Badho Bahu 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji peeks inside Kamla ji’s room. Pragya says don’t know if Chachi ji ate food last night or not. Malti ji is sure Bhabhi cannot stay hungry. She must have eaten and calmed down too. They go inside but find the plate of food full. Kamla ji walks back to her room just then but stops seeing them worried. Flashback shows her eating in the kitchen stealthily at night. She smirks. She comes in and luckily notices the moustache made by food on her face. She turns to wipe it off. Malti ji requests her to hear her once. Kamla ji makes a sad face as she turns. Malti ji asks her till when she will stay upset. You have lost all your glow. You haven’t eaten anything since night. I cannot see you like this. I am like your younger daughter. Please forgive me. elders forgive younger kids. Kamla ji

tells her to stop her drama. Can’t you see my condition? Now I know no one cares for me in this house. Malti ji tries to make her understand but Kamla ji keeps acting.

Payal stops her MIL from making tea. I am still alive. Your bones will be in pain if you will work so much. She calls her husband to sit with her MIL. Spend some time with her too. He sits down next to his mother and speaks well about Payal. Jamuna ji cannot stop thinking about what happened last night.

Rana is practising. He thinks of Pinki. His opponent notices his attention elsewhere and manages to overpower him. Raghubir ji asks him where his attention is. Everyone greets him. Raghubir ji asks about Lucky. Rana shares that he went to show Marjorie and Pragya sunrise. Raghubir ji nods.

Lucky tells Marjorie that today is very special. Whoever will be before you when the first ray of sun will come out will be with you for life. Marjorie asks him if he is serious. He nods. He makes Marjorie and Pragya close their eyes. He stands before Marjorie with his eyes closed so she can see him first. Pragya opens her eyes. she notices Lucky thus and makes Marjorie see him too. They smile at him. He is unaware about it though. Sun rises in the sky. Badho is also headed in that direction. Lucky opens his eyes only to see Badho. He recalls his own words to Marjorie. Pragya and Marjorie laugh at Lucky who heads to them but Marjorie greets Badho. Lucky understands it was Pragya’s idea. She apologizes to him. He tells her to fix it. Call home to call car here.

Badho introduces Marjorie to Vardaan. Lucky also joins them. He is impressed to know Vardaan is going for his CA exams. Wish you luck! Marjorie asks Badho about her alliance. Badho sadly shares that it dint work out. Marjorie encourages her. whatever happens, happens for good. The one you will marry will be really lucky. Pragya jokes on Badho’s weight but Marjorie signals her against it. Car comes just then. Lucky makes Vardaan and Badho leave with Pragya. He tells Marjorie he only will drop her off this time. It will be I who will drive now. She gives him keys on his request. He tells her to be careful. I have a habit of driving fast. Hold me instead of handle if you feel scared. She agrees to manage. They leave on bike.

Malti ji notices her husband tensed. He nods. Lucky dint come for practise today. If he will miss his practise then he will lose out in wrestling world. You always encouraged me to practise. Lucky also needs a life partner who will encourage him all the time. Malti ji tells him not to worry. She has already spoken to pundit ji. He will definitely get a girl who will teach him disciple and make him take his responsibilities. She will prove out to be the best life partner for him. Stop worrying.

Badho wishes Vardaan good luck. Hope you have everything that you need for your exam. Take Shiv ji’s name thrice before writing exam. He nods. I know you get more worried for my exams than me. He goes inside.

Lucky intentionally applies brakes because of which Marjorie keeps her hand at his shoulders. He smiles. I told you good friends come to help when in need (because of potholes). You can hold me. She complies. He keeps looking at her in the rear view mirror. She pats at his head but he does not look away. She turns his head towards the road.

Malti ji and her niece keep delicious food next to Kamla ji’s bed. Kamla ji is tempted but looks away. you wont leave a chance to torture me. I dint eat anything and you brought all this. Malti ji says I wanted to give you what you like. But I cannot force you if you don’t want to. She asks her niece to take them out. She signals her to leave the tray of jalebis there only. Kamla ji turns and smiles seeing the plate there. My legs are paining badly. I will be at peace if someone massages them. Malti ji sits down to do so. Kamla ji stealthily picks up a jalebi and covers her face. She keeps acting about her pain and also enjoys jalebi.

Lucky and Marjorie come home. His friend sees them together and follows them. Lucky tells Marjorie that the journey turned beautiful the moment she held him. You understand things a little late. She says I am very smart. He suggests taking her test. She agrees and goes inside. Lucky’s friend compliments Lucky. Lucky says first arrow was shot at the right spot. Next will be of friendship.

Raghubir ji stops his car seeing Komal. They greet each other. Komal tells him it is Vardaan’s exam today. Raghubir ji tells her that he was going with Sarpanch ji for some work related to elections. She asks him if he is taking part in elections. Raghubir ji denies. Sarpanch ji speaks well about Raghubir ji. Raghubir ji asks Komal to come with them. Komal declines. I cannot leave my brother alone. Plus I have to take bus from here only. He offers to send car back for her. She agrees. Raghubir Babu ji thinks so well about me. I should also do something for him.

Precap: Payal scolds someone for bad mouthing Badho. She is no less than anyone. Don’t underestimate my Badho. Viren scolds that fat guy a lot in Ahlawat ji’s house. Sarita Bua ji shares that they like Badho a lot. Ahlawat ji confirms the same from Viren. Payal happily tells her MIL that Raghubir ji wants to talk to her. Jamuna ji tells Payal to cook up an excuse but Payal tells her to hear him once.

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