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Lucky wakes up and looks at the condition of the room. He has only a few memories of last night. Did I do anything wrong under alcohol’s effect last night? He gets his mother’s call. Malti ji asks him if he and everyone are up. Lucky says who sleep till so late. She tells him she and his Tai ji will be home in half an hour. CM Sir is also coming with us. He is in another car with your Babu ji. Lucky gets tensed. Malti ji tells him to ask both DIL’s to cook something and clean it up nicely. He agrees and ends the call.

Bharpayi comes to wake Pragya as it is getting late. Pragya wants to sleep more. You have become a bigger problem for me than this alarm. Let me sleep today. Parents are also not at home. Bharpayi says I don’t mind it but you only had to go to English class. Wake up

so we can hurry up. Pragya asks her to be quiet. Bharpayi asks her if she remembers how to give her introduction in English. Vardaan Sir will ask everyone the same today. She repeats it. Pragya tells her to stop. I am not scared of him. I don’t give such people any importance. Bharpayi agrees and goes.

Lucky finds Komal sleeping on the sofa in drawing room. He tries waking her up but in vain. He tries to wake her up but in vain. What if someone sees her here like this? Bau ji will be shocked. He thinks of something. How does it matter to me what Babu ji thinks? She has made preps to get out of the house and my life herself. Let her sleep. I should go and wake Rana Bhai.

Pinki and Rana are still sleeping. Pinki wakes up hearing the sound of her phone but is shocked to see Rana sleeping next to her. He too is shocked to see her. They both cover each other with the quilt. She speaks about last night. He asks her if they did anything. Pinki has no clue. Lucky knocks on the door. Rana asks him to speak. Lucky asks him to open the door. Pinki snatches the quilt while Rana goes to open the door covering himself only with a cushion. He peeks outside. What happened? Lucky apologizes for waking him like this. Ma, Babu ji and CM Sir are coming over for tea and snacks. Rana opens the door in shock but then closes it quite a bit so he is safe again. Lucky tells him to ask Bhabhi to get tea and snacks ready. Rana agrees and hurriedly closes the door. Rana tells Pinki that Lucky left. Are you ok? She nods. I have a very bad headache. He too says the same. She goes to get ready as everyone must be coming.

CM Sir is happy to see Akhada. You have kept it like it was years ago, just like your home. Ahlawat ji agrees. It is all Raghu’s hard work. He gives her everything to it but does not let anything go wrong here. CM agrees. This Akhada has given such wrestlers to Haryana. Where are the kids? Ahlawat ji replies that they would have practised early in the morning itself.

Rana comes in the drawing room and finds Komal sleeping on the bed. He asks Pinki to see if everything is fine. Pinki gets worried seeing Komal still in nighty. What happened? Why is she here? She tries waking Komal who only twists in her sleep. Pinki gets stuck under her leg. Rana helps her get out. Are you ok? Pinki notices Lucky and signals Rana. Rana asks Lucky about Komal. Is there no place in your room to sleep? Take her in your room. Lucky is in a fix.

Raghubir ji knows CM Sir is also interested in wrestling. Let’s have a match. CM Sir politely backs off. I am only fit to fight in politics now. You should also join us. You have a great impression. Raghubir ji denies. This Akhada is my identity. I only want to give great wrestlers to you. I have no interest in politics. CM Sir knows it well. I am very much interested in having tea at your place. Your mother used to make very lovely tea. Kamla ji praises Pinki. No one can make such tasty tea in Haryana. Raghubir ji corrects her. Both our DIL’s are equally good. No one can match them in any way.

Lucky fumbles in his explanation. Pragya also comes there. What is Bhabhi wearing? She has crossed he rlimits. See how she is lying here! Rana tells her to mind her language. She is your BHabhi. See if anyone comes by the door. Rana asks Lucky to pick Komal and take her inside. Lucky declines. Rana asks Pinki to do it but she refuses. He nods. He tells Lucky to stop acting kiddish. CM Sir is coming with Ma Babu. What will he think of us? Take Komal inside. Lucky is in a dilemma. Who do I save – myself or this family’s respect? I cannot risk family’s respect for this fattie! Rana tells Lucky to hurry up. What will we say to CM Sir? Lucky says I never thought I will help you again but there is no other way.

Raghubir ji and everyone are headed inside. Kamla ji asks Malti ji if she called at home and had explained everything well. Malti ji agrees. Kamla ji tells her she wont spare her and her DIL if anything is amiss. Malti ji assures her about it.

Raghubir ji reaches by the door. Rana asks Lucky to pick Komal. CM Sir is at the door. Lucky nods. Rana tells Pinki not to open the door. Lucky keeps thinking as to how to lift Komal.

Malti ji prays to Lord to save them today. I feel as if something is going to go wrong. Hope Badho wont do anything wrong. I am most afraid of her. Raghubir ji opens door and finds Pragya, Pinki and Rana standing at the door. Pinki greets CM Sir. Kamla ji asks them to move aside. Let Sir go inside. Rana and Pinki turn worriedly but are relieved to see the sofa empty. Rana touches CM Sir’s feet too. Ahlawat ji introduces Pinki. CM Sir calls her well mannered which makes Kamla ji happy. Raghubir ji asks about Lucky and KOmal. Rana says they must be in their room. Malti thinks Badho is nowhere to be seen when it is important. She asks everyone to sit. I will bring them.

Malti ji reaches Komal’s room but is shocked to see her son leaning over Komal. She lets out a scream in shock. Lucky realises what she must have understood and is shocked as well.

Precap: Malti ji asks Lucky if he too fell in Komal’s trap. He swears on her that he is drunk but I dint do anything. I don’t know about her clothes too. Malti ji swears to throw Komal out of their home. She throws water on Komal. Komal mumbles in half sleep as she sits up in shock. Who is throwing water on me? Let me sleep peacefully please.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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