Badho Bahu 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Village women turn greedy for modern jewellery

Badho Bahu 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

All the elders are in one room. Raghubir ji tells his brother and Bhabhi that he can understand their pain. We too are worried about it. Your anger is justified as we only heard about these things in big cities. I do feel your pain. Kailash ji is clueless as to what he should do. Raghubir ji suggests them to wait and watch what the kids do. Kamla ji asks him if he wants them to let Pragya stay in the house. What will people so? Raghubir ji says time has changed. We dint use to throw broken things out of the window but we used to try to fix it. This generation is different though. They mess up their relations for very small things as they are not at all patient.

Pragya is getting ready. Vardaaan comes to talk to her. You will start afresh today. I cannot change the past days but I will pray that

your coming days are way better than those. If I have hurt you or upset you then I apologize to you today. We are going to go separate ways today. I only want that there are no differences between us. If possible, we might meet again as friends. I will pray to God that no problems surface between us again. He turns to go but she stops him. I too need to apologize to you today. You ignored all my mistakes and even tried to understand me. I only gave you pain in return. I know I am not worth it so I want to go away from here. I also want to thank you. You kept my secrets, secrets. I can never forget this favour. I request you to start a new life once I am gone. Forgive me if possible. Vardaan gets emotional but nods. It is ok. Everything is fine. He takes her leave and turns to go but finds himself facing Komal.

Komal says iw ant to talk to Pragya. Pragya refuses to talk to her. Komal says I can understand you are upset with me. You must be thinking I came to stop you. I came to congratulate you instead. It is a very big decision to live life your way. I will pray that you are happy wherever you are. Your Lucky Bhaiya is with you anyways. He loves you and so do you. I know you respect him a lot and wont do anything that will hurt him. Pragya thinks of the lie Teji and she said to Lucky. Komal asks her where she is lost. Pragya shakes her head. Komal suggests her to trust on Bholenath and makes her wear a necklace. It is a small gift from my side. Keep it with you always and have faith on Bholenath. She hugs Pragya. Take care. Komal leaves with Vardaan. Pragya cries.

Raghubir ji says we should not force our thoughts on them. It might divert them in future. Malti ji seconds him. We know that Lucky loves Pragya very much. He will think before making any decision for her. Kamla ji still finds their logics illogical. I would say that we should lock Pragya. She will come on right track when she will not give her food or water. Raghubir ji denies. This is not the right way and Pragya is not a minor anymore. Time is changing. Kailash ji supports his brother. We too must change with time. Malti ji nods. It wont be right to do anything like this with Pragya.

Titli is muttering to herself. Bapu is after my life. He first sent me to Sirsa and wants me to be like Badho. I don’t understand anything going on in Ahlawat House. Who is this fake Titli? She notices some villagers crying. They tell police that their daughters are missing since morning. They haven’t returned from their morning run. Titli wonders if they are the same girls who Badho gave money to.

Kamla ji asks village ladies why they came here early morning. They ask her if she is finding some secret from them again. You wont be able to hide anything for long. We find things one way or other. Kamla ji gets tensed thinking they might have heard about Pragya. She tells them there is nothing but the ladies refuse to leave till Kamla ji will help them in doing the same thing. Kamla ji is puzzled. What rubbish are they talking? The ladies demand to meet Titli right away. Bhago hides in a corner to overhear their conversation. The ladies tell Kamla ji that they too want modern jewellery like her. All the ladies from village will join us soon. Bhago is thrilled while Kamla ji is relieved. Bhago greets them. Sita-Gita give Bhago their jewellery. They invite her to their house to take their utensils too. She agrees to come to their house later. I will visit everyone else’s house later too. I will bring sacks along and take everything. Kamla ji asks her why she would need sacks. Bhago reasons that in case anything gets stolen then she will be in problem. No one will die if I will carry them in sacks. My Bapu ji has called a tempo. The driver (Bablu) will take everything to the shop safely. Kamla ji says it is ok if you have thought well about it. Bhago thinks it is all mind’s game after all. On one side, I get all these jewellery while on the other hand, Kapoor will fill my bank account.

Bhago is trying some jewellery. She tells Bablu to arrange a big truck. These people can be fooled so easily. He tells her that he had already arranged the biggest tempo. I knew you would not settle for less. She is impressed but he praises her for it. She advises him to keep some sacks of grains on top so police is not able to find anything. Bablu tells her that police is looking for her. She replies that she can hide anywhere easily. Now I have to do my other work. I have to still send one girl to temple. She smiles at herself in the mirror.

Kamla ji stands atop a stool to get a bag but it begins to shake. Bhago holds it in time. Kamla ji thanks her for coming in time or she would have broken her ribs. Bhago asks her what she was doing. Kamla ji shares that there is a silver plate in which they do puja. I thought to change it too. Bhago tells her she took it already to exchange. Kamla ji nods realising it. I don’t remember anything. Is this God’s sign? Am I about to die? Bhago butters her. I saw Ma Saraswati in my dream. She told me that your age will increase if your DIL will spend entire day in temple. Kamla ji decides to send Pinki to temple. Bhago adds that she saw similar dream for her Tai ji but her DIL dint listen to her because of which my Tai ji died a week later. Kamla ji panics.

Lucky reaches temple. He gives pundit ji everything. I only need to bring the plate. This puja is very important for my sister and family. pundit ji assures him he take special care during this puja. I can arrange another puja specifically for your sister if you want. He gives him a list of things to bring for the puja. You can find it downstairs or from the shop on the highway. Lucky hopes nothing goes wrong this time.

Precap: Titli confronts Lucky. She tells him to do puja with a cool mind. He tells her not to worry about him and shrugs her hand. She collides with something and falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What?! These stories are all messed up? I’m thinking will Bhago put Pinki in Pragya’s place for Teji to kidnap?
    Also how stupid are these ladies to give away their entire jewellery to someone they don’t know and their silverware?!!! Ridiculous ?

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