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Badho Bahu 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinki advises Komal to be sweet and shy with med. Men don’t understand anything if you talk in high volume. Komal gets thinking but is still confused. Pinki shows her how to act all sweet, seductive and classy around Lucky next time. Komal nods in confusion. She acts like Pinki but fails miserably. What to do when he finishes tea? Pinki says he will try to come close to you once he is done. Tell him you want to talk to him about something. He would tell you to go ahead. You can speak your heart out and he wont say no. Komal asks her if she is sure it will work. Pinki nods. She sends Komal to try it out on Lucky. It will be really fun today. I taught something to Badho after a long time. It will be fun to see what happens.

Vardaan announces results. Bharpayi has topped the exam. Bharpayi hugs

Pragya as she goes to take her certificate. She gives credit to Vardaan for teaching her, guiding her well always. Vardaan gives her a present. She gives his phone to Pragya to click a photo with Vardaan as she receives certificate and chocolates from him. Pragya complies. Pragya scolds her in the end as she asks for many photos. Your numbers wont increase by clicking photos from different angles. Bharpayi asks Vardaan about Pragya’s result. Vardaan shares that she failed in her exams by 2 marks. People begin to gossip about Pragya. She got these many marks after copying. What would have happened if she had not copied?

Teji takes Pinki in a corner. He makes her swear she wont tell anyone. Pragya has fallen for me. Pinki panics. Teji adds how she was asking him to speak to his parents for marriage. I don’t understand how to tackle the situation. She asks him if he likes her. He says I don’t know. She asks him if Pragya is not her girlfriend. She calls Pragya behenji. Who will make her girlfriend? She hits him lightly. He asks for a solution.

Pragya blames him for failing her intentionally. You are taking revenge for our fight. He tells her not to talk to him like this. Our personal problems have nothing to do with your studies. She asks him why it is only her who failed the exam. I have learnt everything from Teji ji and not you. Bharpayi asks her why she is upset with Master ji. Pragya agrees to teach her a lesson at home. Vardaan advises her to leave from the class. You are speaking anything in anger. She refuses to come back again. It was good that we threw your sister out of the house. The situation gets heated up. He raises his hand but stops himself. Pragya fumes in anger. He firmly tells her to leave. I wont repeat it again! She walks out in a huff. All students also leave.

Pinki tells Teji not to tell anything to Ma ji or anyone else. They wont spare you if they find out. Don’t worry about Pragya. I will fit her far away from here. He gets happy. Pinki vows to make Pragya marry with her parents’ consent. Stay here till her marriage. Leave as soon as it is done. No one should find out about it. He agrees and thanks her. She warns him to be careful or even she wont be able to help her. He kisses her hand to thank her.

Bharpayi talks to Vardaan. Please don’t take her words to your heart. She is also very upset these days. I feel it is because of Teji ji’s bad company. She is on the wrong path. She sits down next to him. Whatever has happened has happened. smile for my sake atleast. Wont you become a part of my happiness? She hesitantly reaches out for his hand. Please Master ji. He withdraws his hand. She shares how she never thought she will pass with such good marks. It is all because of you. I wouldn’t have scored this much if it wasn’t for you. He denies. It is your hard work. I am really happy with it. She takes him out for a treat.

Komal is all freaked out as to how to behave before Lucky. Pinki tells her to mimic her. She copies Pinki. Lucky moves his hand away as Komal sits almost near his hand. What happened to you? Stay away. Pinki talks to Rana about his practise and offers to massage his hand. He holds her hands sweetly. Komal also asks Lucky about his training. She begins to massage his hands without even asking his permission. He points out that he is a wrestler. I dint do anything new today. Pinki is taken aback. She continues talking sweetly to Rana. What’s your schedule for today? He shares it with her. She suggests going to market with him. We can go later if you have work. He agrees to come with her to any place anytime. You look all the more beautiful today. Komal decides to make Lucky agree at any cost. I will make sure he stops chasing Pradhan Singh. Pinki signals Komal.

Komal talks sweetly to Lucky who tells her to come to the point. Stop moving like a snake. I feel you have gone mad today. She ends up telling him to stop chasing Pradhan Singh. It irks Lucky. I don’t want tea or anything! You are bothering me more than that Pradhan Singh! He goes. Pinki shakes her head at Komal. Even God cannot do anything about you. I give up!

Pradhan Singh is speaking to someone on phone. He is pleased to hear the news. Vijay asks him about it. Pradhan shares that Ahlawat Family is getting tired finding them. See what I do to Raghubir Singh next. He will be hurt badly this time! Zalim Singh adds that their trump card will take revenge this time. Their countdown has begun!

Precap: Bharpayi wants to feed Vardaan with her own hands. He is taken aback but she puts the sweets forcibly in his mouth. Kamla ji notices them thus and fumes. Lucky and Komal discuss about Pragya’s alliance. He shows her all the Rakhi’s that Pragya has tied on his hand till date. I promised her last year that if she likes any guy then I will make sure she marries him only. I will always help her and will be on her side. Komal looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I hope Teji Ji gets found out! What a scoundrel he is!

  2. Why make Komal and malti ji so naive and easy to manipulate. Can’t they decide for themselves how they build relationships without advice from the fickle MIL & DIL? Komal needs to grow up and make lucky ji value and love her without fawning all over him. She’s too obvious in her need for his affection.


    I hope pragya fall in such situation, where teji run away after telling her truth that he was just using her for money.. and with no option left, pragya marries bad guy, who torture her, and then is saved by vardhan and komal family.
    I know jo maine kaha vo kabhi kisi dushman ladki ke liye bhi nhi kehna chiye, but pragya deserve this.

  4. Hi Shraddha and Edel,

    I feel for poor Komal, she is always blamed and people tend to take advantage of her. No doubt Pinki will have her own motive to introduce the match of her choice. It is good that Ragu has decided to take a step back and let Kamla Ji take responsibility of finding Pragya the match; at least this way if it all goes wrong, she cannot blame Ragu Ji for it.
    I think once Pragya learn the truth of Teji and notices that Bharpayi is feeling warm towards Varadan, I think she will start developing feelings for Varadan. At first, she may accuse Varadan for wrongly thinking bad of Teji, Pinki will try and rescuse Teji, but i think Bharpayi will speak of truth about Teji. Once Pragya learns that Teji ji also tried it on her, she will feel hurt and betrayed.


      Hi summer..
      Your thinking on this is good.
      But we know its tv serial, where everything goes opposite..
      Rather I feel they are more divered in insulting komal, than showing that looks matter less, but heart and work matter more.

      1. Hi Shraddha,

        Tell me about it!!! Look out Ganga serial turned out! Without warning twist and turn, you don’t know whether you’re coming or going! lol
        I agree, looks will eventually fade age, like a wilting flower…the beauty inside the exterior image is what counts.

  5. teji will marry kareena for sure

  6. I sincerely hope Prgya marries whomever pinkie and Jamal ji chooses for her. Please not Vardhaan! Jamuna ji has enough on her plate with a greedy DIL, she doesn’t need an idiot along with her envious mother for her second son. Writer ji, at least spare Komal and her brother! I’m sure they will show that Vardhaan loves Prague and will be magnanimous to accept her after Teji’s deceitful character is revealed. And guess what? Jamal will find a reason to. Lame Komal for it! That is the nature of these serials!

    1. Hi Edel,

      I quite like Varadan and Bharpyai pairing. I think Bharpayi will value and treat Varadan well. She is willing to work hard and will support and encourage Varadan in his dream job. Varadan is gentle, polite, mild but lack self belief and confidence. I think Bharpayi will be good for him. If Varadan is paired with Pragya, she will only add stress to his life, as Varadan will feel overwhelmed to keep her happy. Pragya has been spoilt, she is naieve, gullible and selfish. It would be really nice to see Lucky ji finally loving Komal for who she is.

      1. You are right Summer! But we cannot put anything past these writers! Vardhaan doesn’t need the stress of Pragya- unless they make her a positive character. But they seem to be invested in adding more negative ones. Well let’s wait and see.

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