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Badho is super hungry. Lattu tells her to give him food too. Payal tells Badho not to eat. Nothing will go wrong if you don’t eat tonight. You have to look slim trim. Badho replies that skipping one meal wont change anything. Payal mutters that one meal will be the start. Then you will stop eating food over a period of time. You wont eat too much till your marriage is fixed. Badho hopes she gets engaged soon or Bhabhi wont leave her. Payal tells her not to mumble to herself. I am right here.

Lucky offers to teach boxing to Marjorie. She notices Lucky’s friend at the door and beats him. Lucky is shocked. She smiles.

Kamla ji tells Malti she knew she wants to show her down in the house. You want to take credit for making all preps all by yourself. I haven’t forgotten what you

did in Germany. You wore western clothes. Anyways, tell me why raghubir is so caring towards Mahender’s family. malti ji says he is alive today because of Mahender ji only. Kamla ji isn’t interested.

Rana keeps looking at Pinki’s photo and thinks of that incident on Purnima night. On the other hand, Pinki too is thinking of the same. rana turns and finds

Lucky says seems like this girl has decided not to hear anything. I will have to find a big solution. His friend complains that she beat him real bad. Lucky recalls Marjorie’s convo with Pragya about her friends. Lucky gets an idea.

Badho keeps looking at Viren’s kerchief sweetly. Moh Moh ke dhaage plays. Her mother’s words echoes in her head about how sun will come in her life. Moon keeps increasing and decreasing. Sun will come in your life and not moon. Badho thinks of how sensitive Viren was towards her that day. She holds his kerchief close to her heart.

Next morning, Badho is in stable. She talks to the cows. I am going to be engaged soon but I got something for you. She ties a thread around her cow’s neck. Payal calls her Lady Tarzan. Get ready if you are done talking to animals.

Raghubir ji compliments Malti ji on her beauty. Kamla ji peeks at them from the door. Raghubir ji praises his wife which upsets Kamla ji. Malti comes to take Kamla ji. Kamla ji looks at her from top to toe and claps sarcastically. You knew I will wear this. You intentionally wore clothes of similar clothes. You could have told me if you wanted me not to go there. Malti ji says I dint know anything or I wouldn’t have worn this. Malti ji feels bad. Kamla ji thinks to change clothes. She might look more beautiful than me. I only will do it. She acts to be bigger before Malti ji. You know I bend down before you all the time. I will change. You can steal the limelight. Pragya comes to inform them that everyone is waiting for them. Kamla ji still wants to change. She holds her head. I feel I am ill again. I wont be able to go. Malti ji ask Pragya to get doc. Kamla ji stops her. You all enjoy there. I will stay here all alone. You (Malti ji) should go. Malti ji offers to stay with her. She tells Pragya to tell her husband. Kamla ji smirks.

Payal tells Badho not to even think of food. It can also increase weight. Badho says I dint eat anything since morning. I look so sad already. Who will choose a sad bride for himself? Payal does not mind. I will fix it. She checks Badho’s weight. You lost half kg. Badho smiles. Payal tells her not to. You still don’t look thin. We can show you slim even if you aren’t. Payal gets an idea. She shows her idea to Badho which confuses her.

Raghubir ji is eager to go. Lucky also wants to come. His father tells him how he missed practise twice in two days. you have just won Haryana. You have to become a national champion. Keep things in car. Lucky wants to go so he can give third clue to Marjorie. He notices her camera and gets an idea. Malti ji tells her husband that she will stay back with Kamla ji at home. She is unwell. I have set everything for you.

Payal starts wrapping bandage around Badho tightly which makes it hard for Badho to breathe. Badho tells her to tie noose around her neck if she has to kill her. Do my last rites. Payal does not relent. Badho shouts for her mother. Do something. Bhabhi will kill me this way. Jamuna ji recalls how Payal scolded a lady for Badho yesterday. She tells Badho to be quiet. Let your Bhabhi do her work. Payal smiles broadly while Badho is surprised.

Raghubir ji comes to Badho’s house for the alliance with VIren but they don’t find anyone there. Lattu welcomes them. Viren’s kids run off with them to play. Sarita Bua says bride’s family does so much to welcome groom’s family but we cannot see anyone here. Where did everyone go? Payal, her husband and Vardaan come just then. payal apologizes for the delay. She welcomes Viren by doing his aarti.

Badho is looking at some toy when Viren’s kids come to meet her. You will become our new mom right? They hug Badho which makes her emotional too.

Precap: Payal looks at Marjorie. Viren says I see Badho more as a mother than anything else which is why I want to marry her. Kamla ji asks Malti ji to promise her she will allow her to choose both brides of the house. Viren gets a call and gets shocked. Payal congratulates Badho as she is going to be engaged soon.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. something tells me that viren is going to go back to his ex-wife or girlfriend and break with Badho…

    1. Really? Sometimes i think Viren suitable too for Badho but i hope Badho will marry Lucky. Still wait Badho and Lucky scene

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