Badho Bahu 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Kamla ji angrily throwing the jar on the floor. You dint do the right thing Chotto! You knew I had nothing to do with her. She is dead for us yet you brought the spices grinded by her and cooked food as well! I will die but wont eat anything made by her! Beware. You can keep a relation with her if you want but make sure nothing that belongs to her should come in this house. Malti ji requests her to eat food atleast but Kamla ji refuses. I have had enough! She walks away in a huff. Kailash ji asks his sister why she did that. You know how much your Bhabhi gets upset over such things. Rana also heads to his room. Pinki is irked that she will have to either sleep empty stomach or eat stealthily at night. She too goes.

Raghubir ji tells Chotto not to take anything to her heart. I am

sure that Bhabhi will accept Pragya soon. Komal assures Lucky everything will be fine soon. He leaves from there without saying anything. Chotto hopes Bhabhi realises that Pragya not just got a good family but also got a good husband. He nods. It will be better for her as well as for our family.

Komal is speaking to someone about the preps while boiling milk. Pinki joins her. Komal says no one ate anything to I thought to give them milk. No one should sleep empty stomach. Pinki suggests taking food for Rana as he might be still hungry after drinking milk. Komal happily goes to bring it. Pinki thinks Rana will not be hungry tonight but I need it. Pinki takes the tray of milk and advises Komal to tell Bharpayi to hide the food from Rana. He will get upset otherwise. I will make him eat. Komal nods.

Lucky looks at the Rakhi’s. Kamla ji’s words disturb him. He keeps them back safely in his cupboard and finds the card. He leaves it there only and lies down to sleep. Komal comes to her room to rest for a while. I still have a lot to do. She falls asleep and dreams of going to kitchen to finish all the pending tasks alone. Lucky joins her and helps her in completing all the pending tasks. They share some cute romantic moments. He takes over the work seeing her tired. She smiles seeing him thus and helps him do it. They put turmeric on each other’s faces sweetly. She cannot help herself from smiling and feeling shy when he showers petals on her and sits down to watches her work. He even sews Bua’s dress. Bua compliments Komal right then. Komal wakes up with a start. Now Bua is coming in my dreams too! She wont let me live in peace this way. I will finish everything quickly.

PInki is gobbling away all the food. She panics seeing him turn in his sleep. She keeps the plate on table thereby making noise. Rana says who’s there (in his sleep). Pinki says meow and even says that it’s a cat. He wakes up with a start and asks Pinki about the cat. She makes an excuse and manages the situation somehow. You should sleep now. He teases her saying that he cannot sleep without her.

Lucky wakes up but does not find Badho in the room. He wonders where she is and goes out to check. He finds her working in kitchen and remembers Bua telling him to do his duties as husband. He decides to help Badho. She is surprised to see him in kitchen and laughs. He begins to break sandalwood. She points out that this isn’t done like that. He tells her not to teach him. I know everything. I have come to help him. She explains to him the difference between how turmeric and sandalwood is treated. He doesn’t understand so she advises him to sleep. It will only create problem for me. He again picks up a small piece of sandalwood and tries breaking it. She asks him if he is done. Now I will grind you if you wont leave right away. He remarks that she even sees big dreams like herself. Continue! She smiles.

Jamuna ji notices Pragya sleeping in the courtyard. It means that she does not sleep in her room. I dint know this! Vardaan comes to wake Pragya but gets shocked seeing his mother there. He lies to her that she was sleeping in the room a while ago and came out to clean the area. I tried stopping her but she dint agree. I came to check on her. Jamuna ji knows he is lying. I cannot do anything though. I just hope their relation becomes better with time. She agrees with him. She even stops him from waking Pragya. She is in deep sleep. You should also go and sleep now.

Next morning, Badho is looking all tired. Lucky asks her if she has grinded turmeric. She nods. Are you going to practise? He nods. Bua asks her why she looks so gloomy. Looking at your face anyone can guess that you dint sleep entire night. She asks Lucky if he left everything on Komal only. Lucky swears on her name that he did go to help Komal but she sent him away. Ask your beloved DIL if you don’t trust me. Bua stares at Komal pointedly.

Precap: Lucky overhears Pinki talking to someone on phone that they were acting before Lucky. We all pretended to be tired and exhausted doing everything but in truth we dint do anything! Bua tells Lucky that no one can handle things singlehandedly at such times. Lucky realises that no one came forward to help Badho. Now I will rectify my mistake. He feeds water / food to Badho and takes her with him forcibly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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