Badho Bahu 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zalim Singh very easily loses out to Lucky. Teji and Pragya look at each other. Lucky recalls the way Zalim Singh had hurt his brother. He looks at everyone one by one and keeps his foot over Zalim Singh’s neck. Kailash ji encourages him to kill this cheapster. Pragya too says the same. Komal prays that Lucky stops somehow from committing this sin. Malti ji looks unhappy with what Lucky is doing. Finally, Komal calls out to Lucky so as to stop him from killing Zalim Singh. Malti ji too asks her son not to do so. Lucky leaves Zalim Singh. You are lucky to be spared. My Babu ji has gives me such values that we have learnt to respect and love the Akhada. You are anyways already dead. You have no strength to even look me in the eye. You can take him away Pradhan Singh! Pradhan gestures his men to lift Zalim


Jitesh and Deepak cheer for Lucky and lift him on their shoulders. Kamla ji looks irked. Lucky points out to his friends that it wasn’t his but Rana Bhai’s fight. Raghubir ji asks the boys if they wont praise Komal and Vardaan. They have risked their lives for the second time for our family. If it wasn’t for them then Pragya and Rana would not have been alive. Everyone nods. Kailash ji thanks Komal for saving their kids’ life. You have indebted us. I cannot thank you ever. We risked our son’s life in our quest for revenge. You not just saved their lives but you taught us that life is beyond everything. There will be a celebration tonight to celebrate the victory. Everyone claps. Pradhan thinks it is their day today. Our day will come too. Enjoy as much as you want as I will turn them into sadness real soon. My fight is still not over. I haven’t given up!

Komal smiles seeing Lucky and his friends dancing happily.

Lucky is nursing his wounds. Komal offers to do it instead and he does not object. She very carefully applies Dettol on the wounds avoiding hurting him. He asks her if she is fine. You come running to me and keep talking nonstop but you are quiet after doing such a big thing today! She says I cannot express my happiness in words today. He nods. I am happy that everything and everyone is fine. Don’t know what would have happened if it wasn’t for you. She says all’s well that ends well. Hope Kamla Tai ji calms down. Everything will be fine then. He checks her temperature. She calls him naughty. He holds her hand while thanking her. She holds his hand with a 440 volt smile on her face. Lucky looks at her and tells her to go.

Kamla ji decides to teach Raghubir ji a lesson. I only wanted revenge for my son. She breaks things angrily. I got the chance but this second number is not leaving me! My son will stand in this place his entire life. She continues throwing stuff angrily. He couldn’t do anything but Lucky and Komal took the opportunity when it came to winning. I will take revenge at any cost. Raghubir Singh I will show your family down!

Vijay is upset that none of their plans worked. Rana was about to die too but that Badho and her husband ruined everything! They destroyed my last card. I cannot bear it anymore. This Ahlawat Family should be destroyed at any cost. Only that will give me peace. Pradhan’s man shares that the house in Bakriawal is empty. No one lives there. Pradhan laughs out evilly. See how I defeat that Ahlawat family now!

Jitesh wants to ask Lucky something but Deepak advises him to come another time. This isn’t the right time. Lucky asks them what they are whispering to each other. Jitesh ends up confessing he wants to drink today. He covers up asking for ginger tea from Komal. She readily agrees but Lucky stops her. He knows his friend well. Komal says he asked something from me for the first time. You cannot control your feelings. He advises her to keep her emotions in check. She goes to make tea. Lucky tells his friends he knows it is something else. Speak up. Jitesh asks for celebrations. Lucy does not get the hint. He only speaks of party and dance. Jitesh adds they can invite a dancer as well. Lucky likes the idea as well. Whose idea was this? Jitesh takes credit. Lucky sweetly slaps him. Did you forget Babu ji will cut you and throw you away if you do something like that! Jitesh agrees to make special arrangements for the elders. You just say once. Lucky refuses to be a part of it. Deepak requests him to think of them as well. We are bachelors. Jitesh calls him weak (Fattu) in order to tease him. It hits Lucky immediately. Jitesh challenges him to bring a dancer but Lucky stays put. Lucky offers to dance with her before entire family if Jitesh manages to bring a dancer to their house.

Precap: Malti ji appreciates Komal and thanks her for saving the kids. Komal tells her not to embarrass her by thanking her. Raghubir ji too praises her and Lucky for what they did. Kamla ji shows Pinki how happy Raghubir and his family are whereas she is utterly angry. I will take revenge at any cost for sure!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. kamla ji why r u always after Raghu ji.his bahu save ur son and daughter life even then u r not liking him. u r not warried about ur son’s life for 1number and 2 funny u r!

    1. Hi Fateha,

      Exactly my thoughts too. 🙂

  2. Finally Malti Ji is seeing past image! Hopefully now Malti will be kind towards Komal onwards. Not looking forward to seeing Kamla and Pinki conspire against Raghubir and his family.

  3. I don’t know why I love this show a lot.Its really a different idea,there is plain and just simple acting and nothing else and the storyline is getting interesting day by day. I like prince and rytasha and their on-screen chemistry very much.Vardaan is also very simple n great character.In fact most of the ahlawat family unlikes komal and even prince also for most of the time,but Komal is a dream girl and a dream lady and a typical strong pillar of the house that Runs the entire show .10 out of 10 love for Badho Bahu.

    1. Hi VPSRana,
      Yes, I’m too quite fond of this show. Although we have Kamala ji always plotting to be number 1, but it is not like other serials where the plotting is nasty and very evil. It has charm, its light-hearted with humour and generally a very nice show to watch. I thought it was really sweet and cute when Komal got excited because Lucky Ji held her hand whilst he thanked her. I’m really hoping now, Lucky heart will not be so hard towards Komal and start developing warm feelings for her.
      I felt quite disturbed watching Kamla Ji outburst because she felt Lucky and Komal stole Rana’s chance of being number 1. I think its sad that as a mother, she cannot count her lucky blessing that her Son is still standing safe and sound, instead she is obsessed chasing to be number 1. Her negative thoughts and adamant will consume her own happiness and the well being of the family.

  4. Hi Aisha, Where are you? Hope you are well. 🙂

  5. Satya

    Very refreshing storyline. Superb acting. I think in future vardhan and pray y’all will be paired.

  6. Satya

    Very refreshing storyline. Superb acting. I think in future vardhan and pradnya will be paired.

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