Badho Bahu 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Teji catches Bhago red handed

Badho Bahu 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Titli asks Lucky what he is doing here. You always stand in my way. Don’t you know it is danger zone all around me. Why do you come in front of me always then? Do you think you will get moksha through me? Lucky tells her to stop. It seems like you are following me instead. You come wherever I am. What do you want? She tells him she has no time to waste with him. She peeks behind him and realises she is in Ahlawat Akhada. I am wherever I was supposed to be. Leave. She begins to go but Lucky holds her hand. Where do you wish to go? This house is mine. It isn’t asylum or orphanage where anyone can stay. She realises that it is his house. He does not even know there is a girl living in his house in disguise. It is good though. Such people deserve this only. She frees her hand and warns him

not to hold her hand ever again or she will break it off! She walks away. Lucky smiles. People from mental asylum must be looking for her. They don’t know she is out in open.

Boys refuse to paint. Let girls do their work. We have to learn wrestling from Lucky Bhai. A girl also says the same. Komal explains that one can do both the things also. I also wrestle like Lucky ji. Malti ji adds that both Lucky and Komal wrestle. Kamla ji seconds them. Komal advises the kids to put their heart in whatever they do. We wont get anything. Komal says this is the problem. If you put your heart in something then you are bound to succeed. You think Lucky ji only wrestles? He can paint too! Kids too get eager to paint. Bhago sees it all from far. Everyone is busy lecturing everyone. I will also do something similar and engage everyone in the competition.

Jamuna ji asks Payal to pack everything quick. We have to reach Ahlawat House too. Jamuna ji speaks well of Pragya. She is so calm. I am thinking to call her over for some days. Payal gets upset. Call your favourite DIL and see which DIL will work! Jamuna ji smiles. She is such a kid!

Bhago advises Malti ji to also draw something. If we sketch the most beautiful memory of our childhood on canvas then it will be fun. Raghubir ji and Kailash ji will decide who is best. Malti ji likes the idea. She asks her Bhabhi if she will make a sketch. A kid asks them to join them. Pragya gives a sheet each to Pragya and Vardaan too. They all sit down to sketch something. Bhago looks at Kamla ji while drawing. Pragya and Vardaan sketch one line turn by turn. Bhago thinks to finish sketching asap and give a new, unforgettable memory to these family members. She is the first one to finish drawing. She gives it to Kamla ji and leaves citing an excuse to call her father. She hurries inside. Kamla ji looks at her sketch and is shocked seeing a bull with “Hambe” caption! Everyone hides their smile. Malti ji asks Kamla ji what she is making. Kamla ji shows the sheet to them saying that she is making her husband’s photo. They all smile.

Jatta wonders how to kidnap Pragya. Should I dress up as Teji or Jatta? I will be finished either ways! What to do so I am not dragged into it? He is passing by from the corridor when he notices Bhago stealing jewellery from Komal’s room and mumbling to herself. She is shocked to see Jatta sitting on the bed watching her. He compliments her on her trick. You have won! You are going to be all over the papers tomorrow with a photo. He clicks her photo. Ahlawat family wont spare you! She calls it his misunderstanding but he says I can see everything clearly. She requests him not to do this. I am in a financial crunch. He tells her to fool someone else. You are from a rich family in Karnal. She cooks up a story. I am a girl so my father always disregarded my wishes. This is why I took to the wrong path. She takes his kerchief to sneeze which he does not take back. She adds that she did not tell anyone anything as they will look at her with pity. I am ready to do anything in return if you keep quiet. Teji gets an idea. He accepts to do like she said but keeps a condition to keep quiet. You will have to do something for me. I will tell you what it is at the right time. You cannot say no though. She nods. He takes her leave.

Raghubir ji and Kailash ji look at the sketches. Your art teacher has chosen the winner (Anubhav Singh). He gets a prize and scholarship. Everyone claps for him. Kamla ji tells her husband that they also made paintings. I sketched your photo. We too should get something. Raghubir ji agrees. It was equally difficult to choose a winner as everyone had chosen their best memories. You all deserve chocolate.

Raghubir ji tells the kids to always treat their Guru’s, teachers with respect in life. The teachers get shawl as gifts. Malti ji is happy with how the day turned out to be today. It will be memorable. Raghubir ji seconds her. We spread smile on the faces of kids. Komal asks him and Kailash ji if they are forgetting something. Raghubir ji denies and pulls her leg. Kamla ji is curious to know what they are discussing. Raghubir ji asks Pragya and Vardaan to come to him. He shows them the key of their new home. We all want you both to start your married life in your new home. Both Pragya and Vardaan look tensed as Raghubir ji asks them to take it. Lucky tells his father to stop. It can never happen. Everyone looks at him in shock / confusion. Raghubir ji asks him what he means. Lucky says I am right. I wanted to tell you this long ago but I could not tell you! Pragya and Vardaan should not stay together!

Precap: Komal says problems happen in every relation but what’s the point of breaking the pious relation of marriage. Lucky speaks of today. Nowadays people break the relation in which they are not happy. Komal says everyone should try to instead fix what is broken. Pragya dint try to save her relation with Vardaan at all. She instead (she stops herself from saying anything about Jatta).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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