is my own. I will fulfil all my responsibilities for their sake. I trust you which is why I want to keep a small proposal before you. Please don’t take it in the wrong way. I have a small land of 10 acres in Sirsa. You can take some amount of cash along with it. I know you value your self-respect. It will be a debt. You can return it whenever you feel you are capable to return it. I don’t want to hurt your self-respect. It is the biggest dharma to help one another in troubled times. I am doing my dharma. I will consider myself lucky if I can help you anyhow. Rana is proud of his father. He finds solution to everything with his experience. Lucky seconds him.

Payal and her husband thank Raghubir ji for what he has done for their family today. Jamuna ji says this isn’t required. She walks up to Raghubir ji. I cannot accept your proposal. Truth is you have done a lot for my daughter and family already. I can never forget it. I wont be able to see my daughter living under that burden though. I thought to heave a sigh of relief after marrying my daughter off. I wont be able to even die peacefully this way. Payal tries to say something when her MIL tells her against it. Viren seconds Komal’s mother. He thanks Raghubir ji for the offer but it would be difficult for me to be happy and also to keep Komal happy this way. He turns to go when Badho asks him to stop. Everyone said what they wanted to. I too want to say something. She tells her mother she wants to get engaged to Viren. What’s the point of breaking relation because of land? My marriage was fixed with Viren ji. Time anyways changes. Good can happen tomorrow. Trust increases in relation when you stand by each other in the time of trouble. I said what was in my heart. I am ready to walks with Viren ji in every situation. God shows bad times so we can respect good things more. Everyone looks at her proudly. Raghubir ji asks VIren if he accepts this alliance now.

Viren says yes. Viren and Badho sit down to exchange rings when Badho falls unconscious. Payal gets stuck under Badho. Everyone is shocked. Payal shouts to get body builders. God will pick me up otherwise. Marjorie and Raghubir ji tell Lucky to pick Badho. Lucky finally complies.

Precap: Payal and her MIL argue. Jamuna ji makes Payal removes the extra clothing around Badho. Badho wakes up. Everyone takes her outside for the engagement.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks so much for this recap. I think Badho is sweet. She have good attitude and good heart. She can accept Viren in every situation. I dont know why, but I have bad felling for Viren. I cant trust his news.

    I hope Badho and Lucky will be a couple faster.

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