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Komal falls asleep in a second. Lucky sees her thus. He decides to wake her so Babu ji does not punish all of them because of her. He takes a step further but accidentally slips on her. She wakes startled. They both get conscious. She asks him what he is doing. What if someone sees? He stands back up and so does she. He says who keeps bag on the floor like this. I fell because of it. Get up and come down or Babu ji will punish all of us. He takes his clothes and goes to change. Komal sadly hugs the pillow.

Kamla ji tells Jamuna ji that her daughter starts running even when the sun isn’t up. She falls asleep on the side of the road after getting tired. What’s her mistake in this? Raghubir ji saw her and punished her. jamuna ji asks her if Komal said something against wrestling. Kamla

ji says she is simple. She never complains where Raghubir ji does not listen to anyone. He took your permission directly. You can tell him now. Jamuna ji says Komal dint say anything against it. Kamla ji advises her to ask Komal herself if she wants.

Jamuna ji hears Komal telling Lucky she doesn’t want to practise today. He scolds her for it was she only who showed interest for wrestling. Komal tries to explain but he does not pay heed. Wrestling is above any other need. Get up or Babu ji wont spare you. Come out asap.

Malti ji is still not in favour of Kamla ji’s plan. You said so much against wrestling but what if Badho does not say anything. What will we do if anything goes wrong? They see Jamuna ji coming back. Jamuna ji shares that she dint ask Komal anything but has understood everything. I am really concerned for Komal. She takes their leave.

Raghubir ji tells his students a few tactics of wrestling. Rana and Lucky know it well. Komal should especially hear it very carefully. She nods through sleep. Teji has his eyes closed for which he gets bit beaten by Raghubir ji. Lucky shakes Komal just when she was about to fall towards him. Raghubir ji keeps explaining. Lucky explains it upon his father’s askance. Jamuna ji sees them. Raghubir ji points out to Komal that it is unacceptable to yawn in the Akhada. He asks her to repeat what Lucky just said. Kamla ji compliments Malti ji on her latest move. Malti ji is taken aback. My plan? Kamla ji says be it me or you it is the same thing. Komal gives right answers with Lucky’s help.

Pinki sees them practising. She asks her MIL why she is bent upon Komal giving up wrestling. Kamla ji is sure it can never happen. One thing can happen though. Rift can come between Raghubir ji and Malti ji. Pinki is confused. How will it happen? Kamla ji says if he will feel Malti filled Jamuna ji’s ears if Jamuna ji complains to him ever. He knows how much Malti dislikes seeing Komal wrestling. She has tried every way to make her give up wrestling. We will make use of this opportunity and become No.1. Pinki praises her on her plan. You killed 2 birds with one stone. Kamla ji tells her to see and understand.

Raghubir ji ends the class. Komal asks him how much rounds they have to run today. He says no one has to run today. I know you all dint sleep since 24 hours. It is dangerous to practise in that case. I want you not to give up on your training. Everyone goes from there.

Payal notices Jamuna ji looking disturbed. I can be bad but I find out whenever you are upset. Jamuna ji lies but Payal insists. What’s bothering you? Jamuna ji says I feel Komal is worried / overburdened with wrestling. She cannot say anything even if she wants to. I only will talk to Raghubir ji. Payal tells her against it. Can you not see Komal and Lucky coming closer because of it? He is taking care of her. Why are you trying to ruin everything? Jamuna ji calls it a lie. I understood it when I saw her. payal says you wont trust me so I will make you talk to Komal right away. She calls Komal. Jamuna ji asks Komal if she is happy with wrestling. Komal talks positively. Jamuna ji asks her how supportive Lucky is about the same. Komal honestly tells her that he wasn’t much supportive initially but he helps me nowadays. Jamuna ji ends the call.

Malti ji is worried because of Kamla ji’s new plan. I don’t understand what to do. Jamuna ji calls Malti ji wanting to speak to Raghubir ji. Malti ji gets tensed. What’s the matter? You can tell me. Jamuna ji only shares that she will come to talk to Raghubir ji personally. Malti ji agrees to inform her husband. You can come. Jamuna ji ends the call. Malti ji is disturbed. Raghubir ji comes there. He asks her what happened. She tells him about Jamuna ji coming over to talk to him on something important. He asks her if everything is alright. She says she dint tell me. He says we will talk when she is here. I came here to talk to you about something important. He makes her sit down. I was thinking since morning that we have everything with God’s grace. Even Lord Shiv came to our house. What more can He do? She nods. What do you want to say though? He calls her innocent. Till today, you always supported me in whatever decision I took or whatever I did. Many times you were even upset with my decision yet you stood by me. You have fought with me and opposed too but you stood like a mountain by my side. Husband and wife are two sides of the same coin. They can never separate. This is why I want you to understand that whatever I do or decide is in favour or everyone, especially yours! God has done a very big favour on me by making you my wife. I am really thankful for that. She gets emotional. He tells her to be careful. They are very precious. I will bring water for you. She says will I make you work. He nods. How can you make me work? I will have to go so far to get water and then come back. I will get tired. She smiles. He calls her mad (sweetly) and goes to bring water for her.

Vardaan tells Sumit to complete his homework and focus on studies. He finds Pragya and Teji sleeping in the class. He asks Bharpayi to wake Pragya. Pragya tells her to let her sleep. I don’t want to go to class today. Evryone laughs. Pragya wakes up startled. Pragya says sorry but Vardaan calls it his mistake. I kept class after Mahashivratri today. It is my mistake

Someone rings the bell. Kamla ji stops Pinki from opening the door. Malti ji welcomes Jamuna ji who wants to talk to Raghubir ji.

Precap: Malti ji tells Jamuna ji she is mistaken. Badho is really happy with wrestling. She gives equal time to her wrestling and home. I have no problem with it. Komal smiles hearing it from far. Lucky holds Jamuna ji’s hand. why do you think will I have any problem with Badho wrestling? She is doing hard work to learn something. Don’t worry I will support her fully. Komal is overwhelmed while Kamla ji and Pinki are unhappy.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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