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Sarpanch ji tells Lucky that Badho is really lucky for her. She was standing strongly against Zalim Singh and Pradhan Singh. Panchayat raised many questions but she answered all of them. Most of all, she did every possible thing to save Pragya. Who does that? She did the best by marrying Pragya to Vardaan. Teji is a loafer. Vardaan gave a big sacrifice. He refused to marry Pragya but Badho begged him for Pragya’s sake. Lucky is shocked. She begged him? Sarpanch ji nods. Vardaan told his sister not to do so ever. He sacrificed all his wishes. Who does that in these days? He not just saved Pragya but your family too. I wish you and Komal stay together like this always. He leaves.

Komal explains that dowry was just a sham. I only wanted to make Bhabhi realise that Pragya isn’t a thing but person.

She learnt her lesson and we have brought everything back with us. Raghubir ji praises her. I am proud today because fo what you did. Malti ji tells him to stop. She ruined our lives. She has given us wounds which cannot be healed in entire lifetime. She gives wounds and then comes to treat them. Don’t you see anything? Raghubir ji tells her to think about Pragya if she had not been accepted today. Malti ji sticks to her point. She makes so many mistakes but you feel she never makes any mistakes. Why don’t you understand that she is reason behind all the problems in our house? We were so happy before but since her entry, we have not lived in peace even for a minute. You are just supporting her. It is enough! If you support her anymore than I swear on Lucky’s name, I will never talk to you! Everyone is stunned. Komal requests her to say everything to her. It is entirely my fault. Raghubir ji tells Komal not to take all blames on herself. Komal requests him not to blame her MIL for her mistakes. Plus, you wont take my side in any matter. Lucky asks her what she is saying. Komal repeats her words before everyone. She requests Raghubir ji not to become her saviour from now onwards. Kamla ji is pleased and so is Malti ji. Badho also wants you not to support her. I also want the same only if you want it too. She leaves in a huff. Raghubir ji tries saying something but Komal pleads at him with her eyes. He leaves sadly. Kamla ji thinks to dig this deeper so this bridge can never be covered. Kailash ji and Kamla ji leave as well.

Lucky stands in front of Komal but she walks away from there. Chotto Bua has seen everything from far. This is only worsening. I must do something!

Vardaan and Pragya’s grahpravesh ritual is done. They leave an imprint of their hands on the wall. Jamuna ji points out that their thumbs at touching which means that their relation is meant for many births. You will have a healthy relationship. Vardaan calls it superstition. Payal’s mother comes there with Vimla ji and few other ladies. Payal welcomes everyone. She asks Pragya to come for her Muh Dikhayi. Pragya stares at Jamuna ji with an upset face but complies in the end. She sits down next to Vardaan. Payal signals her mother who gestures at Vimla ji. Vimla ji and Payal’s mother discuss about Pragya’s bad fate. She came in such a small house. She has ended up with this and a guy like Pragya. She became a runaway bride. Jamuna ji scolds them for being shameless. How can you insult my DIL right before my eyes? You think I wouldn’t understand anything? Vardaan seconds his mother. You all have no right to speak ill of Pragya ji. Better stick to business. Vimla ji asks them if this is how they treat guests. Jamuna ji suggests her to be the guest then and speak well of other. Think of your own daughter Vimla. Your daughter ran away from the house so many times before her wedding! Did you forget it? Vimla ji gets embarrassed as all the women stare at her.

Komal is in house temple making garland. She gets emotional thinking of how Raghubir ji has been her pillar of strength all along. I have lost my Babu ji once. I don’t want to lose him again. This is a very tough phase of my life. Just be with me Lord. She gets hurt but then continues her work. Lucky looks at her and calls out to her. She looks at him. He asks about his shirt. I cannot find it. Help me find it. She replies that he is wearing it. He pats at his head sweetly. He asks for his special milk. It is too late. She tells him she has kept it already in his room. Chotto sees them thus. Lucky turns to go when he notices Chotto Bua. She says I have seen you this worried for the first time since I have come here. Can you not see Badho upset? He denies. She understands that he wont accept it easily. I wont spare you though. I will make you realise how important Badho is for you. She tells him she is feeling bad seeing Badho like that. Look at her. She is hurt because of what has happened with her. There is no one in this house who can bring a smile on her face. Your Fufa ji does so much to bring a smile on my face even if that is weird but not every couple is lucky to have a husband like mine.

Jamuna ji also taunts Payal’s mother. Did you forget what she had done? Entire Sirsa knows it. I cannot go to my daughter’s home because of her. Listen to me clearly. Pragya is my DIL. If anyone tries to speak ill about her before or behind my back then I wont spare anyone. Leave now. All the ladies leave.

A ball comes sliding to where Badho is sitting. Lucky comes in Charlie Chaplin’s disguise and tries to bring smile on Komal’s face. He dances funnily for her and tries engaging her in his act but in vain. He thinks I did so much but I couldn’t even bring a hint of smile on her face. I will have to do something else. He keeps dancing but she doesn’t even so much as cast a glance at him. He trips while dancing and gets hurt. She helps him stand and then resumes her work. He taps on the floor. You really dint recognize me? She keeps mum. He thinks he is a fool to come here as Charlie Chaplin. She might not know who he is. I have to dress up as someone she knows. I have to think. Whose face can bring a smile on her face?

Precap: Lucky asks Komal if she has a problem with smile. He acts like Kamla ji but Badho still does not smile. Lucky speaks to his father. Badho told you not to support her for everyone else’s sake but you will support her right? Raghubir ji shakes his head shocking Lucky. I cannot support her.

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