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Badho Bahu 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Teji diverts Rana’s attention by praising him. Rana asks about Lucky. Pinki says even I was looking for him. Lucky says I will come from anywhere if you will think of me so sweetly. He extends his hand and Rasika walks in. Everyone looks on at them in surprise. Teji asks Rasika what she is doing here. Rasika says I came with Lucky. How come you are here? Rana asks him if he knows her. Teji nods. She is Mumbai’s very big heroine. Rasika says even he is a big star. He never gets enough time to even meet me. Pragya thinks to become like Rasika. Teji introduces Rasika to everyone. Ajay and Jitesh also come there. Everyone gets into party mode. Rasika cannot take her eyes off Lucky which Teji observes. Teji says you said no when I invited you to party. You came when Lucky invited you. Rasika tells Teji

how she can no to a handsome guy like Lucky. I am thinking of taking him to Mumbai. Teji tells her Lucky is married. He wont fall in her trap. He is an honest man. She says you know me. Every guy in Mumbai used to fall for me. This is a small town guy. I will get him to fall for me in a minute. Teji says he isn’t an ordinary guy. He is Iron Man of Sirsa. Forget it. Nothing will work in this case. Rasika vows to make Lucky her boyfriend in a day. Call him a day’s boyfriend or a night’s. I challenge you. Teji accepts the challenge.

Shankar asks his mother if she is fine. Payal also asks them. Komal shares that mother’s BP went high. Mother shouldn’t worry too much. She apologizes to her brother as she knows he is against her decision of learning wrestling. I have thought well before saying yes. people will talk. We just have to ignore it. I wont let our family’s respect be stained. This is my promise. I will leave now. Take care of Ma. Talk to me if you have to say something next time. Don’t say it to Ma. Payal assures her she will take care of Ma. I will speak to your brother. Don’t take it to your heart. I support you in your decision. Head home. It is too late. Go home and rest. Komal asks her mother to call her if she feels uneasy again. Jamuna ji says you have grown up. She hugs her daughter. Komal gives reports to Shankar and leaves.

Jitesh asks Lucky why he isn’t introducing them to his new friend. Lucky agrees. Teji gives Lucky his drink. Lucky introduces Ajay and Jitesh to Rasika. Teji praises Rasika. She sings and dances too well. Pinki speaks well about Lucky. Teji says let’s switch on music. We will see who is capable of what. Lucky and Rasika dance. Everyone joins them. Pinki tells Teji she is taking Rana inside. Rana sends everyone to their rooms. Pinki goes to Rana and sweetly holds his coat. Rana happily goes with her. Lucky and Rasika keep drinking. Rasika signals Teji and feeds more alcohol to Lucky. She takes him inside. Teji switches on his phone and follows them.

Rasika and Lucky come to his room. Lucky talks about his photos and wrestling. She praises the photos. She runs her hands around his hands and shoulders. All this while, Teji is filming them.

Komal is on her way to Sirsa. She smiles looking at Lucky’s photo in her phone. She thinks of their last encounter before leaving home.

Lucky offers to show photo album to Rasika but she stops him. Teji is recording everything. He leaves the phone there and goes hearing the sound of footsteps. Rasika says we can see albums later. Raghubir ji reaches there just then. He witnesses Lucky and Rasika standing real close. Rasika leans closer for a kiss but Lucky pushes her away. Raghubir ji is relieved. Lucky asks Rasika what she is doing. He says I am doing what you wanted. He says you don’t know me then. I am not to weak. Wrestler is clean hearted. Girls of this village loved me. every girl wanted me. I still dint fall for anyone as I wanted to bring the girl in my life for whom I felt something. Rasika leans closer. I know how strained your married life is yet you are showing me attitude! He says what if my married life is bad. I still cannot play with someone’s emotions like this.

Komal reaches home. She looks at the decorations.

Lucky says I have never done this anr never will. I will stya alone all my life but wont go with the girl I don’t like. I will sacrifice my happiness but wont fall in my eyes. she laughs hearing his great words. He says you are really shameless. My wife is tons better than you. She atleast does not do something like this and cares about her self-respect. Leave from here before I lose my mind. Rasika says I know how your wife must be. How will the girl, whose name is Badho, look like. Lucky shushes her. I wont take it if you say anything against my family. I accept that she isn’t a part of my life but she is a part of this house and the family members. I wont hear anything against her or my family! Get out! Raghubir ji leaves. Rasika tells Lucky to get lost and walks out. Lucky falls asleep. Teji checks his phone. I thought he will give some spice but he turned out to be nice. He slept!

Rasika collides with Badho on her way out. Komal finds Lucky sleeping on the bed and closes the door. She sits down next to him. She thinks of the time when he had come to drop her to her home before marriage. She thinks of all the times he has been around her, saving her and protecting her dignity. Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai plays in the background. Lucky turns in his sleep. Komal keeps looking at him lovingly.

Precap: Everyone is practising next day. Komal and Lucky collide while she is skipping rope. He advises her to stand in a corner. Malti ji acts all sweet to Komal. Let’s cook something nice today. Komal feels weird.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. nice epi.

  2. Thanks Pooja, shall look forward to watching this episode tonight. 🙂

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome Summer 🙂

  3. Hi Mis,pooja Hw Ar U After Long Time?I Thnk U Cn Remember Me In Chakravartin Asoka Samrat Updates..Mis Al Of Ur Nice Naratn After That Becuz Ths Drama Is Nt Telecst In Sri Lanka.Stil Chakravartn Asoka Samrat Going In Our Country.These Days Stil Sonu Nigam Parts Going.That Asoka Help People Like Robn Hod Wearng Blck Colur Kit.I Cnt Remembr Becuz Nw I Am Nt Watchng.So Ar U Going Only This Dramas Updates Only?Wish U Al Da Best For Ur Work.Brght Future..

    1. Pooja

      Hey Dhananjaya, I am doing great. How about you? I do remember you and everyone. I miss you guys equally badly. That was a nice little fun corner we all shared together in Ashoka’s page.

      That one is a good episode where young Ashoka acts like Robin Hood. I am writing this and Karamafaldata Shani these days. And, thank you so much for your wishes. I wish the same for you in your present and future in every sphere. Stay blessed and keep in touch 🙂

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