Badho Bahu 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Badho’s another escape plan is foiled

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Zalim Singh’s mother asks her son to leave right away but malti ji accepts that Titli did it unknowingly. I agree she is a bit different and too blunt but she knows everything. Kamla ji seconds her. She can do all the household chores and sing aarti too. She only was singing just not. Malti ji and Pinki second her when Titli asks Pinki if she dint praise her too much. Zalim Singh’s mother says I cannot believe what my son liked in her. Titli murmurs that she too cannot believe why her son is chasing her so madly. Explain to him to forget me. Malti ji requests Zalim Singh’s mother to give one chance to kids. Atleast meet Ram ji. Kamla ji agrees. Why don’t you see how much Avinash likes Titli?

Pragya takes out a file that belongs to Vardaan. She thinks to give it to him but reminds herself

that her future is with Teji ji. The more you stay away from Vardaan ji the better. She next reasons that she is only trying to help Vardaan as a friend. I moved ahead with Teji ji but Vardaan ji is alone. What should I do though? Teji ji does not like it when I meet Vardaan ji too often. Teji notices the file in her and instead advises her to give it to Vardaan in person. I will come along. She is surprised. He adds that he knows that she only loves him. Baba ji said we will be together for many births. I don’t feel jealous at all. She smiles.

Ram ji praises Avinash before his mother but Avinash’s mother too decides to test Titli. Titli refuses to give any test but Kamla ji says yes on her behalf. We have trained her on everything. Make her do anything and we are positive she will win at any cost! Malti ji says my DIL Komal has trained her. Try whatever you want to. Avinash’s mother wants Titli to cook. She has to cook 56 dishes. If Avinash likes what she cooks and finishes it all, I will accept that Titli has passed the test. Kamla ji gives her nod for the condition. Titli thinks he should get happy as much as he wants but he will cry after eating the food made by me. he will realise it today who he has messed up with!

Komal decides to get Chunnu’s phone at any cost. Munnu is also not here. She diverts Chunnu’s to mouse. His phone falls down as he begins to look for the mouse. She manages to dial Lucky’s number using her foot. Lucky gets a call from someone named Chunnu. He picks it up but Munnu has covered Komal’s mouth by now. Chunnu picks the phone and cuts before Komal manages to shout. They once again apologize to her for the trouble caused to her. Munnu scolds Chunnu for not being careful. Komal gets sad as she struggles with the ropes.

Titli is cooking food under Malti ji, Pinki and Kamla ji’s scrutiny. They decide to go before Avinash’s mother can doubt her. Avinash’s mother comes just then. She notices the food made by Titli and asks her if she has indeed cooked everything on her own. Titli says I had to cook alone. You can check the kitchen if you have a doubt. Avinash’s mother tells her not to teach her how to work. I don’t know what my son liked in you! She goes. Titli calls out to the ladies to come out now. They leave Titli alone in kitchen. Titli thinks it is time to have some fun now. Malti ji tells her she will taste the food first. Titli nods.

Avinash smiles looking at the plate kept before him. His mother tells him to taste and tell how it is. Everyone looks on anxiously as he takes his first bite. The food is overtly spices. He coughs. His mother asks him if he cannot even eat the first bite. Avinash keeps eating and smiles at Titli.

A lady comes to meet Vardaan with a tiffin. Vardaan asks her who she is. She tells him her name is Premika. You can call me your Premika too. I have heard that you have become a bachelor recently. Vardaan asks her what work she has. She inches close to while talking and keeps praising him as he gets upset. He advises her to leave if she has no important work. Pragya and Teji look on from the window. Pragya asks him to leave. I dint know he will be this busy. Vardaan looks away as Premika moves her finger on his shoulder line.

Pinki tells Kamla ji that maybe Titli made extraordinary food. Titli wonders why Zalim Singh isn’t reacting to all the spices. She recalls Malti ji guiding her to keep all the dishes in small bowls. Presentation also matters. Titli adds extra chilli to the food. I have to see if Zalim’s mother will cry first or manage her son. Flashback ends. Avinash’s mother asks him if he is fine. Is the food too spicy? He denies. It is really tasty. It is so hot so I am sweating. He compliments Titli on her cooking. I will be lucky if I get this kind of food daily.

Teji tells Pragya that the next person in line after Titli will be Vardaan. I think he wont take much time in getting married. Girls are swooning over him already. He notices that she hasn’t drunk tea by now. Are you upset seeing Vardaan with someone else? She declines. I felt bad earlier when I had moved on in my life leaving Vardaan ji alone. I am happy that he has found someone. He too can move on in life. He tells her he knows it already. I was only pulling your leg. She looks lost.

Kamla ji tells Avinash’s mother that Avinash ate everything. It means Titli has passed the test. Avinash coughs and lies it might be acidity. Pinki takes him inside and gives him water. Titli feels bad to see him thus. I dint know he will be this weak! Ram ji asks Titli about Avinash. Avinash’s mother demands to know what she put in the food. Malti ji assures her that she tasted everything before serving Avinash. What can be in the food? Ram ji asks Titli if she messed with the food. Malti ji asks Titli if she added anything in the food after she checked it. Avinash’s mother is sure she would have done a lot just to seek revenge from her. May Lord protect my son! Ram ji questions Titli yet again. Are you behind this?

Precap: Committee members tell Raghubir ji that he got a fake certificate from his doctor. Raghubir ji slaps Lucky. You insulted your Guru!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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