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Malti ji steps in between Lucky and Komal. Komal stops dancing seeing her angry stare.

Jamuna ji coughs while cooking. Vardaan feels bad seeing her state. Let it be. You have been working since morning and are still not giving up. Why don’t you understand bhabhi is keeping you like a maid? It is right time to tell my brother. Jamuna ji tells him not to drag Shankar in this matter. Vardaan stays put. He calls his brother. Why don’t you tell Bhabhi not to treat mother like a maid? Shankar tells him not to trouble him with all this nonsense. I don’t have time for all this. Vardaan ends the call in shock and tells his mother everything.

Malti ji dances for Lucky’s sake. Everyone joins them including Komal. Rana and Pinki are lost in each other. Malti ji sends Komal to

get sweets from the kitchen. Lucky finally smiles and dances with his mother.

Vardaan sits down to cook. Jamuna ji sees him working. She asks him why he is making food in 2 different containers. He explains that he has made it separately for everyone. Jamuna ji tells him it wont do any good. He says you are simple which is why Bhabhi does all that to you. Didi used to stand by your side always when she was here. Bhabhi could not do anything then but I have to support you now. They share a hug.

Ahlawat ji begins to cough while dancing. Kamla ji worries for him. Lucky remembers what his Tau ji had just wished for. He imagines life after 30 years. Lucky comes home all tired and coughing. Komal brings tea and snacks for him. Servant cleans a box before them because of which Lucky coughs harder. Komal says how much more will you cough. She checks the box and finds old medals. This wont come of any use now. It’s been too long since he (Lucky) fought. Sell it in scrap and get good money. Servant nods. Komal offers Lucky sweets.

Back to present,
Komal offers sweets to Lucky who throws it away angrily. Forget about next 30 years, I cannot even spend another minute with you. You have no right to destroy my life like this! Everyone looks at them in shock. He walks away from there in anger. Komal stands with a sad face. Payal thinks not to intervene right now or she will get in trouble.

Kamla ji tells Komal how she said not to touch anything. Everything was going well yet you ruined everything. Why did you bring sweets? We got such an unlucky DIL in the house! No one will be able to live happily. Everyone leaves one by one including Pinki. Komal stands sad.

Payal comes home and smells food. It smells good. She is impressed to see that the dinner is ready. I am really hungry. Vardaan stops her. I will serve food to you. She says I am so lucky. MIL made food and my BIL is serving me. It will be great if someone presses my legs afterwards. Vardaan offers to do it. She says am I dreaming! She eats Khichdi and complains to her MIL about food. Vardaan says not mother but I made khichdi. She tells him to focus on studies. Do you have to do this in future? He says it will be needed as you don’t stay at home. Don’t make my mother do all the work. Do your work on your own. This isn’t her age to lift buckets. She says I dint do anything wrong. She will stay active this way. He complains to her on her actions. She tells him to see other MIL’s of this village. I behave so nicely with her. Vardaan tells her to let it be. I can see that. Jamuna ji tells Vardaan not to stretch the matter. Payal warns Vardaan not to say all this. Who are you? You take money from your brother and I work here. The day you will start giving money in the house, I will listen to you. don’t interfere between elders till then. Don’t even raise your voice till then. Vardaan leaves quietly.

Malti ji cries before God. Till when will I see my son suffering like this? I wish I could have been strong and had opposed this wedding. People say, whatever happens happens for good but no good came out of this wedding. He does not laugh, smile or enjoy. If you don’t do anything then I will throw Badho out of this house! Kamla ji thinks to end this matter as soon as possible. I cannot let Badho go away or the game will be over. She acts to sympathise with Malti ji. I know what’s happening with you isn’t right. What’s the point of complaining though? Malti ji says I cannot see it anymore. I cannot see my son suffering. Komal has ruined his life. You saw how everyone was enjoying in function. Lucky was so sad. Biggest pain is that I still cannot do anything. Kamla ji says I understand your pain but what’s the point of crying now. It wont do any good. Lucky will feel bad to see tears in your eyes. Do you want to make him sadder? Malti ji denies. Kamla ji gives her water. I will talk to Badho. She wont be seen near Lucky. Malti ji asks her if everything will be fine. Kamla ji assures her.

Komal cries before God. What are you doing with me? Something or other goes wrong whenever I try to do something. You must have thought of something good for me. Show me some way. I tried everything. You show me some way to pacify Lucky ji now. She cries. Kamla ji comes. Komal says what I did now. I don’t understand what I do and when. Forgive me if I did something wrong intentionally or unintentionally.

Kamla ji tells Komal to calm down or she will make some other mistake. I dint come here to hear your sad stories. Malti ji and Pinki come as well. Kamla ji talks about Ghunghat wali Mata. Sirsa and we all will be really lucky to see her. We should take both the brides there. Only lucky people get to meet her. My neighbour (Sunita) went to meet Mata. Her life changed since her visit. She is very happy now. I have decided to take both brides to her with the wish that they stay happy always. Malti ji looks pointedly at Komal. Everyone is after my son! He cannot spend one life with Komal. Why are they trying to tie him to Komal for 7 births? I wont let it happen. She tells Kamla ji Komal wont be able to go. She has lots to do. Smile disappears from Komal’s face. She hopes Mata does something so she can meet Ghunghat wali Mata. Right then, a guy comes to tell Kamla ji that Ghunghat wali Mata wants to meet new brides of Ahlawat House. Kamla ji points out that they cannot say no now. Malti ji reluctantly agrees. She tells Komal to finish everything. Dress up nicely. Komal nods. She thanks Lord for listening to her and sending Ghunghat wali Mata on time. I am sure my problems will be taken care of and that I will be able to pacify Lucky ji too!

Precap: Mahasangam Episode of Ganga and Badho Bahu!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice. But why they always shown more scenes of komal mother’s family in episode.komal and lucky scenes was so short. Try to make more scenes between them.

  2. Hi Mis Pooja,hw Ar U?I Thnk U Cn Remember Me?In Chakravartin Asoka Samrat Drama We Met..Ur Naratin Are Stil Briliant.I Rarely Read Ths Story Becuz Ths Nt Telecast In Sri Lanka.Have A Bright Future!!

    1. Pooja

      Hi Dhananjaya…i am doing good. How about you? Yes, I do remember you and everyone from the page. Thank you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot to me 🙂 Take care and God bless you.

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