Badho Bahu 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji snatches the pamphlet from Rana’s hands and scolds Pinki for not preparing like Badho. Could you not do something like this? We too should use such mediums as they work.

Raghubir ji greets everyone. My main agenda is change. Our country has gained freedom 70 years ago. We all must do out bit towards it. We must not forget out traditions and cultures. We have to bring change in our village while still holding onto our age old cultures and traditions. Everyone claps at every statement that he makes. Change will be brought with our changed outlook. It cannot be forced either by axe or stick. We held onto our daughters till date and married them off the day they became adult. We need to give them independence and opportunities like boys. My symbol is the diya of change for the very same

reason. Everyone claps for him. Komal sits on Lucky’s lap by mistake. He makes her stand. They vouch for Raghubir ji and request everyone to wait for their Babu ji.

Panchayat gets into an animated discussion.

Jamuna ji gives a jar full of spices to Chotto. Pragya has grinded the spices that came from your home. I want you to use them to cook food at your home. Bua denies. Pragya does not know anything. I know her well. Jamuna ji speaks well of her. She is very nice. I asked her once and she agreed in a second. It was Komal’s idea to make Pragya do something so she does not sit idle. Bua thinks of all the efforts that Badho is putting to make Pragya’s life better. She takes the jar of spices with her as she leaves.

Sarpanch ji announces the decision of Panchayat. Sangram Singh ji and Kailash ji have similar agendas and motives. We have decided that only one of them can stand in the elections. Ahlawat Family is taken aback.

Sangram Singh refuses to back out. I have made up my mind once. I am not backing out now. Rana questions him if he wants his Babu ji to back out. Lucky refuses to let it happen. It will be you (Sangram Singh) who will step back. Raghubir ji calms both the kids. Sarpanch ji leaves it on Sangram Singh and Kailash ji to decide. You have time till evening to let us know. If we aren’t intimated on anything till then, then we will take this decision ourselves. They all disperse.

Sangram Singh tells Kailash ji not to waste his time here. Get ready to withdraw your name from the elections. I will fight at any case and become Sarpanch. I will be able to strictly apply the rules then only! He leaves in a huff. Komal tells Lucky that they cannot let Sangram Singh win at any cost. Lucky agrees with her.

Kamla ji tells her husband to continue fighting elections at any cost. Raghubir ji and Malti ji come there. Raghubir ji explains that politics is muddy water. One gets dragged inside once they step foot in it. I will advise you not to withdraw as your heart and character is pure. You wont fall in that mud. You and Sangram Singh have similar agendas but you are completely different than him. Kamla ji asks him if they should ask Sangram Singh to step back. Kailash ji tells her to leave it on Panchayat. I want to focus more on CHotto’s wedding. The decision will be made tomorrow. why should we worry now? Raghubir ji seconds him. Kamla ji decides to take it under her charge.

Komal looks at the to-do list. She sits down to sew Bua’s ghagra. Chotto Bua says you are back to the same track. You will do everything alone now? Give it to me. Komal denies. Bua says did you forget that Lucky has half of the responsibility too. Give it to me. She denies. You are thinking of ways to trouble Lucky ji. Bua calls her too innocent. He scolded you a lot a while ago yet you are speaking nicely about him. Komal reasons that he only reacted to what he saw and heard. He isn’t at fault. Bua suggests pulling his ears to teach him a lesson. Komal tells her against it. She notices a bag in Bua’s hands. What’s inside? Bua tells her that it contains the spices that Pragya has prepared with Jamuna ji’s help. Komal smells them happily. Bua tells her to add them in dinner. Komal agrees.

Lucky gives cards to Komal to give to Bua. Komal suggests giving it tomorrow to Bua ji and Fufa ji together in Ganesha puja tomorrow. We will give them a surprise. He tells her to do as she pleases. She reads the card. He thinks I was going to give something to you also but you made me upset when you shouted at Ma and Tai ji at night. Why do you do such things!

Shankar loves the food. What’s so special about it today? This tastes different and delicious! Jamuna ji points out that the magic is in Pragya’s hands. She grinded the spices today and it has added taste to food. Payal calls it ok but Shankar says calls it amazing. He gives nek to Pragya. Payal stares at the money sadly. Shankar tells Pragya that her cooking ritual is complete in the true sense today.

At Ahlawat House, everyone compliments the fragrance and taste of the food. Malti ji asks Chotto if they used the spices that have come from her home. Bua declines. She offers to show the spices. Komal tries to stop her but in vain. Bua shows the spices to them. Malti ji and Kamla ji love the fragrance. Kailash ji tells her sister to share where it has come from. Bua shares that they have come from Pragya’s home. Komal gets tensed. Bua adds that Pragya has grinded them herself. Lucky understands that Badho knew it already which is why she was trying to stop Bua. It’s all messed up once again! Kamla ji angrily throws the jar on the floor thereby breaking it.

Precap: Komal thinks I have to do everything myself. How will I do it all by myself? Lucky joins her and helps her in everything. They share some cute romantic moments (maybe imaginary).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. So who will get the nomination ticket for panchayat election? Sangram Singh or Kailashji.
    If I remember clearly not long time ago there was sarpanch election just before Komal’s marriage. Remember her ex fiancé wanting to file for nmination and raghuvirji stops him.

    1. Summer

      Hi Satya,
      Yes, I remember that too, hope he doesn’t make a come-back and cost Ragu ji his chances. :-0
      However, I do think the elections will be between the two brothers. Unless of course Kamla ji do something drastic that will back-fire and cost her husband his election?

  2. Komal sitting on luckys lap. that was very cute.

    1. Summer

      Hi Uma, I thought so too. 🙂 I also found the scene comical when Salam singh stood up to give his election speech and Komal whispered to Lucky ji, ‘I hate that face, i want to smack it one’ to Lucky lol. It is nice to see Komal and Lucky finally bonding. So warming to see Lucky ji finally taking interest in Komal and learning to appreciate her genuine kindness. 🙂

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