Badho Bahu 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhago plans to steal all jewellery in Ahlawat House

Badho Bahu 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji says they have done great work in the house. Kailash ji adds that it is looking brand new now. Komal is excited. I have shopped a lot for them. Hope they will like it. Raghubir ji is sure they will like it. We thought to give them the surprise after the painting competition. Komal smiles. Not many days are left now. Pragya and Vardaan are going to start a new life real soon.

Lucky tells Pragya he knows she isn’t happy with Vardaan. I have come to help you only. Have you thought what will happen once you separate from Vardaan? How will you face our family and villagers? We should know about the next step so nothing is missing. She remembers Teji telling her about his plan. She tells him that she still loves her first love (Teji). I cannot tell you his name as you too hate him

for whatever happened with me in the past. I still think of him only and will always think of him only. I forgave him already. He asks her if she is speaking about Teji. She nods. Lucky says that’s all I wanted to hear. Don’t worry. Your brother is with you. She is worried about the family but he assures her he is with her. Don’t worry about them and stop crying. She nods and hugs him.

Next morning, Rana, Lucky and Komal are running. A few girls tell Komal they too will run daily so they can become strong and fit like her. A girl (Radha) gets hurt while running. Komal realises that the sole of her shoes is torn. This is the same case with other girl.

Titli is also out for a jog. She notices Komal there.

Komal gives money to the girls to buy new shoes for themselves. Titli recognizes her to be Badho Bahu. Why was she forcing the girls to take money from her?

Bhago is anxiously waiting for Kamla ji to turn up in the corridor so she can start her drama. She sees Pinki coming in her direction. Bhago thinks Pinki will attract Kamla ji herself if she falls in her trap. She pretends to speak to some jeweller about jewellery of latest designs. Pinki gets excited hearing her conversation. I got upset on her for no reason. How to talk to her then? She calls out to Titli (Bhago). Bhago ends the call and speaks to her. Pinki apologizes for what happened last time. I was upset that day. Bhago acts to forgive her. Pinki asks her about the jeweller. She is tempted to wear latest design jewellery too. Bhago looks at her as she leaves.

Kamla ji asks Pinki why she wants new jewellery. Wear what you have. Pinki says there is no harm in exchanging old jewellery for new ones. Kamla ji stays put. Nowadays jewellers cheat you right in front of your eyes. You can go ahead and complain to the entire village if you want to! She mumbles something as she turns to go. Kamla ji asks her about it. Pinki shares that Titli knows the jeweller. Kamla ji remembers Bhago telling her that whatever she says comes true. Why dint you tell me this before? Pinki gets happy but now Kamla ji is also eager to exchange her old jewellery for new.

Kamla ji and Pinki give their jewellery to Bhago. Kamla ji adds that they are of pure gold. Pinki and I will come along. Bhago thinks for a second and says I feel you are still under the effect of yesterday’s evil spirit. It might happen that you will lose everything as soon as you step out of the house. Pinki gets concerned for her jewellery. Kamla ji asks Bhago to watch the jeweller make new jewellery in front of her eyes. Bhago declines. I don’t want anyone to point fingers at me. How will my jewellery be different if everyone will wear same designs like mine! Kamla ji refuses to give her jewellery. Bhago realises she went overboard this time. She stops Kamla ji and offers to take jewellery to jeweller’s place. Bring all the old silverware while coming. I will exchange everything. You can also ask Malti Ma ji and Badho Bhabhi too. Kamla ji repeats her number 1 DIL dialogue. I ordered you. There is no point asking anyone anything. Take my and Pinki’s jewellery. Bhago smiles. Kamla ji takes Pinki with her outside. Kids must be coming soon. It is their competition today. Pinki leaves with her reluctantly. Bhago is thrilled to have all the amount of jewellery. She packs them in her bag. Now I have to somehow engage entire family in the competition so I can steal the remaining jewellery in the house. Titli will be blamed eventually!

Komal, Malti ji and Bharpayi are making preps for the drawing competition. They speak about it happily. Kamla ji tells them not to worry. I will manage the kids. The kids come running just then and shout. Komal shouts to gain their attention. She advises them to sit quietly and paint. Whoever paints the best portrait will win. They shout in affirmative. Kamla ji tells them all to be quiet. Guru ji is here. Kailash ji gives bouquets to the teachers. Kids take their place. Kailash ji discusses about the condition of the school with the teachers.

Raghubir ji tells Lucky and Rana to come now. It is enough for today. You will have to practise this way daily and increase it by 10% every day. Bharpayi comes to call him inside. Lucky agrees to join them in a while.

Titli wishes to find out what that fake Titli is planning to do. Two boys tease her. They wonder if it’s a boy or girl. One boy holds her hand and she slaps, beats him. How should I kick you? Like a boy or girl? The boys run away calling her Didi. She begins to chase them and ends up throwing a stone on their direction. It hurts Lucky instead. Titli and Lucky look at each other.

Precap: Bhago is stealing jewellery from Komal’s room and mumbling to herself. She is shocked to see Jatta sitting on the bed watching her. Lucky and Titli argue again.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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