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Badho Bahu 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal says here is my love for you. she removes the bed sheet and stands before him in nighty. Glass drops from Lucky’s hand and breaks in the process. Lucky is stunned and shy to see her thus.

Rana and Pinki are inebriated. He says I cannot bear it anymore. She says I cannot bear this much love. I want water. She gets up but is very dizzy. Her vision is blurred too. She notices a nighty on the side table and is taken aback. Rana throws the quilt at her. Pinki looks at him in shock. He is wearing that nighty. Rana holds her hand. Your lion is here to rule over your heart. Rana gives her the other part of the nighty. Now it is your turn. Can you not do something for me? She says what if Ma Bau ji see us like this. He replies that no one is at home. only I will see tonight. Don’t worry

too much. She is reluctant but he tells her not to say or think too much. Let your emotions flow. She wonders what she has gotten herself into. This bull isn’t going to hear anything tonight. I should change. I will then think what is to be done. Don’t know what he made me drink.

Lucky holds Komal as she was about to trip.

Pinki changes as well. Rana tries to hold her but she walks away acting shy.

Komal dances around Lucky singing Jaanam I Love You. On the other hand, Rana too is trying to woo Pinki who looks very uneasy whenever he touches her. Both Komal and Rana keep trying to woo their respective partners. Rana hugs Pinki tight. Komal and Lucky end up falling on the bed. Komal leans in for a kiss. Rana tells Pinki he loves her immensely. Should I tear my heart like Bajrang Bali to show you? She says I will die because of shyness if you will keep staring at me like this. please close your eyes. She moves away as soon as he does that. He kisses pillow and falls asleep. Pinki smiles. Please continue. I will go and sleep now.

Lucky falls asleep. Komal says we just started talking. Wake up. I feel like dancing like a butterfly. I want to fly but you fell asleep! You look so cute while asleep. Good night Lucky ji. She removes his shoes and makes him lie down nicely on the bed. She hears some sound and goes out to check.

Komal finds Pinki sitting on the swing wearing the nighty. They both laugh seeing each other thus. Pinki asks Komal what she is doing here at this hour. Komal says I thought there was some thief. What about my brother-in-law? Komal shares that he fell asleep. Pinki asks her if something happened between them. Komal says don’t talk about this. He slept before anything could happen. Pinki calls Rana Jhamela (problem). He fell asleep too. Komal tells her not to talk about her husband like this. Pinki keeps talking negatively about him. He isn’t my husband. I was forced to marry him. Komal is taken aback. Who forced you? Pinki blames Payal. Komal demands to know what she did. Pinki says she is too clever. She threatened me and forced me to marry Rana against my wish or I would have! Komal asks her what she would have done then. Pinki says let it be. It is right not to tell some things or problems can arise. Komal refuses. You have been mistreated. It is wrong. Tell me. Pinki confirms with her many times if she should actually tell. Komal nods. Pinki sits down next to her on the floor. I don’t like Rana ji at all. She shows the tattoo on her back (Mrs. Ahlawat Tattoo). Pinki keeps falling asleep but Komal does not let her. Pinki says I got this one even before marriage. Komal asks her if this is the reason why she was forced to marry Rana ji. Pinki calls her stupid than even her cow. I wanted to be Mrs. Ahlawat but not for the elder one (Rana). I wanted to be Mrs. Ahlawat for the younger one (Lucky). I liked Lucky ji a lot. I used to think about him day and night. I wanted to marry him but I was forced to marry Rana! Komal is stunned. Are you speaking truth? Pinki nods. I made a mistake. Please forgive me. Komal says I should be the one saying sorry. You could have married him if I had not. You and he would have been happy. I should say sorry. Pinki tells her to let bygones be bygones. You are wasting your time by trying to woo Lucky. He wont agree ever. Don’t keep false hopes. Komal says you were also helping me in this. Now you are asking me to drop it? Pinki says I was doing all this so you keep on making mistakes and become number 2. I wanted to be number 1. Komal is in tears. Since when have you hidden it? Pinki says you know everything now. Komal is in disbelief. Pinki says even I felt bad when you won Lucky ji from me. Komal says when did I. Pinki says you took him so far from me that he is out of my reach. You will see now how I make Rana ji number 1 before your eyes. Even a dog wont ask Lucky ji. Komal says stop it. I don’t want to hear all this. Pinki does not care. I am going to sleep. You go to hell. Komal says it after her but Pinki leaves by then.

Precap: Malti ji tells Lucky she and his Tai ji will be home in half an hour. CM Sir is also coming with us. Lucky finds Komal sleeping on the sofa in drawing room. What will CM Sir think of us? He tries to wake her up but in vain. Raghubir ji enters right then with other family members and CM Sir.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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