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Badho Bahu 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

It is morning. All boys run around the village followed by Komal (with her face covered in veil). Villagers are shocked to see a woman running. Rana observes her concentrating hard because of the veil but she continues running. People stop in their tracks upon noticing Komal.

Payal’s mother calls Payal. I saw the 8th wonder of the world today. I saw an elephant running in veil. Payal gets confused. Her mother explains that she saw Badho running. Lucky and Rana were running ahead her. Payal says it means her practise started. She will lose some weight this way. Her mother says you are the only one who thinks about her. Payal agrees. Who else can think so much about Badho? Her mother praises herself for teaching her daughter well. Payal ends the call.

Raghuir ji looks at Komal. She cannot

run nicely because of Malti’s stubbornness. It is of no good. I am sure Komal will find a way out of this too. Everyone reaches home. Raghubir ji asks them how many rounds they took. Rana says 10. Komal runs like this but this way some accident can happen. She almost collided many times today. what will people think? Raghubir ji is also bound by his wife’s wish. We cannot waste time on this. Let’s practise skipping now. Raghubir ji asks Rana and Lucky to skip 2k times. Ajay and Jitesh get 2k while Teji gets 1k. Komal is asked to do 500 skips as she has just started. Komal is taken aback. Raghubir ji says this is just the beginning. Everyone starts with the practise. Komal almost covers entire space while skipping rope. She comes in Lucky’s way but then changes direction.

Kamla ji watches everyone from upstairs. She asks Malti ji if she ever asked a horse jumping. Malti ji shakes her head and smiles but gets angry seeing Komal. I cannot bear her. She has made my life hell. I feel like slapping her and bringing her here.

Komal comes in between Lucky’s practise again. he advises her to stand in a corner and do it. You are ruining my practise too.

Kamla ji asks Malti ji to decide if she will only crib and feel bad seeing Badho like this. Talk sweetly to Badho. Malti ji replies that she feels only hatred when she looks at Badho. How do I act sweet to her? Kamla ji reasons that you have to be sweet to people so you can get your job done. You wont succeed otherwise. She tells a plan to Malti ji in mute. Malti ji agrees to do it. I will get Badho back inside the home from there!

Komal gets tired. She tells Raghubir ji she cannot do anymore. Let me go. He says I will decide when that will happen. Stand in a corner and do 100 push-ups. She looks at him. 100? He suggests doing 90. He counts for her. Teji falls down during the practise. Everyone smiles. Raghubir ji tells him to continue. Teji declines but Raghubir ji stays put. Komal too falls down during push-ups. I cannot do anymore. I feel as if I am about to explode. Everyone laughs. Raghubir ji allows her to go back inside. He doesn’t let Teji go though. Teji gives up. Raghubir ji finally allows him to leave too. He tells Lucky to stop laughing.

Pinki is getting ready when Kamla ji comes there. Your test starts from today. You must not fail in this test! Pinki gets sad. I always failed in every test. Kamla ji says I am not talking about school exam. Pinki says I don’t understand anything. Kamla ji tells Pinki how Malti ji will try everything to get Badho out of that akhada. Don’t ask me how or when. I don’t have that much time. Who will be at loss if that happens? Pinki says it will be you. Kamla ji calls her fool. I knew you will say wrong answer. Not I but you will be the one who will lose too much. Pinki is still confused. Kamla ji says you will lose your place if Badho comes in your life. Lucky will complete his training if she ends the training. If she continues then he will be upset. He will get away from wrestling and akhada. Only my son will be left then. He will be the No.1 Iron Man. You will automatically become No. 1. Will you let go of this chance? Pinki denies. what I have to do? Kamla ji advises her to use Badho to the maximum. Fail Malti’s plan. Pinki assures her she will handle everything. Kamla ji tells her to take tension. Hope you don’t fail. Pinki says think that it is already done. Kamla ji leaves content. Pinki thinks to show Badho the recording of rasika and Lucky. It will ruin her peace like she did mine!

Vardaan dismisses the class after distributing homework. Everyone makes a sad face hearing about homework. He says isn’t that tough. BHarpayi asks him in correctly about homework. Vardaan compliments her. You all have to go to a friend’s place and write an essay on the same. It will be in English. I will check it tomorrow. Pragya gets tensed.

Kamla ji says Badho must be coming. Do you remember what to say and how to say? Malti ji nods. She notices Badho coming towards kitchen just then and acts to smile. Malti ji talks nicely to her. How did you get late? Komal fumbles. Malti ji says no problem. Let’s cook something nice together today. She decides a dish and offers to teach Komal the recipe. Komal wonders why her MIL is talking nicely to her today.

Precap: Lucky takes the dish happily. make more. I am taking this. Kamla ji says your wife has made it. Lucky gets upset. Later, he finds his mother telling Badho to knit a blue colour muffler as he likes the colour.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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