Badho Bahu 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Panchayat supports Komal!

Badho Bahu 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sangram Singh says seems like you haven’t learnt anything from the incident. I am warning you! Hope it doesn’t happen that the cloth which got torn from behind last time can get torn from the front next time. Raghubir ji shouts at him to shut up. Kailash ji has to shout at him so as to stop him. Raghubir ji retreats in his step. Payal walks in with a few ladies. They cheer for Pahalwan Komal Bahu and Ahlawat Akhada. Kamla ji asks Pinki in signals about the commotion but she shrugs.

Kailash ji asks Payal why these ladies are here when the Panchayat is here. Payal greets him. Everyone has presented their views on the matter. We ladies also want to express our views if you would allow us to. Kailash ji says Panchayat listens to everyone. It comes to a conclusion / decision after hearing

the views of both the sides. Please go ahead. Komal asks Payal what’s happening. Payal replies that she is supporting truth and taking a stand against what is going wrong. She looks at Malti ji who avoids her gaze. A lady greets Kailash ji. We have come from Sirsa. We really applaud you all for the encouragement given to your DIL in a game which was always played by men. We know what happened in the morning. We can also understand what all can go wrong in such situations. People use such incidents to their benefits to plot against women. We want you not to fall for them and not stop your DIL from wrestling. You should instead set an example for everyone. Payal claps and is joined by other ladies from the group. Payal asks Malti ji to come forward and support Badho. You allowed Badho to wrestle. Don’t back out now. Malti ji advises her to stand quietly in her place. Payal and Kamla ji smirk. Kailash ji asks Malti ji if she does not wish to say anything on this matter. He stops his wife from saying anything further. I have heard both the sides. It is time to announce my decision.

Lucky drops Anita and Randeep. Randeep apologizes to him but Lucky tells him against it. I have understood everything. Don’t worry. Lucky drives away. Some guys are drinking. One of them notices Anita and Randeep and blocks their way. Randeep is easily overpowered by them. They beat him. Anita is taken away.

Kailash ji tells Sangram Singh that he accepts he spoke of their traditional values and ethics. I won and chose to carry them forward but till when we will succumb to old orthodox outlook. Till when will we force such thoughts on women? Has it helped anyone till date? No! I also feel that whatever happened with Komal might have hurt the sentiments of some people but I bet she isn’t at fault here. Kamla ji and Pinki are stunned.

Anita is brought to a secluded place. She shouts for help. Lucky comes just then followed by Randeep. Lucky beats the guys. Randeep checks on Anita. Are you fine? She nods and asks him if he is alright. He nods comforting her. Those guys attack Lucky again (on his shoulder this time) but he beats them all. Randeep asks Lucky if he is fine (touching his shoulder). Lucky assures him that such goons cannot do any harm to him. Don’t worry I am not asking you to give me a medical certificate. Anita asks him how he came back. Lucky points out that she left her purse in the car. I came to return it and saw Randeep. Anyways, thankfully everything is fine.

Kailash ji asks Sangram Singh if Komal’s wrestling has affected anyone monetarily, physically or emotionally. If it would have been so then I would have surely proposed to stop her from wrestling any further. It is the matter of our Akhada. No one else has any say in it. My younger brother manages it personally. I have never intervened in any matter related to Akhada since it was started and neither will I do so in future. Considering all of this, I announce that Panchayat has no objection with Komal continuing her practise. Everyone present there claps hearing the decision except Malti ji, Kamla ji, Pinki and Sangram Singh. Kamla ji tries saying something but her husband does not let her. My decision is final. It cannot be changed now. He next asks Komal to seek his Guru’s blessings and continue with her practise. Komal heads upstairs.

Kamla ji again speaks ill of Komal. She has insulted everyone. What will you do now? Pinki stops Payal from speaking from Komal’s side. You just saw how she left quietly when it came down to her practise. There is no further discussion required.

Teji wonder why Kapoor kept things belonging to Baba ji openly. What if we are caught? Pragya hugs him from behind. He immediately closes the door from inside. Your mother wont spare me if anyone sees us like this. You are always so eager. She says you spoiled my mood. I came to tell you something. You would have kissed me after hearing it. He gets excited. She shares that she spoke to her friends again and they have agreed to come for audition. He lifts her in his arms and swirls her. Vardaan is in the corridor. Teji tells Pragya she has made his work easier. She turns to go but he pills her back holding her hand. You deserve a kiss now. He pulls her closer. Vardaan comes in just then.

Komal is crying in her room. Raghubir ji sits next to her. I wont stop you from crying if the reason was good but you are crying over the people who know nothing about the game or who always speak lowly of women. You are crying because of them! I will tell you something interesting. People get their best weapons when 2 armies fight with each other. Sports are similar to wars. Bat and ball are the weapons of cricket. Hockey bat and ball are the weapons of hockey. When they collide, they sometimes break as well. What will the player do then? He will change it. We have no weapon. Our only weapon is our hands and legs. Our clothes are our shield. Your shield was torn while wrestling. Does it mean you will give up on it? Go ahead. This should actually make you stronger and courageous / fearless. Take time to think but if you will step back now then it will be an insult to the game, you, me, Akhada and everyone. Everyone has opposed whenever women have aimed to achieve something big. Just don’t give up. He gets up to go but stops. She is still crying. He thinks I am giving people enough lecture as to how to be fearless but I am hiding the truth from my own son. I have to stop playing this hide-and-seek game. I must tell everyone how critical Lucky’s wound is. He cannot participate in Nationals.

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