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Malti ji warns Komal not to repeat anything like this again or she will leave her at her mother’s home. I wont think about anyone else then. She walks out angrily. Komal cries.

Vardaan comes to the classroom. He checks everyone’s introduction. One guy gives his intro. Class laughs hearing the meaning from Vardaan. Vardaan tells them to be silent. I will see how everyone does and then we will see who laughs. The guy does well next time. It is Pragya’s turn. She begins to speak while sitting. Vardaan tells her to atleast respect the surroundings if not the teacher. She complies. She says my name was Pragya Singh Ahlawat. He explains the difference between is and was. It is different if you have changed your name. Everyone smiles including Bharpayi. Pragya says I will say what I want to.

Don’t try to teach me too much. I haven’t given you any right to point out my flaws. He asks her to come in the front but she refuses. He too announces he wont continue the class if she wont listen to him. Everyone asks Pragya to go in front. Pragya thinks I got trapped. There will be so many questions if I walk out of the class. I should listen to him for now but I wont spare him later. She stands in the front like Vardaan had asked her to. He resumes the class.

Pinki comes to Komal’s room. She finds her crying and the fire. She pours water over it. What did you set fire to? Teary eyed Komal relates that Malti Ma ji set fire to the nighty that Lucky ji got her. Pinki thinks Ma ji only added fuel to her fire. I doused this fire today but I surely will make Badho’s life more miserable. She advises Badho to put these things somewhere else so no one else gets to see. Stop crying. You have to handle your own problems. Get brave. Komal nods.

Pragya thinks Vardaan has cast magic on everyone. No one is worried about me, not even Bharpayi. She isn’t even looking at me. Everyone is busy taking notes. She makes fake tears and acts to cry. Bharpayi sees her. She requests Vardaan to stop Pragya’s punishment. He tells Pragya to sit down. She hurriedly takes her bag and leaves even though Bharpayi asks her to stay. Bharpayi follows her.

Raghubir ji notices that Malti ji seems upset. He carefully leans down and sees her upset face. What happened? Did I do something wrong or did you have any argument with someone? She says you have done it. He gets confused. She says you cannot hear anything against your Komal Bitiya. You don’t know what I have to bear since she has come. Raghubir ji asks her about it. Malti ji says she can fool you with an innocent face. Komal wasn’t ill. It was the effect of last night. Raghubir ji asks her to speak clearly.

Pinki gives milk to Kamla ji. She makes her stay here to massage her legs. Tell me honestly what happened last night? Badho surely must have done something. I can sense something wrong since morning. Pinki says I don’t know what happened when last night. I went to my room early and slept. Kamla ji wonders who to ask then. Pinki tells her to let bygones be bygones. Kamla ji agrees and begins to leave but Pinki asks her to have milk first. Kamla ji sits down.

Malti ji says I went in her room. She was sleeping wearing weird clothes. Entire room was messed up. She did something on her own in just a day when we left them alone.

Pinki tells Kamla ji that she does not know what happened last night. I know what happened in morning. I can tell if you want to know. Kamla ji gets happy. Go ahead. Wont you tell till I will ask? Pinki shares her that she and Rana ji came in hall and saw Lucky picking Komal in his arms. She was wearing modern clothes. I cannot wear such clothes in my life! Kamla ji says Badho looks so simple but she turned out to be just like malti. God made a great pair. I am unlucky to have got them both. You are the flower that grows in mud.

Raghubir ji tells his wife she has started to make fuss on little things these days. remember how you wore small clothes and heels in Germany years ago. Why are you shying now? Malti ji reasons that Sirsa and Germany are very different. If someone sees it then this will become the talk of the town. You asked me to wear those clothes. I dint wear them on my wish. He reasons that maybe Lucky asked her to wear them. Malti ji says I know my son well. Why did she have to wear them if he even ordered them? Raghubir ji says there is a big generation gap between his and your thinking. Don’t force your thought on him or you will be happy. They are married couple. They can live the way they want to. You have still kept those small clothes? She gets shy. Aren’t you ashamed? You are a FIL now. I have work in kitchen. Raghubir ji holds her hand. It is night time. What work you have? Stay!

Kamla ji says this is why Malti shouted when she went to Lucky’s room. She lied to me! She must have seen Badho in those clothes and would have been shocked. Pinki says be thankful that CM Sir dint see Badho like that. Kamla ji gets tensed. This Badho Bahu has vowed to take us down. Pinki is about to say more when Malti ji comes there. Kamla ji says you have long life. I was thinking about you only. Malti ji says what happened. Kamla ji says your DIL wont be able to escape from me after what all she is doing. Malti ji says I too cannot understand it. Kamla ji does not buy it. Don’t you think you are the most innocent women in this house! What would have happened if she had come before CM Sir like that? Malti ji tells her that she warned Komal well. Kamla ji doubts if Komal will understand. You do that daily whereas she will continue insulting us daily. Malti ji doubts the same. I cannot understand from where she is learning all this. Pinki looks down. Malti ji observes it. Kamla ji blames Malti ji for wearing such similar clothes in Germany. Malti ji requests her to be careful before new DIL. Kamla ji does not budge. She is the part of this family only. She should know it too. Pinki is happy to see their argument. If this continues then that day isn’t fatr when I will rule over this house. Malti ji says I apologized to you earlier for this as well. Pinki’s phone rings. Malti ji picks it. She sees Pinki and Rana’s photo of last night. Pinki is shocked.

Precap: Komal comes to give Pragya her tiffin. Pragya begins to run seeing Komal. She came here too! Komal runs after her. Pragya gets hit by a car and falls down.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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