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Badho Bahu 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jamuna ji ends the call and is tensed. Payalw alks up to Komal angrily. Are you at peace now? You are inauspicious. I couldn’t believe it already as to how she got Lucky. I understand what would have happened. Lucky would have refused to marry this fattie. His mother would have shed some tears seeing her son like that and that would have melted Raghubir ji. But my name is Payal. I would die but I wont let Raghubir Babu ji break this alliance. Jamuna ji asks him if she has gone nuts. Payal shouts back saying she isn’t mad. I swear on God I will fix this alliance at any cost. She holds Komal’s hand but Komal withdraws her hand. Payal gives her MIL swear on her late husband’s name. Don’t stop me today. If you do, then think that his soul will be hurt today. Jamuna ji gives up. Payal

takes Komal with her.

Lucky is with his friends. One of them cry thinking about Lucky’s situation. Another friend says Lucky got a Barbie doll like Marjorie but he got a fattie now! His other friend tells him to leave. You don’t know how to support Lucky. The guy leaves. Lucky is all tensed. Rana comes to him. Lucky hugs him. Rana tells him not to worry. Bajrang Bali will set everything right. Lucky is sure nothing will be fine. Babu ji has dug my grave. Rana shares that his engagement wont happen today. Babu ji said first they will choose a girl for me. Our engagement and marriage will then happen on the same dates. Lucky is relieved. That fattie isn’t going to leave me. She is stuck like a bone in my neck. Rana says I wish I could help you. Lucky requests him to help him. You know everything about me and Marjorie. Please help me. Please marry that fattie. You anyways are a follower of Bajrang Bali. I will make Babu ji agree to it. Rana replies that he can even give his life for him but this wont be possible. Please forgive me. Lucky is in a fix. He thinks to find a permanent solution to this.

Jamuna ji prays that Payal calms down or the situation gets in control. Vardaan asks her why she is so tensed. Jamuna ji tells him how Payal took Komal forcibly to Raghubir ji’s house for engagement. Vardaan says they were about to come anyways. His mother denies. The engagement got postponed.

Rana thinks to talk to his mother about Pinki before Lucky does something. He prays to Bajrang Bali to give him strength to tell his family members what’s in his heart. He goes to where all elders are sitting. He fumbles while saying it. he ends up saying that he wants a girl. his father rebukes him for not thinking anything before saying. You want a daughter from us. Rana finally shares that he likes a girl very much. She too likes me a lot. Make me marry her. Everyone is taken aback. His mother pulls his ears. Did you find a commoner like you? He denies. Raghubir ji asks about the girl. Rana takes Pinki’s name. Malti ji thinks of how Pinki was trying to fill her ears against Kamla ji once. Kamla ji thinks this is great. I will have a beautiful DIL like Pinki and Malti will get that fattie as her DIL. People wont stop praising my DIL. She compliments her son on his choice. Both Ahlawat brothers are happy with this match. Kamla ji praises Pinki’s beauty. Why will anyone complain? Rana takes his elder’s blessings. Kamla ji says let’s find the number of her house. Rana says it in a go. everyone smiles. Malti ji thinks to tell Kamla ji Pinki’s truth.

Kamla ji is checking her jewellery when Malti ji joins her. Kamla ji asks her if these will suit Pinki. My son has chosen the right girl. Your son will get a wife like him while my son will get a beautiful match. Malti ji says I feel Pinki is very clever. Rana is very simple. Kamla ji does not feel anything is amiss in Pinki. Why don’t you say you are jealous? I get a beautiful DIL while you will get a buffalo. Malti ji tries to explain but Kamla ji is in no mood to listen. no one can change my decision now. I have decided to marry Rana with Pinki. Malti ji agrees.

Ahlawat ji asks Raghubir ji if he spoke to Pinki’s family. Raghubir ji denies. Line was busy. Ahlawat ji advises him not to delay. Marjorie comes downstairs. Raghubir ji says it is good that your flight got cancelled. You will see Indian wedding. Sit with me. You are here since so many days. Lucky is your good friend. I want you to explain it to him that I am doing the best for him. I am his father after all. I wont think bad about him. Komal is also your friend. Talk to him. make him understand that Komal is best choice for him. There cannot be a better option than her for him. Marjorie agrees to talk to Lucky. Raghubir ji thanks her.

Payal and Komal reach Sirsa. Komal tells Payal to give up her anger. That only worsens things. Payal tells her not to lecture her. I will make sure this engagement happens come what may, even if that means killing you and me. Komal again requests her not to do so but Payal stays put. Komal requests Lord to help her out of this problem.

Marjorie comes to Lucky’s room. What will we do now? Lucky says I will breathe peacefully today atleast. I will chill as the engagement is over for today. Marjorie advises him to tell everyone about them. He tells her against it. This is complicated. We have to handle it with care. Don’t worry. I am his son only. I will marry you only. She asks about Komal. He gets an idea. What if Badho says no for this engagement herself? Once I get an idea to make it happen, I will make sure that engagement wont happen. Don’t worry when Lucky is here. He holds her sweetly as she rests her head on his shoulder.

Pinki’s mother (Vimla) receives a call from Raghubir ji. She looks at the phone in shock. He proposes Pinki’s alliance with Rana. Rana hears him too and is thrilled. Pinki’s mother is in disbelief. What did you say? Raghubir ji repeats it. Should I take it as a yes? Pinki’s mother readily agrees. Everyone at Ahlawat House is happy. Lucky asks his mother what’s going on. His mother shares that Rana’s alliance is being fixed with Pinki. He is surprised. Raghubir ji suggests Vimla ji to come to Jamuna ji’s house with Shagun. We want Lucky and Rana’s engagement to happen today itself. Vimal ji agrees to come. Kamla ji tells Malti ji to make preps. Rana dances happily. He stops seeing Bajrang Bali’s photo.

Komal stops Payal. Why are you acting stubborn? I beg you. Let’s go. Payal refuses to leave from there till Komal gets engaged with Lucky. Epi ends on Komal’s tensed face.

Precap: Lucky asks his father if engagement is today itself. His father nods. Go and get ready. Kamla ji tells him to call Jamuna ji. Inform them that engagement will happen today only. Payal rings the door bell nonstop. Jamuna ji is has got the news. She hopes Payal does not act foolish now. Kamla ji walks till the main door angrily (because of the constant door bell).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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