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Badho Bahu 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Payal scolds someone for bad mouthing Badho. She is no less than anyone. Don’t underestimate my Badho.

Viren and that fat guy’s family have come to Raghubir ji’s house for some deal. Viren scolds that fat guy a lot in Raghubir ji’s house. Sarita Bua ji narrates everything to Raghubir ji. I like the girl a lot. She loves Viren’s kids a lot too. Why did you (Viren) broke such a big deal for that girl (Badho)? Raghubir ji confirms the same from Viren. Raghubir ji says Komal is like my daughter. There can be nothing better than her finding such a nice groom for herself. I would like to help you if you don’t mind. I will speak to Jamuna Bhabhi too in this regard. Viren agrees.

Marjorie comes to Lucky’s room. He wants to take her test (of smartness). I will give you three

hints. You have to guess what I want you to say. One – key. It belongs to something in my room. You have to guess it and open the lock to win. She gets down to work. Lucky’s friend joins them too. He knows it is Lucky’s almirah’s key. What’s happening? Lucky explains that good friends share everything with their friends. You know I keep all my important things in almirah. I really want her to open it and find out what I want to say to her. I am doing thins as I want to make her my best friend. His friend appreciates his thought. Marjorie opens Lucky’s almirah using the key. He smiles broadly. Guess what I want to tell you. She looks in almirah to find a clue. You want me to check out your stuff. It is all boys stuff. I don’t use anything out of this. She returns the keys to him and leaves. Lucky’s friend teases Lucky. She dint understand your hint. What will you do now? Lucky plans to make his next move now.

Payal gets a call from Raghubir ji. She is very happy to hear his voice. He wants to talk to Jamuna ji. Put phone on speaker. Payal calls out for her MIL. She happily tells her MIL that Raghubir ji wants to talk to her. Jamuna ji tells Payal to cook up an excuse but Payal tells her to hear him once. Raghubir ji says I want to talk about an alliance for Komal. She goes quiet. He says I called you 8 years ago to give you the most painful news of your husband’s death. Today I called you to give yout his good news. Komal is like my daughter. I wish Komal and Viren’s alliance is fixed. I only wait for your agreement. You have seen Viren growing up right before your eyes. There cannot be a better match for Komal than him, even though he is previously married and has two kids. I saw love and respect in his eyes for Komal. He scolded the guy who spoke ill of Badho earlier and even cancelled his deal with him for Komal. I am sure she deserves someone like him only. It is only you who has to agree. Jamuna ji is worried about people’s reaction earlier. When are you coming over for alliance? Raghubir ji gets happy. we will come tomorrow. Payal agrees. She hugs her MIL. Vardaan and Komal are confused to see them thus. Payal goes and hugs Badho too. Badho asks her if everything is fine. Payal excitedly tells her how Viren is coming to see Badho. This is the point of keeping relation with the right people. Badho asks her mother if Payal is saying truth. Jamuna ji nods and goes inside. Badho looks at her hands, recalling how Viren gave her his kerchief that day. Jai Bholenath! You heard my prayers. Now my hands will get henna too!

Payal tells Badho good happens with good people. That fat guy set your life after refusing you. He stands nowhere before Viren. His kids love you so much. I think your fasts have turned fruitful. Offer milk to Shiv ji today. She goes inside. Badho looks happy as Payal’s words echo in her head. Vardaan watches her.

Raghubir ji tells Malti that they have to go to Jamuna ji’s house tomorrow. I fixed Komal’s alliance with Viren. We will get them engaged tomorrow and get them married soon. Malti is happy knowing it. is Jamuna ji happy? Raghubir ji nods. Komal is like my daughter. It is my and your responsibility to make sure every need is met. Komal ji hears them from far. She smiles when she hears that Komal ji will have to be asked for everything.

Precap: Lucky offers to teach boxing to Marjorie. She notices Lucky’s friend at the door and beats him. Badho keeps thinking about Viren. Raghubir ji comes to Badho’s house for the alliance with VIren but they don’t find anyone there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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