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Komal reasons that Lucky was only aggravating her work. You were not doing it right. He insists that he was only doing his duty. Don’t come to me again. I wont help you. Bua sends him off. Komal requests her not to be angry. You are the would be bride. Get ready for the next ceremony. Lucky asks Komal if she needs help. She denies and goes inside. Bua thinks they are stuck on doing their own duties. I was mad to teach them that. Lord help them!

Rana wakes up Pinki. When did this plate of food come in our room? She gets tensed. If Rana ji finds out that I ate last night then it will be a problem. She replies that he came back empty stomach last night which is why she brought food for him. You were in deep sleep when I came. I dint wake you up. When you next woke up then! He realises what happened.

She adds that a cat must have eaten it. He agrees with her. I am going for run and I am super hungry. Please keep my breakfast ready. She heaves a sigh of relief to see him gone.

Kamla ji is doing puja while standing on one leg. Where is Raghubir ji! I cannot stand on one leg all day. I am no Yogi after all! She acts to pray seeing him come there. Raghubir ji asks her what she is up to. You haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. She replies that she is doing tapasya. I am praying day and night that your brother should win the elections. I cannot talk to him about it as you are already standing against him. Why will you help him? He asks her why she thinks so bad of him these days. I would be happy if he wins. I was going to talk to Panchayat to choose him over Sangram Singh. I will do what best I can do for my brother. Have faith on God. She nods. She thinks this is what I wanted. We all know everyone listens to you in Panchayat. This is why I wanted you to go talk to them so my husband wins! This is politics after all. People use their loved ones in politics. I did the same. let’s see what happens next!

Komal makes Bharpayi keep breakfast for everyone on table. They must be hungry. Komal makes breakfast for Ganesha puja and haldi rasam. Pinki asks her if she is fine. Why do you look tired? Komal shares that she couldn’t sleep. Pinki asks her why she dint tell her. Komal denies. I will manage everything. Pinki says if you are insisting so much then I will go. You will manage it all by yourself, right? Komal nods. Pinki leaves. Komal mentally makes a to-do list. Just be with me Lord.

Pinki calls her mother. Lucky overhears Pinki talking to her mother on phone that they were acting before Lucky. We all pretended to be tired and exhausted doing everything before him but in truth we dint do anything! He scolded her so badly. It was so much fun. He fell in our trap. Badho is so exhausted right now that she doesn’t even have time for even 2 minutes to sit. Why do we care about her though? She was born to work. She wont die that ways. Vimla ji doesn’t mind if that happens. Just take care of yourself. Pinki nods. I only take care of myself. I don’t care about anyone else! They end the call. Lucky realises how rude he had been with Komal. He notices Bua there. She asks him if he understood anything. You lost your temper when I was trying to explain to you. I was telling you that she is acting bossy over anyone. She was trying to do it upon my askance. No one can handle things singlehandedly at such times. Your mother, Tai ji and SIL only care about their own rest. You also don’t hear anything. You just burst and don’t listen to anyone when you get angry! You are mad after all! Who does so much for others? Your Badho does for everyone that too when she has such a big responsibility on her shoulders. You don’t see what she does right in front of your eyes. How would you see all that she does behind your back? It is still not too late. Rectify your mistake while there is still time.

Lucky realises that no one will willing to help Badho, not even him. Enough now! Now I will rectify my mistake.

Lucky tells Badho to leave everything and feeds her energy drink forcibly. She asks him if he is fine. How are you behaving like this with me suddenly? He replies that he is fine. You will fall ill if you will continue working like this. She finds the taste of energy drink ok. He forcibly takes her with him. She talks of all that is still pending but he does not care. Shall we? She asks him where to. He says hell. He makes her sit on the bed and warns her not to utter another word. She asks him if she made any mistake. He cleans her forehead with her dupatta surprising her.

He tells her she dint make any mistake. You have 1 and a half hours time before the ceremony. You will sleep for an hour. She panics. So much is left to be done. He asks her what’s left. You have done almost everything. I will handle the rest. Look at yourself. You haven’t slept since so long. You will fall unconscious in another few hours. I don’t want that. Take rest for an hour and then come down. She asks him if he will be able to do it. He nods. Don’t you trust me? She tells him she trusts him more than herself. He makes her lie down and puts her to sleep (very cute scene) by patting at her head. Moh Moh ke Dhaage plays in the background. She smiles looking at him as he closes the curtains of the room. He scolds her to sleep. I don’t care if you sleep or not. You will see the worst of me if I see you outside the room. So ja meri ma! He closes the door from outside and gets ready to work. He peeks at her once and is content to see her sleeping. He quietly opens the almirah to check the card. You look after everyone so I will give this special card to you on a special occasion in a special way.

Precap: Lucky gives a gift to Komal in everyone’s presence (during Ganesha puja). She is touched to see the card. He says it is for you. Your wedding card was never printed and this was your childhood wish. This is why I got you this. She gets emotional.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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