Badho Bahu 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Komal returns to Akhada!

Badho Bahu 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji says I cannot overlook what is wrong. I think of myself as everyone’s and Komal’s culprit. I came under the spell of a superstitious Baba and doubted my DIL. I tried stupid tactics on her. This is nothing but fear which makes us do such stupid things. I tried such tactics unintentionally on my DIL too. I realised the truth at the right time and recognized my DIL. She never thinks ill of anyone. She helps others first even when she herself is in trouble. My son is not just my son, he is her husband too. How can a wife think badly for her own husband? Payal seconds her. No problem can ever happen because of Badho. I got that stone checked. It had chemicals on it. It was bound to blast even if it was Kamla Ma ji or anyone would have poured water on it. Badho isn’t at fault here. Sangram

Singh tells them to stop. Enough of drama. He tells Raghubir ji that the obscenity that he has allowed in his Akhada will one day cost him badly. He also tells Kailash ji he dint stop it from happening today but this will cost you dearly in the future. Kamla ji and Pinki nod. Sangram Singh walks away in a huff and so does all the other men (from the village).

Lucky happily hugs both his mother and Komal. Raghubir ji pats at their backs sweetly. Kamla ji feels she was insulted badly today. Badho must not think it to be her victory though. I will get her out of that Akhada once and for all!

Teji explains Pragya’s friend about the ad. She is clueless after listening to the script. Pragya offers to show her. Teji and Pragya nod at each other.

Malti ji gives medicine to Raghubir ji as he is not keeping so well. Lucky comes running and hugs her. He feeds her sweets for what she did today. Komal smiles seeing them happy. Raghubir ji tells Lucky to feed sweets from his friend Mahender’s behalf too. You gave permission to Komal thereby giving permission to his dreams to come true. He asks Komal to sit down. Mahender saved my life in army. Now it is my duty to fulfil his dream. Malti ji asks him if Mahender ji also dreamt of his kids wrestling and winning. He nods. He wanted his sons to fulfil his dream. Like we all know, his sons wont do it. My son will fulfil my dream and my friend’s daughter will fulfil my friend’s dream. Komal smiles. Both the families will be proud. You (Malti ji) have relieved us completely. Komal also thanks for giving her permission to wrestle and for tracksuit. Thank you is a small word for it but I still want to thank you. Malti ji sweetly says no one thanks her own mother. This is nothing in front of what you have done for us. I have only done my duty. I want you to work hard and become a big wrestler. Fulfil our dreams. I have called Nisha. She will resume your training from tomorrow onwards. Komal hugs her. Lucky feeds everyone sweets.

Kamla ji watches them from outside. Have as many sweets as you want but I swear I will turn it bitter for you!

Pragya and Teji practise the ad. Pragya’s friend freaks out seeing Jatta / Teji rub balm on Pragya’s back. I would have to allow a stranger to touch my body? Vardaan enters just then and Pragya stands up in shock.

Kamla ji calls Sangram Singh. Give me the number of your smartest guy. I have to add poison in someone’s life. I will be sending your guy a photo of someone. She shouldn’t be seen in this village ever again! Send me the number asap. She ends the call. Pinki is impressed seeing this side of her. Kamla ji tells her to stop buttering her. Send Nisha’s photo on this number. Kamla ji walks out of the room while Pinki keeps praising herself.

Teji begins to say something but Vardaan tells him not to give any explanation. I know you are acting here. I understand that Pragya ji puts her heart in whatever she does. I thought you would have winded up by now. Pragya and Teji nod. Vardaan tells them to finish their work. There is no problem. He leaves. Teji whispers in Pragya’s ears. I told you Vardaan wont be able to say anything in this case! She smiles.

Komal wears her track suit and smiles. All the men are practising as she steps out in the Akhada. Lucky looks at her and smiles. You look great! She smiles sweetly in reply.

Pinki comes to her MIL’s room. She wakes her up by lightly tapping on her shoulder and covers her mouth so as to stop her from shouting.

Lucky suggests warming up but she enquires about Nisha. He offers to help her. Rana looks away.

Pinki brings her MIL to the window and tells her to look outside. Nisha hasn’t come till now. I have done what you told me to do. Kamla ji tells her not to act smart. You just sent a photo and nothing else! This is my game plan. You cannot mess up anything. I will not spare you if you try doing anything like that. Do you see what I did? It is Badho’s first day of practise and we won! Pinki notices Nisha coming there and tries diverting her MIL’s attention by sending her inside. Kamla ji stops hearing Raghubir ji greeting Nisha. He tells Komal she looks like a professional wrestler. Are you comfortable? Komal nods. Malti ji shows thumbs up to her. Kamla ji stares at Pinki pointedly.

Nisha and Komal shake hands as they start their practise. Raghubir ij is coughing all along. Komal and Nisha are speaking. Guru ji tells them against it. Payal begins to record their fight. Malti notices Raghubir ji coughing badly. A few more ladies join Payal. Raghubir ji stops them for a moment to tell Komal a way to hold Nisha off. Komal is distracted seeing Raghubir ji’s ill health. Malti ji assures him that Lucky is here. He will see everything. Raghubir ji heads inside after telling Lucky to look out. Payal and Jitesh are recording the match. Komal turns and Nisha holds her hoodie the same way she had held her kurta the day before. Everyone is shocked. Komal looks at her angrily.

Precap: Sanjay says we have to submit the reports of qualifiers match today itself for some reason. We will hold them here in your Akhada. Rana asks him about his other wrestlers. Sanjay says he must be coming. A guy comes. Ahlawat family looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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