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Badho Bahu 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Ahlawat house’s door, Komal stops Payal. Why are you acting stubborn? I beg you. Let’s go. Payal refuses to leave from there till Komal gets engaged with Lucky.

Kamla ji tells Malti ji to get kundli’s of both DIL’s. Malti ji leaves resignedly. Lucky asks everyone what’s happening. Is the engagement tonight? His father nods. Go and make preps for the same. Lucky heads inside.

Door bell rings nonstop irking Kamla ji. Komal says Bhabhi. Payal angrily paces outside. She rings bell again and again. Kamla ji shouts from inside irritated. I am coming. Raghubir ji offers to go but she tells him to call Jamuna. Inform her about engagement. I will see who’s in such a rush!

Payal waits impatiently outside. Raghubir ji tells everything to Jamuna ji. Payal rings bell again.

Jamuna ji hopes Payal does not act foolish now. Kamla ji walks till the main door angrily (because of the constant door bell). She opens the door but don’t find anyone. I think it must be some kid.

Payal speaks to her MIL. Swear on Badho this is true. Her MIL swears. Raghubir ji called me to tell the same. Payal asks about Rana. Jamuna ji shares that Pinki will get engaged with Rana tonight only. Payal is thrilled. Jamuna ji asks them to come home right away. Payal agrees. She next tells Badho to come. We have to reach home. it is your engagement tonight.

Pinki’s mother calls out for both her daughters. She tells her daughters that a proposal came for Pinki from Ahlawat House. Smile disappears from Pinki’s face as soon as she hears Rana’s name. Her mother is super happy though as Ahlawat family is such a big family in Haryana. Pinki stands there rooted in shock. Pinki’s mother speaks of all the possibilities once Pinki marries Rana. He is a simple guy. I will offer Prasad to God once this marriage happens. Pinki refuses to marry Rana.

Malti ji notices Lucky sitting al tensed in his room. She feels helpless seeing her son so sad. Lucky asks her why she dint stop Babu ji. How could you let it happen to me? She hugs him and they both cry. You think I wouldn’t have tried? I tried my best but your Babu ji dint hear me. I know he wont listen to you too. He will make sure this marriage happens at any cost. I understand what you are going through but I am helpless. I am unable to do anything.

Pinki angrily states she likes Lucky and not Rana. I will marry Lucky only. Her mother clearly tells her she isn’t interested in her love story. Think about Rana from now onwards. He is your love. We have said yes for this alliance. If anyone finds out about your love then it will be a problem for us. Pinki wonders aloud as to why she cannot marry Lucky. Why don’t you propose that? Her mother replies that it cannot happen as Lucky will marry Komal. She tells Pinki what all happened last night at Ahlawat House. Don’t argue with me. I said yes for the wedding. I shouldn’t be made to take a step back. Forget about your so called love. Agree to marry Rana quietly or you will see the worst of me. She sends Pinki with Rinki to get ready for her engagement tonight.

Malti ji gives Lucky clothes for tonight’s function. I know how you are feeling. Even I am not happy with this alliance but you know your father. He always lives by his decisions. She pats at her son’s head lovingly, sadly before leaving from the room. Lucky thinks let it happen. The sooner it happens, the better. I will go and talk to Badho about me and Marjorie.

Pinki is in tears. I cannot forget Lucky. I love him. I am not going to give up so soon. I will only marry Lucky come what may. Ma can get me engaged to anyone but I only will marry Lucky. I got that foreigner Marjorie out of my way. I will get Badho out of my way too. I have done so much for you. It is time to pay back. You will help me, right? Rinki agrees. How will you do this though? Pinki says I have a master plan. I will make a plan to get Lucky by using that road roller. I will make sure Komal says no to this marriage on her own!

Kamla ji is guiding Pragya as to what all is to be packed. She decides her clothes for evening too. You should look beautiful too. It is your only brother’s engagement tonight after all. Pragya agrees. Rana comes to seek his mother’s advice on his clothes but goes quiet. She happily chooses one dress for him. He seeks her blessings. She shares that she is very proud of him. You gave me the happiness of the world. I am feeling happy like winners today. Get ready fast. Use perfume too.

Payal and Komal come home. Payal says we left as soon as you called. Thank God nothing went wrong. Jamuna ji thanks Lord too for taking care of everything. She sends Vardaan to get sweets and fruits. Komal offers to make something but her mother advises her to get ready. Jamuna ji asks Vardaan to inform his brother (Shankar) to come home soon. Jamuna ji gives Payal broom. Clean house well. Payal complies. Komal looks at the thread around he cow’s neck. She smiles. It is my engagement today with Lucky. I don’t know what’s happening and what I should be doing. You don’t need this now. I will take it out. Cow turns her head away. Komal says it seems you really like it. It is ok. I am going to be engaged. You too should do what you like.

Malti ji requests Kamla ji (with folded hands) to save her son’s life. Please stop this engagement somehow. I know only you can do this. I spoke to Lucky’s father but he isn’t listening to me. He wont say no to you. Kamla ji asks her what she is doing. You are his wife. You are plotting against his decision? what’s wrong in Komal? Everyone gains weight after wedding. Look at yourself. I am different as I stay busy entire day. Did you forget your promise? You only said I will choose the brides for both sons. The brides are perfect. Malti ji says I dint expect it from you. You are wrong. Kamla ji shouts at her to be quiet. Make preps for engagement. Malti ji leaves. Kamla ji vows to turn this completely against her. She calls jeweller and tells him something about engagement rings in mute. Now this engagement will be fun. I will embarrass you badly Malti!

Precap: At Jamuna ji’s place, Kamla ji advises Malti to end all her issues with Jamuna ji today. Everyone watches tensed. Komal turns and collides with Lucky. He asks her to say no to this engagement. Do anything, I don’t care. Understand this that I cannot get engaged to you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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