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Badho Bahu 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jamuna ji stands before her husband’s photo. Now everything is in your hands. Don’t let anything go wrong. Handle things if anything goes wrong. Komal hugs her mother. They both get emotional. Jamuna ji admires her daughter and puts a kala teeka behind her ear. They hug. Wait inside. Come out when it is time to exchange rings. They hug again. Komal looks at her father’s photo and goes inside.

Pinki’s mother comes and congratulates Jamuna ji. we are going to be relatives now. Payal greets her too. Vimla ji points out to Payal that Pinki will be the elder DIL of that house. I will have an upper hand then. Make sure nothing is amiss. You will have to abide by what I say now. Komal watches them from her room. Payal says everything you said is fine but no one can beat Komal in any other

thing. Have a seat.

Ahlawat family comes to Jamuna ji’s house. Kamla ji gives a warm hug to Vimla ji. Lucky stands distant. Jamuna ji opens her arms to hug Malti ji but she takes a step back and greets her with folded hands. Everyone notices it. Kamla ji advises Malti to end all her issues with Jamuna ji today. Share a hug. Malti ji notices her husband’s angry stare. She smiles for his sake and hugs Jamuna ji. Lucky does not look happy. Komal thanks Lord silently. Everyone sits down. Lucky keeps looking around. He sees Marjorie sad and shakes his head at her (as a form of reassurance).

Payal and Vimla ji do tilak of Lucky and Rana respectively. Komal hides as Lucky looks in the direction of her room. She feels shy. Lucky hopes he is able to talk to the fattie so the issue can be sorted. I am so stuck. Komal peeks at Lucky again when he is looking in another direction. Lucky is shaking his leg absentmindedly. His father says his name. Lucky calms down.

Payal teases Rana. Pinki will come. Have some patience. She next greets Marjorie. She went back to Germany, right? Ahlawat ji says her flight got cancelled. She will stay for the wedding. Payal asks Marjorie if she dint bring her camera today. Marjorie denies. Lucky turns and notices Komal by the window. She hides again and heaves a sigh of relief. Lucky excuses himself to go to the washroom. Payal sees him going inside.

Komal is looking out of the window again but this time she cannot find Lucky. He comes in his room. He thinks of his father’s words, his mother’s helplessness and of Marjorie. Komal turns and collides with Lucky. He holds her as she was about to fall down. He pulls her straight a little angrily. She rests her hand on his shoulders.

Rinki brings Pinki to Jamuna ji’s house. Kamla ji asks Vimla from where Pinki got makeup. They get into a discussion. Kamla ji is impressed. My DIL should look like a queen. Vimla taunts Payal as to why she dint send Komal there too. I could have told that lady. She would have looked a little better atleast. Payal smiles. Makeup does not stay for life. Nature stays. That is where real beauty lies. Komal does not lack it at all. Raghubir ji seconds her. Vimla stares pointedly at Payal.

Rana keeps looking at Pinki mesmerised. Payal teases him. Pinki is irritated. I cannot bear this drama. I will speak to Badho and then ask her not to be a problem in my way. This all will end then. Kamla ji sends her inside with Rinki. Rana is all smiles. Marjorie too goes inside.

Lucky asks Komal to go out and say no to this engagement. Do anything, I don’t care. Understand this that I cannot get engaged to you! You have this responsibility now. She stops him when he is going out. Raghubir Babu ji decided this alliance. I cannot disrespect him by saying no. He says will you explain me this now. Don’t teach me. His decision isn’t bigger than my life. Don’t argue. Do as I say or I might do something wrong. You will be held responsible for it. Go and say no to this engagement. She stands there tensed. What game is this Lord? No one wants me to be a part of his life. Where do I go now? If I say yes then Lucky might do something. If I say no then Babu ji will be disrespected. What to do!

Lucky talks to Marjorie. I told Badho everything. She has to say no to marriage. Marjorie feels bad for Komal. Poor girl. He says she isn’t a poor girl. we might come in a problem otherwise. He makes her smile. Don’t take tension. Everything will be fine. I am going. You should come after me. Pinki and Rinki watch them from the window. Pinki is sure something fishy is going on between them. Lucky managed Komal. I will tackle Marjorie. Rinki says they say we should keep enemies close to get all their info. Pinki agrees. I will find out her master plan.

Both Marjorie and Komal are tensed. Komal thinks of Raghubir ji’s words and of his promise before everyone. Her mother and Lucky’s words echo in her head as well.

Pinki goes to Marjorie. Marjorie congratulates her. You left. How come you are here? Marjorie tells her the same lie. Pinki thinks I will cancel you now.

Komal looks at everyone outside. She is in a fix. Lucky hopes Komal does like he asked her to.

Precap: Komal tells her mother what Lucky had told her. Komal sits outside tensed. Raghubir ji notices her thus. Do you want to say something?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I love this drama but sometimes I feel this plot too long.

  2. Im eagerly waiting for komal and lucky marriage and their cute fights.make it fast.

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