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Badho Bahu 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal gives glass to Lucky. He turns to go when she holds his hand. He sits down near her. He says I know what you are feeling. You might feel you lost your family because of all this but relations don’t break so easily. Everything will be fine with time. Just keep faith on me. I am with you. She rests her head on his shoulder and cries. He holds her hand so as to comfort her.

Raghubir ji is lost in thoughts in his room when Malti ji joins him. She is upset. We did so much for our villagers. We dint care for anything but what did you get in return? No one raised his voice before you but nowadays anyone says anything to us. I never imagined we will see such a day! He sits down without saying anything to her. She requests him to stop serving / looking after everyone. You only got insulted in

return. If it was someone else in your place then he wouldn’t have let them off so easily. He asks her if she used to leave Lucky alone or look away from him when he would do mischief in childhood. Someone took the hard earned money of villagers. They would come to us only in troubled times. Who else would they turn to? If I wont listen to them then who would? She cannot understand why he dint feel bad. I don’t have a big heart like you. Don’t force me to apologize to Badho for all that her family did in my absence!

Kamla ji dislikes all the pics. Kailash ji asks her about it. She reminds him that she had asked pundit ji to get photos of eligible grooms. I dint like any. Kailash ji calls Pragya a kid. Kamla ji wants to marry off her daughter asap. A new drama happens in this house every day. I am afraid one day no good guy will marry her. We were blamed for corruption. Luckily, Komal came at the right time and saved us. Her husband suggests speaking to Pragya but Kamla ji does not want Pragya’s opinion on marriage. I will marry her off in a richer family than ours.

Rana is pacing in his room. Pinki notices him looking tensed. He says some or other problems come on Chacha ji every other day. Everyone forgot how much he has done for everyone. They all went against him when he needed him today. I couldn’t help him till date. This is what upsets me. Pinki assures him one day he will make his Chacha ji proud. You will have to keep yourself away from such mess and focus only on wrestling. She shows him a photo. How is he? Rana asks her if she fell for someone else there. She holds her head. He says I haven’t seen him before. Who is he? She shares how her mother told her about this guy when she went home. She said he belongs to a very nice and rich family. If Pragya’s alliance is fixed with him then Ma and Babu ji will be happy. He remarks he is so lucky to have her by his side. You think so much about her. She nods. You should just focus on wrestling. I will take care of everything else. He agrees but she takes a promise from him not to shift his attention on anything / anyone else. They share a sweet moment.

Teji is with Pragya. She is worried about her exam result. I am not worried about that though. I am worried more about life. Ma is after me. She wants to marry me off asap. I am not concerned about studies. It will be good as I will be free from studies and Vardaan. He tells her to marry then. She gets hurt. It might be a joke for you but it is about my life. You have to speak to Ma about our marriage. He is taken aback. She gives him a deadline till tomorrow. I will tell her myself if you cannot! He tells her to speak slowly or someone might hear us. Your brothers will hang me upside down. She refuses to hear any of his excuses. Talk to your parents. She even gets his phone to dial their number but he lies that they are in Bangalore. She falls for it. I will go and talk to Ma then. He stops her. I will do it. She double checks with him and he agrees. She is happy now. She gives him a kiss on cheek and goes. Teji thinks to do something fast.

Lucky is fast asleep whereas Komal is wide awake. She is disturbed thinking about all that happened lately. She keeps shifting in the bed restless as everyone’s words haunt her. She sits up with a start startling Lucky. What happened? She replies that she is only feeling uneasy. He gets oil for her. Ma used to massage my head when I couldn’t sleep at night. It will put me to sleep in seconds. She tells him against it but he firmly tells her to turn her face to the other side. He says it calmly noticing her reaction. She complies. Lucky does her head massage. Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays in the background. She has a sweet smile on her face as he massages her head sweetly. She falls asleep while sitting. He helps her lie down and covers her with the duvet.

Next morning, Komal is doing puja. She walks up to Malti ji to offer her aarti and take her blessings but Malti ji stands there like a stone. Komal says I know you are upset with me. You have been through a lot because of me and my family. Forgive me if possible. Kamla ji joins them. She takes aarti from Badho. She next tells Malti not to be upset with her DIL. She thinks I know Malti well. She wont do anything against her wish but I know how to make you bow down. She tells Malti to forget what happened. It wont please Raghubir ji also. She advises Komal to fold her hands and tell her MIL she wont repeat anything like that again. Komal does as told. She touches her feet. Malti ji doesn’t even move so Kamla ji puts her hand on Komal’s hand. Malti ji is still miffed with Komal but acts before Kamla ji.

Precap: Pinki talks to both the ladies about the alliance for Pragya. Komal also gets excited for it. Kamla ji firmly tells her to keep out of it. Lucky tells Jitesh to find someone and tell him. I wont leave him alive! Komal tells him not to fall down to that guy’s level. Lucky advises her to stay out of this matter.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Malti Ji is being manipulated by Kamla ji and she doesn’t even know it! Kamla ji adding fuel to the fire as usual. Looks like Pinki is following Kamla ji footsteps, trying to control and manipulate her husband into being number 1.
    It was so nice to see Lucky ji being soft and tender with Komal, lets hope their relationship strengthens and Lucky ji eventually falls in love with Komal.

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