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Badho Bahu 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji and everyone hear Malti ji’s scream. He thinks to go and check but Kamla ji goes instead.

Malti ji closes the door of Lucky’s room from outside. Kamla ji pats at her shoulder. Malti ji shouts again in fear. Kamla ji advises her to be calm today atleast. What happened that you were shouting? Why Lucky’s door is still closed? Malti ji lies about a fat cat. Kamla ji wonders how she cannot see this cat who everyone else can. Malti ji says I am not lying. Kamla ji tells her to move aside. I have to call Lucky. Malti ji somehow manages to send her back outside. I will bring them soon. Kamla ji says CM Sir wont come to our home daily. Come soon.

Kamla ji comes back in the hall. I was right. Malti got afraid of a cat. She is a coward. Raghubir ji counters it. Kamla ji tells

Pinki to make tea. CM Sir will have tea made by you. Pinki gets tensed.

Malti ji asks Lucky if he too fell in Komal’s trap. He denies. I dint do anything. She says I am your mother. Don’t fool me. I know what has happened here. He swears on her that he is drunk but I dint do anything. I don’t know about her clothes too. Malti ji swears to throw Komal out of their home. CM Sir is sitting downstairs. Come soon. Everyone is already there. Lucky says I will come but she is in a deep sleep. Malti ji says I know what I have to do. I will wake her up. Just see what I do! She throws water on Komal. Komal mumbles in half sleep as she sits up in shock. Who is throwing water on me? Let me sleep peacefully please. She is shocked to see her MIL standing before her and covers herself. Malti ji reprimands her for wearing such clothes. CM Sir is downstairs and is waiting to meet both of you. I am giving you both 2 minutes. get ready and come. Komal is still under alcohol’s effect. Malti ji tells Lucky to bring Komal soon. She leaves. Lucky tells Komal to get ready.

Kamla ji praises herself. You have started a good campaign of Beti Badhao, Beti Bachao. I am also sending my daughter to learn English. CM Sir compliments her thoughts. Haryana will progress this way. Lucky joins them just then. He greets CM Sir. Raghubir ji asks about Komal. Lucky says she is coming. Komal comes just then and greets CM Sir. Raghubir ji tells her to take Sir’s blessings. She is about to do so when she runs off (to vomit). Lucky makes an excuse. She is vomiting since last night. Raghubir ji tells him to check on Komal. Give her medicine. Kamla ji asks Malti ji about Komal’s health. She was fine till last night. What happened suddenly?

Pinki gets tea made from Bharpayi. Bharpayi offers to take it outside but Pinki sends her as she has to leave for classes (excuse). She gets call from someone named Teji and gets happy. Where are you? He agrees to tell her everything. He tells her something in mute. I will talk to you once the guests leave.

Pragya excuses herself for the class. Raghubir ji turns to CM. I think Akhadas should be everywhere from where we can make professional fighters. CM nods. It will happen. Pinki brings tea. Kamla ji appreciates the fragrance of tea. CM Sir likes the tea. Seems like your DIL’s hands are magical. Kamla ji gets happy. Malti ji wonders what Badho is up to. CM Sir takes leave as he has to reach some place. Raghubir ji goes to drop him. Kamla ji taunts Malti ji as Badho couldn’t get his blessings. Malti ji does not care. Pinki tells her MIL she wants to say something to her. My cousin brother Teji called. He knows about my marriage. He wants to stay with us and learn fighting. I wanted your permission. Kamla ji asks her why he dint come in her wedding. This name sounds weird. Pinki says it is Tejinder. We have heard it for the first time. Pinki says he lives in Mumbai and stays busy. Can he stay in our home to learn fighting? It will be only for a few days. Kamla ji agrees. Call him. We will take care of him. I can allow him to stay here. You will have to take permission from Raghubir ji about fighting. Raghubir ji asks her what she is speaking about. Pinki tells him. Raghubir ji allows her. There is nothing to ask. My Akhada is open to anyone who wants to learn fighting from me with a dedicated heart. I will teach him fighting if he really wants to. Pinki thanks him. Malti ji says it is ok if he learns fighting. It isn’t right if he will stay here. We have young girls at home (speaking of Bharpayi and Pragya). I don’t find this right. Kamla ji is about to say something when Ahlawat ji seconds Malti ji. Kamla ji asks Malti ji if her DIL’s relatives cannot come here. Malti ji says I am not saying that. We can make arrangements for his stay. Kamla ji says my DIL spoke well about him. I feel he will be good like my DIL. Don’t worry about girls. We have raised them well. I trust them. Ahlawat ji says let him come here. We all are here. We will take care. Malti ji apologizes to Kamla ji if she felt bad. I dint intend anything wrong. Kamla ji smiles and says you never say anything wrong.

Komal comes. Malti ji taunts Komal. Raghubir ji says she needs rest more than CM’s blessings. He asks Lucky to take her to doc. Komal denies. I will be fine once I drink lime water. He sends her to her room to rest. Don’t worry about any household chores. Komal does not wish to do so but agrees as he insists.

Komal is in her room. She is keeping something in the almirah but then hides it seeing Malti ji coming there. What are you hiding now? You dint think before wearing it. Komal says it isn’t like you are thinking. I can explain. Malti ji does not give her a chance. Give it to me. Komal calls it a misunderstanding. Lucky ji! Malti tells her to be quiet. I don’t want to hear any nonsense. I would throw you out of the house if you say anything. It was my son who took you up at the right time! What if CM Sir had seen you like that? What would he have thought of us? If it was up to me, I would have left you at your home for forever. You don’t care about anyone’s respect. Komal again calls it a misunderstanding but Malti ji as usual does not let her explain. She sets fire to the nighty. Komal cries.

Precap: Malti ji tells Raghubir ji Komal wasn’t ill. I went in her room. She was sleeping wearing weird clothes. Pinki comes to Komal’s room. She finds her crying. What did you set fire to? A teary eyed Komal relates that Malti Ma ji set fire to the nighty that Lucky ji got her. Pinki thinks to make her life more miserable.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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