Badho Bahu 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky gives ad to find Badho

Badho Bahu 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji asks Malti ji what will happen now. Lucky seems really upset. Malti ji tells her she will speak to him. Titli offers to come along but Malti ji tells her against it. Payal goes with Malti ji.

Ram ji assures Komal no one will bother her here. You can do as you please; eat whatever you want to. You can just tell these guys and they will get it for you. Don’t just think of running away! One of the goons is irritated to see Komal struggling with the knots. Ram ji stops him. You know their anger. I am sure you must be angry too. I fold my hands and apologize to you. They will free you the moment I will step out from here. He tells the goons that this girl is smart. She will do as you say. Saying so, he walks away. The same goon tells Komal to understand what Shekhawat ji just said. You will

be alive if you keep quiet. They cut all the knots and go out of the room. Komal begins to look around for a way out but in vain.

Malti ji and Payal request Lucky to open the door. Everyone is worried. Please don’t do this. Lucky retorts that he does not wish to speak to anyone. Just leave me alone. He breaks the stuff in his room angrily. Payal suggests Malti ji not to waste her effort. He seems to be really angry. Malti ji cries. When will all these problems go away? I cannot believe it that Badho got the message yet dint turn up? I cannot believe it. payal says the same thing. I will try to call her. Lucky continues throwing things around. Malti ji keeps asking Lucky to open the door but in vain. Payal tells Malti ji to calm down. You will fall ill this way. Payal and Malti ji’s efforts go down the drain. Lucky takes out a bottle of alcohol and gulps it. Payal wonders where Badho is.

Malti ji tells her husband that Badho did not come. Raghubir ji nods. Rana just told me. Malti ji is upset with Komal. Badho left for the Himalayas to do tapasya for Titli. How will she then know that Titli’s wedding has been fixed with Lucky only? She cries. My son is already disappointed. He has already a lot to handle. Was it less that a new problem turned up? Raghubir ji tells Malti ji that there is no need to cry. Lucky needs us the most right now. She is worried seeing their kids in problem. He assures her that they will manage everything together.

Pinki tells her MIL that she checked around that tree well but Badho was nowhere to be seen. Plus these Chunnu Munnu aren’t picking phone. Kamla ji wonders if Badho found out everything. Pinki tells her not to say so. Kamla ji taunts her for dreaming to become number 1.

Raghubir ji says Komal dint even step out of the house to go to the market or even to Bakriawal without telling us. How did she do this then? Malti ji is also thinking on the same line. Raghubir ji agrees that this seems indigestible. Something is surely wrong. She asks him if Badho is in some trouble. He decides to find out but tells her not to tell any family member. They will get worried. Come with me.

Lucky’s room is in a mess. He shouts Badho’s name. Why did you leave your Lucky? Badho! He tries sitting up.

Kamla ji and Pinki are taken aback to see Raghubir ji. Kamla ji cooks up a story before him. Raghubir ji asks Pinki to give her number of the camp. I will speak to them. Kamla ji says no one will pick the phone at this hour. She will call in the morning. Malti ji insists. Pinki gives Munnu’s number. Raghubir ji thinks Munnu dint pick the phone till now. What if he picks the call now? Raghubir ji’s call is connected but it turns out to be wrong number. Pinki says this was the number that I had. She gives the number again. Raghubir ji says I added a wrong digit instead. This number is unreachable. Kamla ji and Pinki lie that they do not have any other number. Pinki will call later. Raghubir ji tells them that now he will do it himself.

Lucky sits up and imagines Badho’s shadow outside the room. He gets happy thinking it to be Badho. He goes out to check but finds no one there. His eyes well up. He falls on the ground and looks angry. He cries holding his wedding photo. Where are you Badho?

Badho gets up and tries to find a way out of the place when a goon comes inside with food for her. He tells her to eat and leaves. Badho looks at the food.

Lucky is still drinking. Titli and Rana knock at the door but he refuses to open it. Titli tells Rana that they need to talk to Lucky. He needs his brother. Rana says he isn’t opening the door. What if he wants to be alone? Titli insists that Lucky needs him. Rana requests Lucky to open the door. take out your anger on me but please open the door. Lucky opens the door. Rana holds him as he stumbles. Lucky sits on the floor. Rana sits next to him. He assures him that Badho will return soon. Lucky says who she is. My wife right? I don’t need her anymore. If she can leave me then so can I. I don’t need her. I wont call her at all. Rana asks him to rest for a while. Lucky says she will find me a new avatar when she will be back. Rana tells him not to say so. He makes him lie down. Titli tells Payal that Lucky is saying this as he is angry. Don’t worry. Everything is fine. Payal tells her not to explain it to her. I don’t know why you are still here. Badho left for Shivir because of you only. Have you thought what the family members must be going through? Titli leaves from there sadly.

Rana closes the door as he goes out. Lucky keeps uttering Badho’s name in his sleep.

Next morning, Kailash ji asks Malti ji about Raghubir ji. Malti ji assures him he will be back by evening. Sita and Gita greet them. They share that they have come to support Lucky in his duel with Zalim Singh. Kailash ji is shocked to hear it. Kamla ji tells him everything that happened yester night. Gita is sure this isn’t much of a deal for Lucky. He is Iron Man after all. Sita ji says I want him to lose today.

Lucky gives Komal’s photo to a newspaper guy. The guy is touched at Lucky’s gesture. I have never seen a man putting an ad to find his wife. What should I write? Lucky tells him the message to write underneath the photo – Come soon Badho. Your Lucky’s wedding has been fixed. Come soon before things go out of hand. Lucky confirms with him if this newspaper goes to Himalaya too. The guy nods. This news will surely reach Badho. Lucky tells him to print the ad till the time he tells him to stop. He thinks that Badho will have to come back to him from wherever she is. I will bring you back.

Precap: Chunnu comes to Ahlawat House wearing a burqa. Lucky removes his veil and recognizes him to be the same guy who came at Titli’s engagement. Pinki tells it to Kamla ji and Kamla ji pretends to be hurt. Lucky rushes to her. Chunnu tries to run away but Lucky catches hold of him. Chunnu tells Lucky that he kidnapped Badho.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I can see that the person pretending to be Badho wasn’t Rytasha Rathore.

  2. I hope writers don’t spoil the character Badho. If the original actress needs replacing then do so but with the same size and height etc. Where as replacing badho with titli is nonsense.
    As for Chunnu confessing to taking Badho I hope Pinky and Kamla’s time is up too!

  3. Summer

    Hi Mala and Sara,
    Yes i noticed too, through the veil that Badho double, her face was briefly captured.
    I too hope for the same, that the truth will be revealed! Kamla and Pinki have done enough dirty deeds and got away with it..about time Pinki suffer the consequence of her scheming!

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