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Vimla ji and Payal brings sweets for everyone. Kamla ji asks the newly engaged couples to feed each other sweets. Lucky looks upset. Komal is tensed too. Kamla ji says you guys are feeling so shy. Be a man. Rana picks up sweet and puts touches it to Pinki’s cheek as he isn’t looking at her directly. Everyone smiles. Kamla ji makes him feed Pinki. Lucky picks up a ladoo reluctantly. He sees everyone looking at him with hope. Komal herself eats the ladoo from his hands. Pinki extends her hand towards Rana who holds it and then takes a bite. It is Komal’s turn to feed Lucky now but he holds her hand. Raghubir ji takes his name. Lucky bends his head a little and takes a small bite. Everyone smiles in relief. Raghubir ji congratulates everyone. Ganesh Pujan and another ritual will happen tomorrow.

the wedding will happen day after tomorrow as per Mahurat. Excuse us now. There are lot many preps to be made. We will meet in mandap next. Komal seeks his blessings. Kamla ji kisses Pinki on her forehead before leaving.

Payal jumps with joy. Badho is finally engaged! She swirls around with her MIL. I am going mad with happiness. Vimla ji seconds her. I have a great proposal for you. Both the girls should marry on the same day in the same mandap. We will do rituals together. Payal says we will discuss this later. She excuses herself and takes her MIL with her inside. Vimla ji looks at her pointedly. Komal prays to Lord. This engagement has happened but I don’t know what will happen next.

Pinki asks Badho what she is thinking. Komal replies that she thinks Vimla Massi is right.
Pinki thinks do whatever you want to but I only will marry Lucky. Komal asks her where she is lost. Pinki dismisses it. You were right.

Jamuna ji asks Payal if she wants her to make tea and snacks. Payal denies. I wont even give her (Vimla ji) poison. You are going mad in happiness. Jamuna ji asks her to speak clearly. Payal asks her to tell Vimla ji the weddings wont happen together. Jamuna ji replies that Vimla ji is right. Both the girls will be doing the same rituals. why do it separately then? Payal says she wants us to do all preps. Jamuna ji says I don’t understand it. You forced Komal to toil hard at their house that day for a container of ghee. Payal reasons that that time was different. I wont let even their shadow fall on Badho. Tell them this clearly. Payal squeezes lemon in water. Jamuna ji asks her if she wants to give lemon tea to Vimla ji. Payal says tell her there is no milk at home. Jamuna ji walks out confused.

Komal asks her mother about her decision. Jamuna ji says I like your idea but I think we both should do it separately in our respective homes. You know my status. We are not so well to do. We don’t have so many relatives to invite. We want this ritual to happen without any pomp and show. You will spend lots of money and invite many people but I wont be able to live up to it. It will be good if rituals happen at different homes. Girls anyways will come in the same mandap. Vimla ji agrees. She leaves with her daughter. Jamuna ji asks Komal if everything is fine. Komal hugs her mother. She looks at the ring in her hand.

Vimla ji paces in her room. A girl is massaging Kamla ji’s legs. Kamla ji asks her to do it nicely. You eat so much but you have so feeble hands. She receives a call from Vimla ji. Vimla ji butters her a bit and then informs her that the rituals will happen in different homes. Kamla ji is surprised. Vimla ji replies that she has to live up to their status. We wanted it to be a grand thing and invite everyone but Jamuna ji disagreed. We cannot force her. We have always taught our kids to share things and stay together. Pragya comes to call her mother for aarti. Kamla ji advises Vimla ji to teach such good things to Pinki. Call ends. Vimla thinks I shot the arrow correctly. Let’s see what happens now.

Pinki paces in her balcony. Her mother joins her. Why are you so worried? You got such a big house. Why are you worried? Pinki says it is nothing. I am thinking about my future. Her mother advises her not to worry too much. I have thought of everything. I have already started doing things for you. Just go to that home. only butter your MIL. Make Badho toil hard. Keep your husband in your control. If he is in your control then no one can do anything against you. Don’t let your MIL lose trust on you. She will be your shield there. You will rule the house if your husband and your MIL will be under your control. Now don’t think too much. I have some work. She leaves. Pinki is irked that she is not able to get the one she wants and she got the one who she does not like at all.

Komal looks at the couple glass globe in her hand. She thinks of Lucky’s words, of her mother’s advice and of her promise before everyone during engagement. She smiles hearing the music. Jamuna ji comes to Komal’s room. Everything is happening so fast. Time is flying. You will go to your in-laws home in 2 days. I don’t have even some time to spend with you. Komal asks her if she will take care of herself after she is gone. Her mother smiles. Don’t worry about me. Are you happy? Komal says it isn’t so. Jamuna ji advises her not to argue with anyone in her new home. Don’t give anyone a chance to complain. Take care of everyone there like you take care of me. Komal tells her mother to stop worrying about her. Her mother says you will understand a mother’s pain when you will become a mother yourself. Kids grow up but a mother never stop worrying or caring for her kids. You got such a great family. Lucky is a good and sensible guy. Raghubir ji will love you like a father. you will be very happy there. I am fully sure about it. Don’t worry about anything. Komal says it isn’t I but you who is worried since so long. Give me a hug now. Jamuna ji and Komal share a hug.

Precap: Lucky suggests Marjorie to run with him so they can marry. I am their son only. They will be upset with me for a few days but in the end they will agree. He holds Marjorie’s hand. We will marry today itself. Raghubir ji calls Jamuna ji. There is something I want to say to you but I cannot talk about this on phone. Malti and I will come over right away. Jamuna ji is taken aback. Now?

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