Badho Bahu 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya tries to kiss Titli

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Titli excitedly tells her father she is sure this guy wont say no to her. Kamla ji says we will see that later. First tell us how you are dressed up and what did you say to him. Malti ji is worried about the family’s reaction. Kamla ji says we must worry. It is a cause of concern. Raghubir ji advises everyone to wait. We don’t know. It can turn out positively too. Komal seconds him.

Titli again assures her father she found that guy to be nice. I am sure he too would have felt the same for me. Don’t worry. Let me go and change. Komal is happy to see her so positive for the first time. Hope it turns out to be true. Lucky is surprised to see Titli, who beats everyone, happy with someone for the first time.

Ram ji tells everyone that the family said no for Titli. They said they

don’t want a girl who is so friendly and open minded. Kamla ji and Pinki reprimand Titli. Kamla ji tells Ram ji that his daughter does not wish to marry at all. She always messes things up. Titli asks her to be quiet. You always add fuel to the fire. Ram ji asks her to be quiet. She is trying to rectify your mistake but you are pointing fingers at her instead. Titli explains that she only did what that Aditya asked her to do. Ram ji raises his hand angrily to slap her but stops seeing Komal folding her hands before him. Please listen to Titli as well. Kamla ji tells her to drop it. You too are at fault here. You were so confident of her. You sent her out with that guy. See what happened now. She tells Ram ji he dint slap Titli in the childhood. You wouldn’t have to see this day then. Ram ji cries feeling helpless. What should I do about her!

Malti ji tells Ram ji to let bygones be bygones. There are so many guys. Think with a cool mind and end this matter here only. Ram ji leaves from there after giving a disappointed look to Titli.

Komal brings food. Lucky says maybe Titli has diverted your mind too much. I ate already. Komal points out that Titli hasn’t eaten anything. Lucky says she is smart. she might have eaten in the dhaba itself. Komal requests him to take it to Titli. He refuses but she requests him to do it for her sake. He says you always trap me by making an innocent face. She thanks him and sends a flying kiss his way to finally send him. He smiles.

Everyone’s words haunt Titli. Lucky keeps the plate of food. Eat it whenever you feel like. What had to happen has already happened. Don’t sit like a stone. He turns to go when Titli says I don’t have any interest in breaking my own alliance. Everything went so well. Aditya told me to act normal and I just did that and see what happened! Lucky looks at her. You are on hunger strike because of that guy! No problem. The food is good but maybe you are not meant to have it. He leaves. Titli looks at the plate. She picks it up. Lucky peeks at her and is relieved.

Titli looks at her hand. No guy is ready to hold my hand as there is no wedding line in my hand.

Lucky comes to his room with a plate of food. Komal wonders who will be able to manage this Titli then. He makes her sit. You need strength too to manage everyone and everything. Titli ate already. She tells him she isn’t hungry but he feeds her sweetly. Komal thinks he is so nice. Hope Titli also finds someone who will make her eat just like this.

Ram ji is thinking about Kamla ji’s words. He calls Aditya and speaks to his father.

Next morning, Ram ji tells Malti ji something. Komal and Lucky enter just then. Malti ji shares that Aditya’s family wants to meet Titli again. This alliance will surely be fixed! Kamla ji says there is still hope then. Komal wonders how they had a change of heart. Ram ji covers up saying that he got their call. They said everyone changes after wedding. They will try to make her better after wedding. Aditya and Titli like each other and they thought to give them another chance. Komal finds something odd but Kamla ji tells her not to act like some detective. You should be happy that Titli got another chance. get her ready. Komal and Titli head inside. Malti ji says neither my husband nor Kailash ji is here. How will it happen? Kamla ji assures her they will manage everything. Everyone would be present in the functions anyway. Malti ji agrees. Ram ji avoids looking Lucky in his eye and goes.

Aditya’s parents ask Titli if her Bapu told her that she will have to change herself after marriage. I will train you if you will fail. You wont be able to wear these clothes that you wear. You will have to cover your face / head with a veil if elders are around. I don’t want you to focus anymore on your sports. I want you to look after our son and family. Aditya smiles. Lucky whispers to Komal that now Titli will shout. Titli accepts it all quietly. Aditya’s mother continues telling everyone their house rules. Kamla ji seconds her. One should follow the rules or everyone will become their own masters. Should we consider this alliance to be fixed? Aditya’s father agrees. he asks Ram ji if he is happy now. Aditya says I am still somewhat hesitant and wants to discuss something with Titli in private. Kamla ji asks Komal to take them inside. She warns Komal to make sure Titli wont mess it up this time. Komal takes them to her room against her wish. She tells them to be comfortable. Ask me if you need anything. I will send Bharpayi. Aditya says we both are enough for each other. Komal leaves.

Aditya asks Titli to sit next to him but makes her close the door first.

Komal asks Lucky to check on Titli. I don’t feel Aditya is the right kind of guy. Just keep an eye on them. Lucky is hesitant but she requests him to just casually drop by once. I saw helplessness in Titli’s eyes. Just check once. He agrees.

Titli turns and finds Aditya standing right behind her. He makes her sit on the bed next to him and holds her hand. She frees her hand feeling uncomfortable. He asks her why she is so shy suddenly. You were talking a lot yesterday. Did anyone say something to you? He keeps his arm around her shoulder but she shrugs it away. Aditya speaks to her in Haryanvi. We are about to get married. I am your would be husband. He pulls her closer for a kiss when Lucky walks in. He is angry to see them thus.

Precap: Titli is asked to extend her hand (for ring engagement ceremony). She does so but Lucky tells everyone this engagement wont happen. He takes Titli from there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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