Badho Bahu 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Komal saves Malti ji!

Badho Bahu 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal and Malti ji are headed towards the lake where they will do Mata ji’s Visarjan. Malti ji is dizzy but continues walking. They reach the lake and do the visarjan together. Komal prays for everyone’s well being. I pray that we always stay happy together. Malti ji prays to always bless her husband and her son. She looks at Komal and adds that they should be kept away from bad company.

Kamla ji excitedly welcomes Jatta (aka Teji) in her home. Teji thanks Kailash ji and Kamla ji for allowing him to stay in such a big house. With my arrival, the fame of your house will only increase. Kamla ji thinks this is what I want. She looks at Pinki who smiles back. Kamla ji calls out to Bharpayi. You will look after Jatta Singh today. She also gives him a bell. Whenever you will ring it, Bharpayi will

come to your rescue. Teji looks at Bharpayi as he takes the bell from Kamla ji. Bharpayi wonders why he looks so familiar.

Malti ji stops while coming down the stairs. She is extremely tired. Komal gives her her slippers to wear. Malti ji wears them but is in a bad condition. She walks holding her head and passes out eventually. Komal is walking ahead unaware of any of it. She turns hearing a loud thud and rushes to her side. Malti ji has also hurt herself on her head. She asks for mobile from the passerby’s. She immediately calls an ambulance but none of them are available. She is advised to bring her MIL there. I will keep everything ready. She agrees. She also calls Raghubir ji and informs him. Komal returns the phone to that lady. Another lady goes to bring water. Komal wonders how to take her MIL to hospital.

Chotto Bua and Sanjay ji have come to Jamuna ji’s house. They compliment Pragya on her culinary skills. Jamuna ji sends Pragya. Payal will serve breakfast. Chotto notices Jamuna ji upset. Jamuna ji says you have done so much for Komal. You will leave in 2 days. Who will take care of her afterwards? Chotto says this is what I am also worried about. Kamla Bhabhi and Pinki wont spare her the moment I will leave from that house. She is a Devi but you feel strong when you have someone by your side. It should be someone smart like me. It will be best if that person is smarter than me! Payal offers them snacks. Chotto Bua looks at her.

Komal lifts her MIL in her arms and begins walking towards the hospital herself. Malti ji is unconscious. Raghubir ji reaches hospital and notices Komal struggling. He shouts at the ward boys to bring stretcher. They come running there with stretcher. Malti ji is taken inside.

Chotto Bua asks Payal why she gave one samosa to her MIL. Payal says Ma ji said she isn’t keeping fit these days so I gave her one samosa only. Jamuna ji seconds her. She goes to bring sweets. Chotto Bua makes Payal sit next to her and compliments her on her tactics. You don’t like it when guests come here as that costs you lots of money but you acted smart today. Payal denies but Chotto Bua tells her not to worry. Payal relates that I am also worried for Badho like you both are. How will she face Kamla ji and Pinki? Chotto Bua whispers in her ears. You will take care of her when I am gone. Payal panics. I am not allowed to go there. Chotto Bua assures her every ban is lifted sooner or later. Do you know how to do drama? Payal nods. No one else can do drama better than me. They both smile and high five.

Komal prays for her MIL. Lucky ji cannot stay without Ma ji. Just save her. Raghubir ji sees her thus. He asks doc about Malti ji. Doc tells him she is fine. She was brought at the right time or it would have been a problem. Raghubir ji thanks her but doc suggests her to thank Komal who brought Malti ji on the right time. She brought her without anyone’s help. You are really lucky to have a DIL like her. You don’t find a daughter like her these days. He goes. Raghubir ji walks up to Komal. You did a favour on Ahlawat Family once again. What would have happened to Malti if you hadn’t been brave today! If something had happened to her then! Thank you is a very small word in comparison to what you did, but thank you very much. She takes his hands down. I only did my duty. You must not fall weak in such situation. You are our ideal. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. He blesses her and wipes his tears. He goes inside to see his wife. Komal prays that it all becomes well soon.

Bharpayi asks Komal to come soon. It is time to burn Ravan. Everyone is waiting for you. Why have you hidden the Ravan? Komal says it’s a surprise. She measures Ravan’s effigy’s height. Lucky ji always wanted the effigy to be as tall as him so he could lift him. Bharpayi asks her who will lift it as Lucky Bhai isn’t here. I will call Rana Bhai. Komal stops her. I am no less than any wrestler. She lifts Ravan’s effigy herself shocking Bharpayi.

Everyone has gathered in Ahlawat House. Raghubir ji tells his wife he is really happy today. I understood today that my life is nothing without you. The way Komal saved your life today! I don’t know what I would have done if she had not done so. Anyways, let’s enjoy Dussehra!

Pinki asks Rana if he wont kill Rana. Rana says who else will do it if I wont. I am Iron Man after all. I only have to do this. She nods. Ajay and Jitesh help Komal keep the effigy. A reporter comes to click Rana’s photo. He agrees to get clicked with the effigy. Raghubir ji asks Komal why she has covered the effigy. Komal replies that it is a surprise. Pinki tells her to remove the cloth. It can be any Ravan but it will surely be burnt by Rana ji today. She unveils the effigy.

Komal has inked the following themes on the heads of the Ravan – Superstition, domestic violence, discrimination between a man and woman, and killing girl child. Some people look at Komal in an appreciating manner whereas some don’t. Rana asks Badho what this nonsense is. I am Iron Man and you will behave like this with me? It is sheer nonsense. Where are the other heads of Ravan? Someone else also questions her. Pinki calls Komal clever. You made a 10 headed Ravan when Lucky had to burn it but you made such a small Ravan when it was Rana ji’s turn. Why? Epi ends on Komal’s face.

Precap: Komal explains that she has made a modern day Ravan which has all the bad traits that exists in our society today. Rana refuses to burn the Ravan. Kailash ji asks him who will burn it then. Even Lucky isn’t here! Malti ji suggests Komal’s name.-

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Candiva007

    What????? Malti Ji, I’m impressed! Time for you to put Kamla in her place!


    Finally malti will realise komal’s value in her life..????

  3. Summer

    Hi Candiva and Shradda,

    Candiva, long time no see you comment on the forum. Nice to see you back again 🙂

    It was very satisfying to see Malti finally realise Komals heart, she means no harm but have good intentions. Now her eyes are opened, i hope that Malti, Ragu, Komal and Lucky can stay united as a family and remain strong and true to each other. As for Kamla, Pinky and Rana, still waiting for the episode to expose them.
    Rana certainly have let the championship that he ‘cheated’ the title of ‘Iron Man’ get to his head. I’m embarrassed for him that he carries his status so freely without a conscience of guilt. No shame!! Neither does Kamla. I found it getting tiresome now how Pinky throwing cheap shots at the Ragu and his family. Pinki’s and Rana’s behaviour towards Komal regarding the effigy is disgraceful: petulant, no grace nor humility! Goes to show their shallow petty nature and despicable character.

  4. Summer

    Looking forward to tonight’s episode. I found it astounding how rest of the Alahawat family failed to recognise Jatta Singh as Teji. His only changes is his shades and turban! Surely they would recognise his voice? Bharpayi is on the ball…she feels she has met him before but can’t quite yet place him! His mannerism remain the same, perhaps a little more elaborate but surely they must recognise him. I would like to see how Teji/Jatta Singh squirm his way out of trouble when he has been rumbled!

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