Badho Bahu 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rana blurts out about the medical certificate before Lucky

Badho Bahu 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

In her room, Komal wonders how to stop Lucky from going to doctor. I have promised Babu ji. Lucky is about to enter but thinks to do something to cheer Komal up. Ma caresses my head whenever I am in any problem. Komal thinks taking him to Bakriawal. This way he will not be able to find out about the medical certificate. Lucky enters. I thought of something. Lucky says I too want to say something. You go first. Ladies first. She suggests that they both go to Bakriawal today to meet her mother. He smiles. I too thought of the same thing. I haven’t met her since long. Let’s go. They both get ready and leave for Bakriawal.

Malti ji is still thinking about what happened today in Akhada. Raghubir ji comes to talk to her but she gets up to go. He holds her hand. I know you are upset with what happened

today but such small things keep happening. Did you see how Lucky and Payal were still boosting Komal’s morale? Komal has done so much for you. She needs you by her side today. You have to encourage her. Malti ji says everyone is doing everything as per their wish. Nothing is going as per my wish but today I will do what I want and no one will stop me! She leaves from the room. Raghubir ji shakes his head worriedly.

Pragya tells Teji not to worry. Think that you are the hero and I will be your heroine. My friends have also come over. Kapoor also seconds her. Song recording starts. Payal, Pinki and Kamla ji see Teji dancing with Pragya. The girls appreciate the way the girl is dancing. Pinki and Kamla ji don’t know it is Pragya as her face is covered with the dupatta. They find her behaviour very strange. She is dancing so happily with Jatta Singh. Kamla ji blames that girl’s parents for letting her do it. If I was her mother then I wouldn’t have spared her. The recording comes to an end. Pragya lifts the dupatta shocking all the ladies.

Komal and Lucky meet Jamuna ji. She notices Komal’s sad face. Lucky tells her to make her understand. I have tried so much but she isn’t listening to me. Such small incidents keep happening. You must not take them to your heart. Jamuna ji replies that problems are an important part of everyone’s lives. The struggles will end the moment they will be over. Let it be. Everything will be fine in time. Have a seat. I will bring something to eat. Komal offers to help her but her MIL tells her to sit down.

Lucky gets Rana’s call and goes aside to pick it. Rana asks him if he is drinking in some corner thinking about what happened with Badho today. Don’t take me wrong but your career got over since Badho came in your life. Now you don’t even fight the way you used to fight earlier! You would also not know that today is the last day of submitting medical certificate! Lucky is shocked. Rana realises what he just said and ends the call in haste. I cannot control my tongue. I said what I wasn’t supposed to. Now he will get the certificate anyhow and stand against me! Lucky wonders how he could forget about the medical certificate. He notices Jamuna ji offering yummy food to Komal. She declines as it isn’t allowed during practise. Lucky is in a dilemma. On one hand, Badho needs me by her side every second. On the other hand, Babu ji’s dream will break if I don’t get the medical certificate! What should I do!

Kamla ji pulls Pragya aside. I am already mad because of all that is happening in the house and you are only making it worse. Pragya says I am not doing anything wrong. I was only dancing. Kamla ji says you were actually messing up with my life. Don’t you have any shame left? She also reprimands Jatta Singh for taking her daughter’s help. Jatta Singh points out that her face wont be visible in the video as the veil had taken care of it. Kamla ji insists Pragya wont take part in any song or dance. She questions Pragya with whose permission is she doing all this. Vardaan says I gave her permission. Kamla ji looks at him pointedly.

Jamuna ji asks Lucky to have something as well. He agrees to join them in a while. Komal mentally apologizes to him for hiding the truth from him. I cannot see you in pain. I don’t want you to play National Championship in this condition and it worsens. Lucky gets an idea and calls Randeep. I need a medical certificate of fitness. Please get it done somehow. Randeep refuses to make a fake certificate for him and ends the call. Lucky prays to God to show him some way.

Vardaan says I allowed Pragya ji to dance. I don’t want you to be upset with her on such a small matter. Please don’t scold her. Payal smiles. Your scolding her would be of no relevance now Kamla Ma ji as Pragya’s husband has given her permission. Kamla ji taunts Vardaan and Komal for insulting them before everyone. With folded hands, he politely tells her he isn’t arguing with her. I don’t even want to go against you. I only want to say that Didi wasn’t at fault for whatever happened with her today. I also don’t feel we should question anyone’s character because they are dancing or singing. Kamla ji tells him he dint do the right thing. She tells Pragya she will see her later.

Jamuna ji asks Lucky to try feeding something to Komal. Lucky very sweetly talks to Komal. Will you take out your anger on food now? She denies. You know that wrestlers aren’t allowed to eat all this. He says I know it but everything is allowed when given by Ma. Romantic song plays as he feeds her. She gestures him to also take a bite hinting that it is delicious!

Kamla ji is anxiously waiting for her husband to come home. Pinki tells her that Babu ji had some work. He will come in a while. Kamla ji smiles. Do you know anything about Badho? Pinki denies. Kamla ji takes her phone and calls Komal asking her to immediately come home. Komal asks her why she seems so worried. Is everything fine? Kamla ji tells her to do as told. Komal agrees. She tells Lucky they have to head home. Lucky thinks maybe God wants me to submit the certificate asap.

Kamla ji and Pinki have planned something for Badho.

Lucky and Komal take Jamuna ji’s leave. Lucky is shocked to realise that the jeep’s tyre is flat. Komal panics thinking about what Tai ji will do if she reaches late today.

Pinki asks her MIL what she will do today. Kamla ji says I will drag her in the court today (not literally). I will get her punished today at any cost! Pinki smirks.

Precap: Komal looks at the Akhada. How will I return here after what happened here today! Randeep apologizes to Lucky. I cannot make a fake certificate for you. I cannot write this lie that you are completely fit. Please try to understand. Lucky says I don’t understand what’s right or wrong in this matter but my dream will come true only when you will give me the medical certificate. He asks Randeep to sign on the certificate.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Frosties

    Any ideas what’s the purpose of Teji coming back? If he didn’t things would have improved between Pragya & Vardaan.
    As for useless Pinky pulling faces with her mother in law it’s a bit too much even though she can’t think!
    Lovely scenes between Lucky & Komal?
    What’s Malti’s next move? She is so naive and so easily brainwashed!!! Surely married to a wonderful kind hearted man she should have learnt his kind of thinking by now ?

    1. Pooja

      I feel Malti will advise Komal to wear track suit and then practise… she was seen holding the torn kurta in the last epi. That’s my guess!

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