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Malti ji does aarti at home. Please save my son’s life. I don’t want a girl like Badho for DIL. Make him marry someone else. Don’t leave him with Badho. Please hear my prayers. Marjorie is all sad. Kamla ji takes her turn. Lord please don’t listen to what Malti said. You did great job by giving me a DIL like Pinki. Malti got Badho as her DIL. I am very happy. Ahlawat ji takes aarti thaal. Please ignore what Kamla would have asked for just now. Just keep the kids happy. Raghubir ji does aarti next. I hope I can live by my word and bring Komal in our house as my DIL just like Mahender had thought. Lucky hopes God ends this chapter of Badho soon from his life. Everyone takes aarti. Marjorie leaves followed by Lucky.

Lucky’s friends stop Rana in the corridor. They tease him

to do some daring. Show your love for Pinki Bhabhi is true. Rana gets confused. They give Lucky’s example. He wouldn’t have sat quietly if he was in your place. He would have gone to bride’s house to do tomorrow’s ritual anyhow. Rana asks him if he is mad. These things are meant for movies. If Babu ji finds out then he wont spare me. They agree but again tease him. You also want this right which is why you are blushing. Do some daring. Be Hero No.1. Kamla ji hears them. I will

Marjorie asks Lucky what’s happening. Your engagement happened today and then rituals wil happen. Your marriage will happen day after tomorrow. he tells her he wont marry anyone else. Let’s run away. We will elope tonight itself and marry in a temple. I am their son only. They will be upset with me for a few days but in the end they will agree. She refuses. I can never do this. He gets upset. She tells him to understand. I am a guest in this house. I wont hurt anyone’s feelings. I cant do that. I love you. Ofcourse I will marry you but with everyone’s permission and blessings. Listen to me please. We will never take such a step because of which your parents will be insulted. He shrugs her hands off him. Why do you watch so many Hindi movies? You don’t know my Babu ji. He wont agree. You have gone mad!

Raghubir ji calls Jamuna ji. There is something I want to say to you but I cannot talk about this on phone. Malti and I will come over right away. Jamuna ji is taken aback. Now? He asks her if she has any problem. She replies that it is his house only. You can come anytime. He agrees to come in a while. She asks him if there is some problem. He denies. I don’t want to talk about this on phone. Let’s sit and talk. Jamuna ji agrees. Payal wonders what happened now.

Payal paces tensed. Vimla ji comes over. She shares that Raghubir ji called her. He asked me to come here to talk on some important matter. Be honest. Did you do anything? Payal denies. we are also worried. Vimla ji wonders what happened then. Raghubir ji and Kamla ji come just then. Payal asks them if everything is fine. Raghubir ji says we got to know that you both want to do the rituals separately. It is a good thing that the marriages will happen on the same day in the same mandap. Bhabhi wants it to be done collectively. It will be nice. This way the grooms will get to put haldi (turmeric) on their brides on their own. Jamuna ji and Vimla ji give in for it. Kamla ji is pleased. Raghubir ji says now I will speak to Sarpanch ji here and book a place. Jamuna ji nods. Raghubir ji tells Komal a new journey of her life will start tomorrow. This ritual will fill your every wound. A new colour will be filled in your life tomorrow. It will be the colour of happiness. I want you to enjoy this wedding. Laugh a lot, smile and spread happiness. Don’t know why I am thinking about this now. I never told this to anyone. I always wanted a daughter. This emptiness was always there. I want you to come in my house like a daughter instead of a DIL and fill this gap in my life. Your smile touches my heart directly. Stay happy always. I pray you always stay happy. Smile always. Vimla ji looks upset. Komal touches Raghubir ji’s feet. He blesses her before leaving with Kamla ji. Jamuna ji and Komal are touched.

Vimla ji, Komal and their families reach the venue. The expenses will be borne by Ahlawat ji. Vimla ji decides to make sure she makes a huge bill for Badho and her family. They all head to their rooms.

Lucky is thinking about all his meetings with Marjorie till date. Lucky’s friend says nothing will happen by worrying. If haldi ritual happens today then you will surely marry. Time is passing by. Do something. Think about a solution. Rana asks Lucky why he isn’t ready yet. You look so upset. We are getting late. Get ready. Lucky refuses to get ready. Rana explains that it wont happen here. We have to go to Bakriawal. Lucky asks him who took this decision. Rana says it was decided by Ma and Raghubir Babu ji. Babu ji and Papa aren’t coming with us today because of preps. Come soon or Babu ji wont spare me. Lucky refuses to go anywhere. He sits down on the bed tensed.

A girl (from Vimla ji’s side) gives a long list of things to the caretaker of Ashram. Vimla ji smiles hearing it from a distance. Caretaker gives her some of the things. Whose name should I write for all these things? She says it is from Dahiya family. Vimla ji smiles.

Pragya shows haldi to Lucky. I wanted you to marry a beautiful princess but that fattie ruined everything. I wanted your partner to be your perfect match in every sense. Lucky gets an idea and smiles. He touches haldi. Kamla ji calls out for Pragya. She excuses herself

Lucky’s friend understands that Lucky is thinking of something. Tell me. Lucky tells him to see how this haldi will change his fate. I will get Komal out of my lilfe and will get Marjorie. I will announce my love before everyone today by putting this haldi on Marjorie. I have lived enough in fear. Badho should know who I love. I know everyone will be upset for some time but it will get fine eventually. I will put haldi on Marjorie before everyone and

Precap: Marjorie tells Pinki that Lucky asked her to elope with him yesterday. Pinki is stunned. Komal gives a small gift to Marjorie for their friendship. You are a really nice girl and you have helped me a lot. Marjorie is touched. They share a hug. Lucky sees them thus and is tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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