Badho Bahu 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Komal is insulted by everyone!

Badho Bahu 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky notices a bike. Jamuna ji says it belongs to some acquaintance. Lucky asks for the key. I will return it tomorrow. She gives him the keys. Lucky and Komal leave on the bike.

Romantic song plays in the background. Lucky removes Komal’s hand from her shoulder and keeps it around his waist. He looks at her expressions in the side mirror. Komal shyly keeps her other hand too and rests her head on his shoulder. Lucky smiles. She keeps peeking glances at him in the side mirror.

Komal looks at the Akhada as she reaches home. The same incident keeps flashing in her mind. I am home. How will I return here after what happened here today! Sports Authority people will also come soon to collect Lucky ji’s certificate. I must send him outside for some work but how. Kamla Tai ji is also going

to give me something. I wonder what it is. She advises Lucky to rest in the room. He wants to know why Tai ji was shouting on phone. She lies that it must be about red chillies. He asks her if she is sure that is the only thing. He nods. I need your permission. I want to meet my friend. I will be back asap. He says permission isn’t needed. Go ahead and meet your friend. Take car instead. He agrees.

Raghubir ji is pacing anxiously. Komal enters and he asks about Lucky. She assures him he was with her entire day. He has gone out to meet his friend. By the time he returns, time to submit the certificate will be over. He nods. Kamla ij shouts at Komal. Where were you! You have wasted lot of time! Raghubir ji asks her what the matter is. She shares that Panchayat has held a session on what happened in Akhada today. You can also join us. She takes Komal with her. Raghubir ji gets thinking.

Kamla ji points at Komal. She is the culprit of entire village. Raghubir ji greets everyone. I don’t understand why we are having a session on this matter and upon whose consent. Kamla ji takes charge of it. Sangram Singh says you would also not understand as you are the one who started it. If Badho Bahu wouldn’t have embarrassed us by participating in wrestling then we wouldn’t have been fighting right now. She has insulted us all. Kamla ji adds that it is important to hold a session on such a matter. I am not alone in this. Entire Ahlawat Family and this society want it. I have faith that Sarpanch ji will help us get justice. Malti ji also joins them. Kamla ji says I want Sarpanch ji to announce his decision without any bias. Sangram Singh says we don’t want the girls, DIL’s of our village to get inspired by Badho Bahu’s antics. We don’t want them to get their clothes torn in Akhada and show off their bodies before everyone! Komal is in tears.

Lucky comes to hospital. Randeep apologizes to Lucky. I cannot make a fake certificate for you. I cannot write this lie that you are completely fit. Please try to understand. Lucky says you know that I will be able to fulfil my Babu ji’s dream only when you will give me that certificate. Randeep says even if I lie for that but still the certificate will be illegal. Lucky says I don’t understand what’s right or wrong in this matter but my dream will come true only when you will give me the medical certificate. He asks Randeep to sign on the certificate. Randeep apologizes to him as he keeps the pen down. I cannot do it.

Raghubir ji asks his wife to talk to Bhabhi. Tell her she is wrong. Kamla ji tells him to let it be. This wouldn’t have been necessary if she would have said something in the first place. She is a mere spectator to things. Sangram Singh agrees. She stopped Badho from representing women last time but she dint do anything like that this time. Kamla ji turns to her husband. I will tell you what happened. Kailash ji tells her to stop. I know what happened. Kamla ji is shocked. You know already? He nods. Every villager has seen the photo. They have seen what has happened. Raghubir ji says I agree that the photo has become viral but like I said, such things happen in Akhada very often. This incident happened in my Akhada. No one else needs to hold any discussion in this matter. Kamla ji points out that the Akhada is in this very village. Panchayat must intervene.

Lucky asks him who will help him if he wont. You are my childhood friend. Please sign on the certificate. Randeep says I am also a doctor. You are ready to forsake everything to do your duty as a son. Let me also do my duty as a doctor. I need to do the right thing. It isn’t smartness to choose the wrong path to achieve something right. Forgive me. I cannot do anything illegal. Please understand. Tell Babu ji everything honestly. He isn’t weak. He would accept and understand everything. Lucky replies that he is the one who does not understand. Anita asks his brother to come. We must head home. He advises her to wait. Car broke down. It will take some time. She rues that she will be in problem if she gets late. Lucky asks her where she wants to go to. She shares she needs to go to market for some project work. Lucky offers to drop them off to market.

Sangram Singh tells Kailash ji he stuck to his traditional outlook and won yet he also supported Komal in her modern outlook. You allowed her to wrestle. This incident happened because of that permission only. Your family and society is ashamed because of it only. I beg you to stop your DIL from wrestling. Please keep your family’s respect intact and don’t let this modern outlook overtake our society! Raghubir ji and Sangram Singh look at each other pointedly.

In the car, Lucky and Randeep exchange silent glances. Flashback shows Lucky getting scared seeing a bigger guy ready to fight with him. Raghubir ji advises him not to ever think of his opponent as bigger or better than himself. A small ant can tackle the elephant easily as she does not get scared. Lucky fights with the guy and easily defeats him. He thanks his father for the lesson. I wont forget it all my life. Flashback ends. Lucky vows not to be let down by anything in life. I will follow that teaching my entire life come what may!

Raghubir ji calls Sangram Singh’s words rubbish. I have repeatedly told you that such incidents keep happening in Akhada. Komal dint do anything intentionally. It’s called an on the spot accident. You might not understand it. You made mountain out of a mole! I am ashamed of your thinking. You believe that a woman should be kept behind the four walls of her home and that her face should be well covered with a dupatta! This is your outlook. Your words are baseless. Sangram Singh tells him to say whatever he wants to but understand that men and women are completely opposite. Raghubir ji says it is only in your mind. A girl and boy are not at all different. He requests Kailash ji not to pay heeds to any baseless stuff. Please announce your decision. Kamla ji reasons that his words alone cannot give a logical explanation / solution to the incident. Entire village is pointing fingers at us today! She thinks come what may she wont let these voices fade away this time! I have full support this time.

Precap: Sangram Singh says seems like you haven’t learnt anything from the incident. The cloth which got torn from behind last time can get torn from the front next time. Raghubir ji shouts at him to shut up. Lucky is fighting with someone. Payal walks in with a few ladies. They cheer for Pahalwan Komal Bahu and Ahlawat Akhada. Kailash ji asks Malti ji if she does not wish to say anything on this matter. Payal requests her to support Badho.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh God! Can these writers not move on? Week after week, this serial keeps going round in circles!

  2. Frosties

    Leave Komal ALONE!!!! Please ????
    I hope Payal takes over to look after her from the venomous Kamla, Pinky and dimwit Rana!

  3. Frosties

    Loved the ? scene between Komal and Lucky?
    Yay no Teji in tonight’s episode ??
    Malti looked lovely today with minimal make up!
    Malti please finally stand up for your daughter in law..
    Whose beating Lucky??? I think he set himself to prove he can fight..

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